Do you feel poorer now then when your parents were your age? -

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Our money is literally worth less than it was when our parents were our age, there is no doubt that we're poorer and have to work harder to have not as much as they had. When I used to ride around with my dad, he used to love to point at classic cars we'd see and go on about how they cost only $2,000 in his day, etc. It gets super fucking annoying and really opens a generational rift (which people take to stupid extremes on the internet).

Personally, I think it's only going to get worse and our children will have it worse than us economically, as well as socially with all this insane gender and sexual orientation going on now.
Idk how to feel about this world. I am happy I am not thrown into a life I don't want and have to live the life I want in secret and in a undeveloped form. I probably wont ever drive and a little more worrying is the society might not ever be able to afford or want to upgrade public transportation.


Another Lain PfP
ITT we see Kiwi Farms doesn't understand salaries were a lot lower in the past.
Go on....?

There could be a global slowdown on consumption in the background to prevent a ecological crisis. Car price's are a good example of how more people are being held back but at the same time diving less will produce less emissions and less transporation will reduce GDP and consumption of goods.

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My parents were under 30 when they bought a house in 1979 and it's currently worth exactly what they paid for it, if you adjust for inflation.

My dad made a salary equivalent to $75k per year now and my mom didn't work at the time. The minimum wage was the same in 1979 as it is now, adjusted for inflation.

A dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas... they all cost about the same back then as they do now, as well as my dad's Datsun pickup, considering inflation...

But I feel so much poorer than they did.

In terms of money earned? No. In terms of what I can do with it? Yes. I'm renting my childhood home from my mom at 600/mo in a neighborhood where the normal rent price is literally double that.
Edit: for further context, that's the entirety of the mortgage payment. Shes been paying that rate for at least several years and she had some bad deals before. Good luck getting anything like that today.
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Yes, spiritually and culturally the most yet materially as well.

I would happily be a janitor on mars in a vibrant productive society, instead I am fully independent in an overly inflated economy in which nobody is happy or financially independent. We are all so degenerate and sick by the modern world, and we come to hate everything about it while dreaming of better times. At this point I would back a dictator to at least roll the dice on getting something better, just not someone like Bill Gates or a Democrat. Give me a gun-nut, friendly with the Christian nation within America, with Military credentials.


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I know that I am poorer than my parents were at my age. They had a house, were able to support four kids, and had some shares as well. I can't even afford to rent on my own. I doubt that I will have half the wealth that my parents had, or even what my older brothers and sister have. And I doubt it will ever change. The baby boomers and the self serving parasites known as politicians have their wealth and lifestyle. They won't change anything to help a pleb like myself.

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I’ve been living off and on between homeless shelters, the library, and sometimes visiting my mom’s place to stay when I get really desperate. I’m fine, and get enough food and water, but even my mom, birthing me at age 18, had a better chance at life and succeeded at it then me, and I’m all on my lonesome mostly.

I’d say yeah. My mama is richer.

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Financially and socially - all yes. My mother was able to maintain the bills and keep a decently-built roof over her head, and continues to do so to this very day. She has several people she can talk to on Facebook because boomers aren't as shitty as the majority Gen Z are. Finding a millennial (let a lone a GenZer) who hasn't been indoctrinated or browbeaten into libtardism and wokeness is like finding a needle in a haystack in most places.

I couldn't own or maintain a house, nor could I maintain a support system like my mom could. The boomer generation was far better geared towards producing self-sufficient people.


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Short answer Fuck no.

It's funny all of my mulatto siblings are the millionaire stage in life, each taking a different path to achieve it.

Socially? Yes worse off as people have become more and more tribal in their mindset.

AGAIN I have to state there is a different mindset of Boomers which are blamed for everything now by GENERATION FAIL... and The Jones Generation. The Boomers believe they could do anything. The Jones Generation are Cynical. They don't really trust the government as well they resent Boomers. The reason why is because Boomers got the things that the Jones Generation didn't get.

The Jones Generation, growing up got the misery of the Vietnam, The Arab crisis, the rise of gangland, the food crisis in the 70's and 3 economic downturns that was the beginning of the end of the "American Dream" I was making $2.56 per hour and seeing the rising cost of houses just going out of control back then. AND then we went on screaming into the Crack Head 80's as adults. Oh yea Credit was almost impossible back then too. THAT is another story.

Next thing that no one wants to talk about. Dirt naps.

Most people DIED in the US well the age was 65. That is why SS was pegged at 65 years old. It was until be got into the 90's when the average death age really took off. You Zoomers and coomers and whatever will live into your late 70's to early 80's and higher when Tech keeps you alive.

Boomers now... heh most of the can't program a toaster... Jone's are the ones that brought in the Web. Gen X's gave us Social media. Generation fail gave us Cancer Culture. And the Zoomer Generation? It's a toss up as I have seen some bright people in that group as well as some that can't fun a fucking lawn mower....

Even the Electric starting types. Heh.

So yes I'm better off than my parents, but I seen too much to say that we are socially better today than they.

She expressed that's it was hard to keep hold of any money.
This is normal. "Up to 40% of Americans can’t pay more than the minimum [payment on their credit cards]". Our society is driven by corporate media and ergo encourages people to be bad with money.

The economy is objectively different than it was half a century ago. In a nutshell: the benefits of technology are being primarily reaped by the oligarchy, making them richer and the average person poorer, and they, in general, don't need employees as much as they once did. Outsourcing to the third word, automation, corporations organizing/profiting from piece work (aka the "gig economy", mass migration (referred to as "labor mobility" by corporations), H1Bs, etc. have lessened the need for middle class workers.

Many things in society are traps, grifts, and cons and part of corporate media's job is to distract people from real problems and focus them on nonsense. The Federal Reserve system also, from what I've read, extracts wealth from the economy but I'm not well versed in it enough to summarize how it works.

It's very easy to have cash when no one wants you in the economy.
I'm a "bug man" that mostly spends money on gadgets/tools, but I don't spend much all things considered (and I'm not such a bug man that I feed big brands: I buy direct from China a lot).

Do you feel poorer now then when your parents were your age?
When my parents grew up they benefited from a society that still looked upon the population as an economic resource rather than an environmental burden. My dad had union jobs and made more money than me (his jobs were less skilled, but more dangerous than mine). My parents weren't big spenders but did live a comfortable middle class lifestyle that's harder to achieve now.

I feel poorer that my parents were back in the day but part of that comes from my life choices (avoiding corporate jobs) and from the fact that I don't spend much money because I don't want to end up broke like a lot of people I know. I live modestly: no car, no expensive hobbies, not much travel (I travel cheap when I do), no night life, mostly cooking my own food, and utilitarian housing (bought a pretty nice place - almost paid off - in a shitty area that's slowly improving).
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Probably. Dad was military and was an adrenaline junkie- he joined up because of some weird respect of my abusive grandfather who was in Nam and Bush Sr. warmongering.
War fucked him up but he lived in squalor as a state employed landscaper.

Mom definitely lived better than any of us ever will before she met my father. Trust fund New York City artist who traveled the entire damn world before she was 25. Nowadays she supports my father by working at an Italian place. Still wonder what she saw in my father to give that up.

As for me?
Just your normal email marketer. It ain't much, but I can live comfortably and self sustainably for now. And you know, maybe that's all I need.


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Hell no. My parents were fresh-out-the-womb ex-druggies that have been destitute up until this year. My mom spermjacked my dad when she was nineteen, he was twenty-one, and they got married with no vision for their lives. Growing up with constant money issues fucked me up really bad as a kid. Broke parents are fucking annoying.

I'm married young also, but my husband and I have a cute little brick house and steady income. We'd love to have children, but we're holding off until we really, really ready - financially, maturity-wise, et cetera.

I don't hate my parents. They're still together today and they love each other very much, but both of them were emotionally-stunted and they neglected me 'cause their financial troubles were so pressing. I didn't feel taken care of by them. I spent 80% of my young childhood with my grandparents because they made me feel loved.

I don't want to give that stressful upbringing to my future kids. I'd rather die than subject my kids to that bullshit.
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I'm broke right now but my parents were kind of fuckups when they were my age, so I actually have way better credit than either of them did.