Do you like listening to music that's in a language you don't speak? -


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I'm a huge fucking weeaboo so I listen to Japanese music all the time. Like, more than I listen to English music. I also like K-pop. In general, I'm pretty open to listening to non-English music.

I look up the lyrics and sometimes even have them memorized, but generally I still enjoy music even I can't understand what the lyrics are. Some people think that's weird, but I don't think it's any different than enjoying instrumental/non-vocal music; music is such a powerful medium that you can understand the emotion and ideas a song is conveying even if it doesn't have words.

So does anyone else enjoy listening to foreign music?


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I love me some scandinavian ( I think) fantasy-esque stuff, despite the fact I speak none of the extant (or ancient) scandinavian languages.


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I really like German March songs and Soviet folk songs
Song of the Volga boatmen is a classic,Moscow nights is beautiful and panzerlied is awesome.
I kinda like all music styles, I love listening to various cultures.
But I'm sorry, this is the real j-pop


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I've finally stopped ignoring it. I definitely like J-Pop and K-Pop. I've always been someone who pays too much attention to lyrics to the point where I'll dock an otherwise decent song major points if I don't like the words. That criteria is totally wiped out if I can barely make out what's being said. It's arrogant, but I almost count J-Pop and other music in languages I don't speak as scat or even instrumental just because I really like how the syllables and vowels fall into place. I'll look up the lyrics out of curiosity, but because the lyrics rarely translate gracefully to English without extensive rewrites, I only use that knowledge as a vague way to give the song more context. So I guess you could say, in these instances, I don't like music in other languages in spite of my inability to understand it, but because of it.


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I listen to a lot of French and Quebecois music, as well as all the classical and opera that my wife and I enjoy together (often in French, German, or Italian). I also use music when I'm learning a language to help me get used to hearing it.


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Not really but generally a song to hrab my intrest is the melodly and the song. Besides...

Music is the language of the soul.
Music is the language of the soul.
*Cat Empire music plays*

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Sure. Here's something in Occitan:

In Breton:

Irish Gaelic:


Hindi (or maybe Sanskrit, dunno):

On the whole the idea that somebody may not like a song because he or she doesn't understand the lyrics is completely baffling to me.

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