Do you have any recurring nightmares? -

I keep dreaming that I never finished high school. I go to classes and realise that I haven't done the work/studied for the test and it hits me that I'll be repeating my grade again even though I've been in the same grade for like 20 years. It feels like one of those nightmares where you're trying to get away from something but you just end up running in place, only I'm trying to get away from my past and not some monster.

I guess it comes from the fact that I don't feel like a success even though I have a good job and a house and a family.

How bout you?


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I have had that exact same nightmare, but it's only since I returned to study and only during stressful times.

I don't know if it counts but my dreams always seem to have my dad in them, even though he died 8 years ago.


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Everyone who's ever gone to college has variations on that dream. It's almost always a math class for me, even though I'm great at math. In fact, I just woke up 10 minutes ago from that very dream. I suspect it will never stop until I'm no longer alive.

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I often a weird dream where I have a hole in my hand in the flappy bit between my thumb and index finger, and I can see into my body, kind of. It doesn't hurt, but it makes me queasy.


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My worst nightmares is when i am happy, everything in my life that went wrong didn't, everything fits together in the dream timeline of my life and i am whole, at some point i start realizing i am dreaming and slowly i drift back into this fucking gay earth. No worst outcome for a nightmare than having to wake up again, everytime it happens i spend days fucking depressed

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I don't really have nightmares anymore, but when I was younger, they involved falling. I would fall from the second floor of my grandparents' house, from a gigantic tanker crashing into a dock, and from the balcony of my parents' apartment.

Last nightmare is the most memorable one, I remember that I was sitting on a bike on the balcony for some reason, and then it crumbled and I started falling. I fell several stories and crashed into a balcony below. It hurt like a bitch(no idea who makes up this bullshit about not feeling pain while you're inside dreams), but I knew that as long as I was holding the handlebars of the bike, I was safe. All I could do was to look at the shocked owners of the balcony I crashed onto, and say:"I'm sorry!", before it crumbled too, and I started falling again.

Can't remember what happened after that, though.


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Interesting dreams and an interesting topic.
As a kid, I had a recurring dream of trying to run away from home. As an adult, I had a recurring nightmare of a huge piece of iron machinery appearing above me and falling toward me. My nightmares seem to be mostly stress-based but some medicines like Advil PM gave me bad dreams until I stopped using it.


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My grandfather still had the "being at school unprepared for a test" dreams well into his 90s. Never gonna leave ya, chief.


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I don't have nightmares often, but when I do either tornadoes or my ex's are present in them. Sometimes both.


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Living nightmares or what? I confus.
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