Doctor Jessica Yaniv, PhD (9/1/2019) - lol he paid 750$ for a fake degree

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It’s just a PR stunt by whoever owns a parody website handing out “SJW degrees.” Johathan’s a con man, he’s not paying $750 to another con man for satire. I’m sure the website is enjoying the increased traffic though, maybe Jonathan gets a bite from that.

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How will Dr. McKinnon and Dr. Lockhart take this development, I wonder. Yes boys, errrr, I mean girls, Dr. Yaniv is your academic equal because he says so.
I thought that was the whole point of a 'self id' society. I am a woman because I say so. I am xyz race because I say so. I am an esteemed academic because I say so. They all remind me so much of Elmer Fudd mumbling about being a 'miwwwionawe' with a mansion and a yacht.

I concur with @Yellow Yam Scam that JY was recruited or stumbled upon as @yesthatanna says, by a parody site. I'm still leaning against SJU being his own creation because of the SJW video promo. He couldn't do that himself and while @RXG appears to have still skills, he didn't translate them to his Yt Superstition Mountain videos that amounted to first-person go-pro shots, I haven't found any credits he had in porn under himself or the Jake Hudson name.

His hoping that no one would look into SJU is not something that anyone but a Boomer who is infrequently on the Internet would normally think. He is 23 years out from being even the last of the Boomers (1964) and there's some internal dispute over whether the late Boomers (1961-1964) belong more sociologically in Gen-X through the early '70s. His mom (1956) is the quintessential boomer, but they're so enmeshed it's poss he picked that up from her.
I swear he's been working from a playbook comprised of Robin Williams films, but last week he watched Catch Me If You Can and suddenly he is become a hybrid of Mrs Doubtfire and Frank Abagnale. I'm not sure why he's so untouchable, although I could seen this shit if he's been Certified under the MHA/PPA and become a ward of the state, which I could see happening after some sort of "inheritance" from daddy dear, as I've explored elsewhere.

He thinks he's untouchable, and this echo-chamber of the current political clime in Canada does not bode well for his getting the help he needs. Meh...


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I'm thinking this degree is reminiscent of the trolls paying to have advertisements on the CWCkipedia for gay porn in that a troll likely nominated him (no hypothesis on payment). That would explain the very unflattering articles accompanying his degree and the exceptional glamor shots as the images they used. With Yaniv having no self-awareness, or an interest in reading things that could be crucial in any instance (history repeats itself), I'd imagine that's why he started advertising this degree.

Doesn't hethemselve understand that having a fake pretty huge dick in trans advocacy will piss off the trans community because trans women arent meant to have dicks or admit they have dicks in court without plans to have it removed? And that he is pissing off actual Drs. of trans studies who could help himthem in future achieve the goal recieving the gender affirming care(waxing) they claim to so badly need that they MUSTnot take people to court. As well as the counselling and what not to recieve surgery(which they dont want because pedo).

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I wish the original prefix would be restored, especially as the original megathread isn't the only one titled "megathread" and in its case, it's 703 pages now and that designation seems esp redundant. "Horrorcow" adds more definition IMO.
Prefixes like that don't work in subforums because you get subforum prefixes instead.