Do you ever wonder if you are someone's cow? -

Oh, I'm definitely one. You know Chris Farley? Drop 50 pounds and restrain it a bit and you're about there.

I just don't post my spastic behavior online.


🏴 Heckin Valid Enby 🌹 ACAB 🏳️‍🌈 BLM 🏴
I used to be one of those kids at the library who would show up with his friends and be a loud retard, but nowadays I am more likely to be the lame faggot who walks over and tells them to pipe down.

Now, back in the day, if someone did this to me and my mates, we'd be laughing at him and making fun of his voice later that night. I'm sure the circle of life continues.

Mealy Mouth Spittle
My own family doesn't even notice what I'm doing 95% of the time. I'm sure strangers aren't going to be any more interested in me than they are. I'm just a boring mom these days. In my younger years, I probably would have been someone's cow, but thank God I grew up pre-internet. My stupidity -- especially when alcohol was involved -- wasn't archived for eternal humiliation.