Do you like listening to music that's in a language you don't speak?

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The Patron Saint of Motherfuckers
May 24, 2021
China's music is great
"I'm a submissive woman and you're better than me"
Love story in the rain, from fun mountain minorities
Inner Mongolians keeping their culture alive
State-approved hip hop bigging up your hometown
and one for the Kiwis
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Weeb Slinger
Sep 4, 2019
My brother used to be an avid collector of black metal, along with its various subgenres, much of which are parcelled up in the guttural heathen languages of various fringe European nations. The genre draws heavily on mythology and folklore, and there are sometimes strong currents of nationalism running through it. I hope that I never unknowingly nodded my head along, in affirmation, to a song extoling the glories of national socialism, but who knows. I suppose that, when the Simon Wiesenthal Centre is done bringing the last of the centenarian Nazis to justice, people like me will be next on their list.