Do you like listening to music that's in a language you don't speak? -


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Papa Wemba's album Emotion is quite fun, being produced by synth-pop guru Stephen Hague. Wemba may be a narcissist, a worshiper of designer clothes, and had rather shady dealing on the sides, but his voice was distinctive and inviting, and the sound of the CD (at least on the Japanese pressing I have) is immaculate.


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I enjoy old music from different countries myself. There's a radio station online called VikVik radio which plays a lot of Russian music. Im also fond of edo period Japanese music.


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Seen the concert given by Gambian kora player/ singer Sona Jobarteh and her band. The concert itself is slightly underwhelming: the sound was too loud, the music style was too close to ordinary Afro-pop for my taste, and Jobarteh was too eager to work up the audience, asking them to sing and dance rather too readily, which betrayed a lack of confidence.

It was the talk/Q&A session that she gave the next day that proved to be a revelation. Jobarteh is hailed as the first female professional kora player that came from a family of griots (hereditary musicians and oral historians). Whenever "modern" people learn that women are debarred from a certain vocation, they automatically think "oppression", "patriarchy" and such like. Jobarteh herself, however, has a much more nuanced view: everything, she said, has a reason, a history. And women are not supposed to play music in Manding culture because instrumental music is specifically a hunters' tradition: it is used to placate the spirits of animals they have killed. Women were not supposed to be hunters, because women are life-givers, not life-takers, so they're not supposed to be instrumentalists either.

Jobarteh attributed her opportunity to follow her vocation to a slight shift in Gambian culture. Music making is traditionally a community affair, where everyone participates and all the rules and taboos, passed down since age immemorial, are still in full force today. It was only in the past 20-30 years or so that a new culture of concert music emerged, with players on stage and separate from the sit-down, passive, audience. This new niche, with no preconceived rules, was what Jobarteh seized and succeeded in. Today she would still respect the taboo of community music-making and will not play her kora in those settings.
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Ceredwen is a Welsh duo who did electro-Celtic music with a strong pop sensibility -- think Enya meets Enigma. They disappeared after only two albums, which is a shame because I do find them interesting:

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I'm currently digging the Hungarian metal band Ossian, even though I don't understand next to nothing of our neighbors' language.

Some of their album cover art is pretty metal.

"A Rock Soldier"

"Judgement Day"

"Eternal Fire"

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I really like listening to Spanish music. I don't really understand the language myself, but I love the way it flows. I'll even listen to Spanish hip-hop songs, and I'm not the biggest fan of hip-hop.

Funnily enough, my first exposure to Hotel California was the Spanish version done by the Gipsy Kings, and that's also what got me into their music as well. I guess that's another reason I like The Big Lebowski.

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idk why but I'm on a goth kick and youtube has the best suggestions


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An Iranian singer with a heavy vibrato, which is sampled and exploited to memorable effect in her two albums with producer Richard Horowitz. Madman of God is her solo project, which is less reliant on sampling but still resolutely modern.


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I'm in choir so there will inevitably be Catholic Masses we'll sing, and I very much enjoy singing in Latin. I really love French-Canadian rowing songs, K-Pop, J-Rock, German industrial metal, and even bhangra.

Might as well drop a few songs

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I can sorta get the gist of what they're saying if I can read the emotion of the voice right. But it never hurts to look up the lyrics on Google.

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