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I've always considered the idea of a 'Flat Earth' to be just an adventure into either bad history or some kind of favorite pet project of a pseudo-scientist with too much time on his/her hands. Afaik no one has believed in a 'Flat Earth' other than the slow class since the Greeks figured out the planet was a sphere way back in the day.

And Nazis beneath the surface of the Earth? Sounds like a variation on the same BS that says that Nazis live on the Moon... Does this 'Nazis down below' BS involve UFOs?
Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes it's other supernatural beings like angels or beings of light.

Forum for people who believe in flat earth theory:

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Das Netz/The Net is a pretty interesting documentary on Ted Kaczynski aka the Unabomber, linked to other subjects like Timothy Leary and the 60s counterculture. It's in German with subtitles. Narrator sounds kinda hot.

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BACK FROM JUPITER: A Swedish filmmaker hears rumours about a mysterious recluse who is building a 20'+ scale model of a cruise liner inside his apartment and decides to investigate. Features a very interesting Chris-like character. Notice how the filmmaker apparently keeps the subject in a good mood by providing him with "gal-pals" in the form of young film students probably doing some sort of internship. Also, be sure not miss when the person of interest shows off his porn collection.

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For your approval I submit Blood In the Face. An early 90s documentary about the (then vaguely unified...emphasis on vaguely) Neo Nazi movement/community taking place at a 1991 nazi festival in which almost every strain of neo nazi/white supremecist thought gathererd. One of Michael Moore's early works in which he is the interviewer, and one where he had the good sense to just shut the fuck up and led the fucktards make themselves look like idiots (until the last 5 mins of the documentary where he randomly starts arguing with one of the nazis). It depicts a very wide spectrum of Neo Nazi thought and ideology, and depicts at least a dozen full on lolcow nazis from the creepy to the pathetic to the hilarious, and discusses a whole mess of nazi conspiracy theories. I strongly recommend this documentary to all of you

EDIT: Just found that Outlook1 beat me to it. however this is the full documentary instead of the first part of it.
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A real-life THIS IS SPINAL TAP. Former Adonis-like bodybuilder and onetime Great White Hard-Rock Hope Thor -- now middle-aged, fat, balding, and mentally-ill -- reunites his old band and goes on the road again, in the search of the rock-stardom that's eluded him since the mid-1970s. Alternately funny and sad, and a great portrait of rock life on the dive-club circuit, and how rough it is when you're in your 50s and still sleeping on couches and working your own 'merch tables.
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There was a movie about short men not dwarves but short men they felt they were handicap it was the weirdest documentary I ever seen. And bay area rapper DB tha general documentary on youtube called "in the trenches"


No Cure For Love
House of Numbers
An AIDS denialist documentary featuring a conspiracy theorist who thinks AIDS symptoms are caused by fisting, a woman who's negligence led to her daughter dying of AIDS-related pneumonia, and a scientist who is responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 South African citizens. And these people are being promoted as champions of the truth. There's also lots of sleezy editing to make AIDS researchers look like they're in league with the denialists.
I remember watching this cringe-inducing pile of shit in 2010. I bet you that 90% of the HIV-positive people involved with this movie are near-death or dead by now.