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I daresay we'll all, at some point, seen some doco that's just been so utterly crazy or been on such an odd subject that it makes you wonder why they even bothered.

I've been throwing the idea of making this thread around for a while, and so I figured, why not, see what happens.

The object sexuality documentary, on women that learned to... have sex with the Eiffel Tower, bridges... picket fences... a katana. I wish I was kidding.

There is also "In The Beginning There Was Light" (Austria, 2010), which is about the belief of Inedia, or breatharianism, which is where humanity doesn't need to eat or drink, they only need to get power from the sun. Sadly haven't found a link to it on Youtube, though.

Editing a few more in.

"I Think We're Alone Now" (2008), where a man and a hermaphrodite are obsessed with the 80s pop star Tiffany.

"God's Angry Man" (1981), about a televangalist who fights against the FCC, against the viewers for not sending him enough money, and other odd things. Werner Herzog doco.

"American Pimp" (1999), yes, it's about black people talking about their hoes and pulling tricks.

"Trekkies" (1997), about how Star Trek changed their lives, and how Picard is the prettiest captain.
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Anything that is just blatant Christian propaganda. This might be the :neckbeard: inside me but they're incredibly stupid and extremely manipulative. There was one where they "found" Noah's ark and claimed to have a piece of it, but they actually approached a prop guy and asked him to make one and he just took a piece of wood and slapped a bunch of shit on it including barbecue sauce and they just stuck it in their documentary. It goes to show how full of shit they know they are.


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Capturing the Friedmans.

About a middle class family that looked somewhat normal on the surface until the father and son were arrested for child molestation. The documentary remains nonjudgmental while just showing these people on camera a lot and going into the legal process they went through.

Guilty or not, they're pretty creepy, cringy people.


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Anything to do with exotic pets and animals, especially this doc.

One of the owners continues to feed their pet monkey junk even after being told that it now has diabetes and all these conditions. Another tard in this documentary bought an older monkey knowing the full repercussions it could have and around the children. Sick.

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