Do you support Hate Speech laws if you are protected by them? -

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What specific laws and what country? Either way I'm pretty negative towards censorship even if it benefits me. My personal favorite is the on where you get charged with a hate crime for yelling racial slurs while you wail on a motherfucker (in the US). Beating up niggers is already illegal. Calling them niggers is NOT. So it stands to reason that I shouldn't get hit with a hate crime on top of the assualt just because I chose to yell out some colorful phrases during the kerfuffle.

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The obvious problem with hate crime laws in general is that we have no way of knowing what's in a man's heart, and legislation based on determining that a person is, in fact, hateful crosses the border from 'public good' into 'freedom of opinion'.


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Protected classes are groups those laws protect, like niggers and other minorities.
There is only free speech. Laws like this, made by oversensitive maladjusted twats who should neck themselves instead of wasting so much time and money, do not protect anyone from anything. Banning the word nigger won't stop the hundreds of black on black murders in Chicago every year. They are only a way to punish people that thin-skinned re-tards don't like. They never left the playground.

Minorities are not protected by 'hate speech laws'. An erosion of the civil rights of the populace because an angsty faggot just can't handle being called names is the height of mental re-tardation.


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If I assault you, do I not have hate for you?
Should that assault be treated differently according to our skin colors?
Because I'm laboring under the impression that hatred is hatred. no matter where it comes from and where it ends up.

Hate speech laws will be used to drive people apart along racial lines, atomizing them and destroying any solidarity.
The people cannot unite against a common enemy or unjust ruler if those people cannot place shared goals ahead of skin color. The controlling interests at play in the world right now NEED to keep racism alive. It's the boogieman that ensures fear will always be on tap to guide our decisions, That fear we have of one another is the only thing that imparts any perceived value to the ruling class. There's great value in keeping people afraid of one another. In such a diverse nation as ours, FEAR is the first emotion that everybody understands immediately.

Sounds edgyboi af, I know. But there's good reason to keep you & everyone else well acquainted with fear. People don't complain about taking orders when they're scared, so long as they perceive their leadership as operating rom a place of strength,

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I am a "protected class" so I personally support them but I understand why most prefer no censorship.
No I don't and I believe it doesn't actually help protect anyone. When you start passing laws on what people can say and think you immediately radicalize people. That coupled with deplatforming etc. You are only pushing radicals underground, Radicals that are underground only grow until you have violence and revolt

. Open dialogue and civil discussion should be emphasized alot more.

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Hate speech laws are one of many ways the fabric of this (and other) countries will be destroyed.

Either have equally drafted and enforced hate speech laws for hate speech directed at anyone at all, with no classes unprotected or specially protected, or none at all.

All hate speech laws do is stifle public discourse that runs very far from "hate" speech, institutionalize a new kind of racism directed at specific (but vaguely defined) classes of people, and admit defeat in creating a color blind society.

There are already laws against inciting violence, discrimination, threatening violence, terroristic threats, and racketeering. Enforce those, they cover just about everything.

There is no clear definition of "hate". Refusing to call a troon "she" because he has a dick and it flies in the face of biology is not "hate". Making fun of a YouTube personality's lisp is not "hate". Refusing to believe in the exceptionalism (in the traditional sense of the word, not the Kiwi sense) of any race or creed is not "hate". Wearing a MAGA hat is not "hate". Harassing people, taking away their livelihoods, arresting them, threatening them, publicly libeling them, or falsely accusing them of criminal activity is "hate", but those are seldom prosecuted.

There is no constitutional right not to be offended, but there is one to free speech. Free speech rightfully should trump anybody's fragile feelings. Toughen the fuck up.

This is all leading in a disastrous direction, and remarkably fast too.
The people in power will always have an interest in calling legitimate criticism of them "hate speech".

If that doesn't answer the question for you then you are stupid. 1st amendment motherfucker, all speech is free, fuck off with your protected status.

OP thinks they are more important than us and believes the laws should reflect that, and thus is shit and also probably ugly and I would not have sex with them.

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