Do You Want Kids? - General "Have Kids!" Sperging Thread [for or against that sentiment]


Kyle Avgvstvs, Antifvs Maximvs. AVE KYLE
Aug 22, 2020

Just admit you're a cat lady in waiting (or cat boi - not catboi, necessarily) if you dont

Jun 11, 2019
In all honesty, I do. While I'm not great with kids, I want the bloodline to continue. I owe that much to my parents, at least.

That, and I do genuinely want to be a parent. Can't really say I'm in a good position to do so though.

Kermit Jizz
Feb 1, 2021
I feel like this is a very polarizing issue for most people, everyone has a really strong reasoning for their position. Whether it be religion, obligation to race, biological imperatives, nihilism, strong hatred of children, strong hatred of self, etc. Everyone has a really strong position, and usually has a pretty strongly negative opinion of the opposite group.

My answer is much more mundane, I just don't want kids. I have the means and ability to be a good father (at least much better than the majority of losers out there), I have no genetic issues, I don't particularly like/hate them, I'm not nihilistic. I just do not have a compulsion to have children. I sometimes think about the cool parts of being a parent, like teaching them to ride a bike for the first time and think I might enjoy. But I realize that would be a shitty reason to have a kid, akin to adopting a puppy for a selfie and then promptly neglecting it. I don't feel a desire to engage in the entire process of raising a child.

Idk, I think I fall somewhere on the autism/sociopath/some sort of socially maligned scale. Not bad enough to stick out or be dysfunctional, but just dysfunctional enough to lack some basic impulses most people have, like reproduction.


The Blue Heeler Neo Noir Enthusiast
Oct 20, 2015
No. I really do not like kids at all. As someone who didn't have a very good childhood, I don't think I be a good parent. I am pretty much happy for who I am. I just have cats who are more like my children.

YEs, my childhood was not great. It be best if I explain that issue in PMs than here.


May 4, 2021
Yes, of course. I would like to have children of my own. Because of that, I must sort out the economic and meta issues I am having first.

A Grey Cat

Jun 12, 2019
I don't think I'd make a good parent, I probably wouldn't be a bad one but the first two years are not something I'd be good at.

Besides have you seen all this shit going on in the world? The LGBT community wants children, the public schools are Turing them into little rioting commies, every day that goes by it feels like there's no point in bringing more into the world.

I've gone and depressed myself