Do you put syrup on your pancakes before or after you cut them up? -

That is true though, soggy pancakes are quite unbearable to eat. Its funny to watch some of your friends eat them like it is nothing ;0 -> It quivers my soul entirely when I see such things.

I put a little on the top pancake and then put syrup on the side for dipping post-cut.
Soggy pancakes are terrible and waffles are ideal.


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Who uses syrup? What am I, a filthy american? The only way to fly is stroop, which rhymes with rope, but tastes like rape.

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No syrup for me, I find that shit nasty. If anything, some ground up walnuts and dehydrated bananas. Maybe a pinch of powdered sugar if Im feeling extravagant.

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  1. Stack directly from the pan, putting a tiny bit of butter on top of each before scooping them onto the plate, sandwiching the butter on all the pancakes but the top
  2. get a fork, knife, syrup bottle, and coffee and bring everything to the table
  3. pour the syrup on the top, leaving enough that it collects a small amount on the plate
  4. cut each slice as I eat it
  5. violently rape my neighbors to establish dominance
  6. eat the now soggy & cold pancakes until the police arrive
  7. throw the plate and attack them fully greased in butter and maple syrup
  8. scream at the neighbors as I'm carried to the police car


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Before of course. What sort barbarian does it after? Got to get it all even and spread out so you don't get massive bits in some areas and barely any on others.


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Lol baby dick cuck. You're supposed to stick the entire pancake in your mouth then use syrup to make it go down easier.

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I set up a fondue fountain of syrup so I can syrup each piece individually as I cut it, without continually fooling with the bottle.