Do my new clothes fit reading comments 04/22/20 - April 22, 2020

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Nice trolling, Amber. But stop talking about your mentalz if you don't intend to do anything about it. Please.

It annoys me when she talks about her MENTALZ, because it is very clear that, while she always complains about her MENTALZ and anxiety, she loves to use them as crutches and has absolutely no desire whatsoever to ever change her behavior. Changing behavior would mean taking accountability and putting in work, two things she absolutely hates.
She's one of these annoying bitches who will cry panic attack every time someone demands she take some basic adult responsibility and then when someone offers her some sound advice on how to feel better, will get offended because she knows best about her MENTALZ and the bazillion reasons why she can absolutely can not go to therapy, take medicine or just apply what she read in a self-help book.

Also, everyday she looks more like a mix between Russian grandma and ugly toddler. It really depends on the angle.
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(Long time lurker, hello everyone!) Why she always chooses ill fitting, cheap thin fabric looking outfit though? I just peeked the Torrid website, and they have a lots of cute dress that doesn't aged her.

She's 30 and doesn't know how to dress her body. I think she just needs to ditch Torrid and just commission a dress (and a dozens of bra with gigantic band) for her size.


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Just because she can fit shit over her head and pull it down, doesn't mean it fits.

I also maintain that some well-meaning soul in her TRAGIC PAST gave her the advice that fat girls shouldn't wear baggy clothes. It's true, to a point. But along with no sense of style, AL has no sense of nuance, and no sense that can be described as "common," either.

It's a bit like how she "fries" everything in water to save calories (and then eats six pounds of her "healthy" soggy ground turkey with 17 varieties of "healthy" low-sodium Mrs. Dash) and insists she "likes it" that way. She "likes" clothes that are snug. No really! It's not that she's too big for every goddamn article of clothing she owns! She LIKES cardigans she can't button up! And it's not that she has no idea how to cook -- it's that she LIKES onions hacked into inedible chunks of wildly varying sizes!

Never change, AL. Not that you could if your life depended on it. Obvs.

“Reading comments”....the desperation is real.

Amber’s so fucking desperate to regain her YT death fat crown she’s headline advertising the fact she will def read your snarky ass comments (and maybe even react!!) if you just please, please, please watch her video.

Gorl is seriously freaking out, and should be, about her views plunging during the corona adopocolypse . Amber has seen the future and it looks just like Becky’s nightmare family. She is feeling the impending doom of living on disability in a trailer in KY, just like thumby’s entire family tree, closing in on her as the line on the social blade and YT ad revenue graphs sink lower and lower.
I took a break from our gorl because she was just so goddamn boring these days, but it looks like I came back just in time for some desperate money-grabs. Optimistic, I know, but I've long wondered what she'd do when the YouTube gravy train inevitably ran dry. I'm still betting on a GoFundMe for a sudden Twinkie-related emergency that won't actually exist.

Yes, she does not look well. :(

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Wow, the Beck has really packed it on again!

Those 'shirts' that ALR is to pull down her blubber are really dresses and NO, they do NOT FIT! Who the hell does she think she's fooling??

I'd say right now, Becky is closer to death than Amber, her face and body are swollen so much. Could it be new meds?

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She’s done for and she knows it. She fucked herself over when she let herself become too fat to do anything outside the house. Her life is going nowhere. All of her videos are the same. She’s so boring she’s not even worth trolling. I don’t even watch her crap anymore, and we’re in the middle of a fucking lockdown. I’m reduced to watching videos of ferrets stealing shit and foxes running around, but I’m still nowhere near bored enough to watch her crap.


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so they couldn't buy an extra jumbo package of paper towels or any kind of cleaner while she was buying all the food for the ill-fated chest freezer fiasco? she made a point to show how well-stocked the kentucky wommart was, but i guess her anxiety about COVID-19 really is about her not being able to get her daily pallets of food (:_(

a normal sized person could use her new cardigan as a blanket, amazing
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very considerate of torrid to keep making clothing that lets the land whales air out their humps!
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baby gorl trying to fly away
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That is some epic shelf ass. I was about to ask how the fuck it's not sagging, but then I got another look at her gunt. She's a stuck seesaw.

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Wondering how people like this survive when we reach the point of food shortages.

Going from 12,000 calories a day to 800 is hard on the body. Rapid weight loss turns that flab into flaps, there are all kinds of dermatological conditions that set in.

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Wow, the Beck has really packed it on again!

Those 'shirts' that ALR is to pull down her blubber are really dresses and NO, they do NOT FIT! Who the hell does she think she's fooling??

I'd say right now, Becky is closer to death than Amber, her face and body are swollen so much. Could it be new meds?
A lot of people on SSRIs and anti anxiety meds experience either an increase in appetite or a decrease. It’s really interesting- in one study people taking a certain dosage of Prozac lost 11 lbs on average but in other studies people have actually gained weight. I’m not really sure how that works, I would venture to guess that it affects the appetite centers in the brain differently depending on the person and age and starting weight might affect that as well.

Gorls....... I'm just... what the fuck.

No one wants any of this, boo boo :story:
Feeders do

Also, this bitch thinks that her clothes fit even though her dresses still look like damn tight shirts on her

Does she not fucking look at the models wearing those dresses to see what they're supposed to look like? Most of them reach just above the knees, meanwhile the ones this bitch wears barely cover her fupa