Do you enjoy the line of work you are in? -

do u like ur jawb?

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Dandelion Eyes
Nah, it's pretty boring, and commuting takes too much time. Also, they don't give a shit about their employees' health, cause they could've already sent us to home office, like everyone else, but they don't. "We are a special company!" Yeah, "special", my ass. Like a kid with down's syndrome is special.
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Austrian Conscript 1915

Serbien muss sterbien!
As an Austro-Hungarian soldier in the year 1915 I love serving my emperor Franz Joseph. Franz Joseph dies in 1916 and Karl II takes the throne. He replaces military genius Austro-Hungarian chief of staff Conrad von Hotzendorf with Otto von Straussenburg. Straussenburg's strategies are a mess, they're a big fat mistake. Hotzendorf orchestrated the Gorlice-Tarnow offensive and pushed back the Russians, what did Straussenburg do?
Mythical military genius Conrad con Hotzendorf is a better general than Napoleon or LUGENdorff.


I like the work I do but I do not get paid very much to do it. I know money isn't the most important thing in the world but it's still nice to be financially comfortable. I'm thinking about going back to college next year.
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Autumnal Equinox

It's ok. I don't particularly enjoy it, but I'm not at the point where I dread coming in either. If anything, I find it more boring and tedious than anything else. I get along with most of my coworkers, even befriended some outside of the office. My superior is a good guy, but it's just a job at the end of the day. I show up, do my work, collect my pay, rinse and repeat.

Nick Obre
Yeah, I genuinely do.
I'm a translator.

The only thing is, 70% of what I do is technical, IT and such, and sometimes it's so boring, I wish more of my workload came from other fields.
Still, I get to work on videogames sometimes, and that's more entertaining.
Even medical papers are more interesting.

Homoerotic Cougar-kun

bear halloween
I have not particularly enjoyed any of my various lines of work in the past. Maybe some bright points here and there. At the moment enjoyment of/passion for any given job or career is taking a backseat to generating sufficient income to keep a roof over my head, with the lights on and the pantry full. Sometimes you learn to like what you've got.
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World's Okay-est Proctologist
True & Honest Fan
I'd like it more if I could actually go to work. I'm laid off due to La Rona but I was working for parks and rec running what is basically a skatepark snackbar with a lounge area. Our main traffic was kids getting out from high school so with school not in session we've been closed for a while. But I did like the job and the kids. But our building is not very great and the property looks pretty run-down, I really want to see the place get a remodel and the skatepark get an expansion. It has been in the works since I was a high schooler myself, there's a lot of nonsence to deal with regarding the city and funding. We actually have a really hard time getting things we need and I've had to buy a lot of supplies out of pocket. So for me the negative is frustration that I can't do more for my job.
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Some Random Soul

Ain't it random tho?
I'm a janitor which means I pick up trash, vacuum, wipe down stuff (with heavy-duty cleaner rather than light currently because of the virus), and mop floors. I can't clean restrooms yet (dunno if I will) because I would have to be trained sometime down the road due to the dangerous chemicals that are used. I like it enough that I go in, do it, get the pay, and get out every day.

I've been able to buy a car using the money saved up and get my driver's license. Frankly that's the only thing I cared about.

I work in IT and generally like the concept.

Fucking HATE the cunts I support. You can only tolerate so many people who cant understand the most basic of computer concepts before you start seeing most people as borderline retarded.

Management can suck my dick. Incompetent baboons wasting tons of money chasing their own tails and playing hot potato with projects and file security causing a massive headache for all involved. I'm a problem solver, I want to fix things, not get jerked around by 5 different departments being unable to support themselves and wind up on the receiving end of the anger from end users pissed that their stuff has been delayed 6 times because the brain dead flotsam they found to run infrastructure cant figure out how to keep their servers online and wont give us the software to install by hand.

The last year I've completely lost my ability to give a fuck about my job. I hate it but at the same time it makes my job much easier to tolerate. Still considering getting a CDL and leaving the IT space behind.

Molester Stallone

Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Not really, it keeps me in good shape though so I can't complain too much. Most of my previous work had me racing the clock. I now find it difficult to work at a normal or relaxed pace.
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