Do you feel poorer now then when your parents were your age? -

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College specifically started intentionally jacking up their prices starting around the 90's. And now it's seems like college is necessary for a job past min wage (culturally; doesn't matter if you'd do fine in a trade school).
Wouldn't be surprised if real prices of apartments and housing boomed past regular inflation, too.

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Yes and no, honestly. I definitely have access to a lot of things nowadays that get taken for granted that my parents would've seen as an absolute luxury, although certain other things have gotten much more expensive, even taking inflation into account. The biggest offender for this sort of thing is housing - at least over here, houses that used to cost £20,000-£30,000 even as recently as the 90s are now going for close to £200,000, and wages haven't gone up even close to that amount.

I'd happily give up modern luxuries in exchange for being able to actually afford a house.

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No, even though adjusting for inflation I'm making less money than they were at my age. But I have a better career path that should pay off in 10 years.

The average "poor" American today is much richer than the "poor" from 40 years ago. Due to capitalism and inflation, now I have powerful computers in my pocket that allow me to do things and have luxuries my parents never dreamed of.

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Nah my parents had me really young, like my shithead grandparents actually suggested my mom get an abortion young.
While they had me and my brother to feed with nothing but an Army NCO paycheck, I have a bachelors and a masters with a decent(ish) paying job.

Only difference is more inflation thanks to government retardation.


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At almost 40 my mom had a kid graduating highschool (me) and shared a house with her partner who inherited it from his parents and drove a car she got from money she got when a family member died. She's had a few jobs over the years, but never multiple jobs at once and while she's not rich, especially compared to some family members on her side, she's never been really hard up.

My father was on his second marriage with someone who was, unbeknownst to him at the time, greasing another pole. He has worked in the same civil sector since I've been alive, has never drove, always rented and actually still rents the same place he had when he was still with my mom.

At the same age, I've had enough jobs to fill up a couple pages on a resume just listing the place of work and job title. I've lived in many different places, often times with neighbours who I wouldn't be surprised to see on Cops: Crackhead Edition. Not that I want to think of my parents sex life, or sound like I'm bragging, but I've been with more people in a night than they ever have. Currently married, first and only, and my husband is more of a slut than I am. No kids (or abortion) resulting from said sex, so I have more freedom than my parents. What I lack in money compared to my parents, I've gained in interesting life experiences.