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I didn't know where else to share this, but it's something that everyone should watch. Fredrik Knudsen of Down the Rabbit Hole fame just made a video about the notorious Final Fantasy House.

Basically, the FF House is some old-school drama about a group of FF fans who were slowly turned into an abusive mini-cult by one manipulative fan. If you want to learn even more, you can read the whole, very long account here while this article provides a brief overview.


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It's bizarre how similar this is to that chick who thought she was Elijah Wood. Except that nutjob was a way better scammer, iirc.
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She's also brought her cultist bullshit to the Hannibal fandom as well!
There's even another site that documents this:

I'm honestly surprised we haven't had a thread on Jennifer or any of her girlfriends up till now. She's fucking nuts! Like holy shit, NUTS!
Jennifer Cornet, as far as her real name goes, apparently goes after girls half her age these days and convinces them that they are “totes trans” through manipulation tactics. has been a provider of a shit load of information regarding Jen’s cult.