[CENSORED] Does anyone else fear that Donald Trump might be opening concentration camps for incels? -


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I mean Reddit yearly rapport indicated that around 200 users had information sent to the government of the US. These fuckers will get you even if you are stranded on an island with the zulu people, I fear for my life that they will line all of us up and force us to work in concentration camps until we die, or simply just send us directly to gas chambers and murder all of us in order to restore the eugenics program and create the perfect human race, as we are seen as total losers that are unworthy of re-producing.

Indeed, our fate is predestined. I predict the day that they will find out diaries about incels in hideouts writing about incel philosophy and the evil nature of Chad and normies. Heck, we will get our own Anne Frank and our revolution will begin that way.

Has anyone else barricaded their homes and thought of purchasing guns and explosives to defend themselves when eventually the incel-gestapo come to send us to working camps?

I have thought of maybe getting a suicide pill with me at all times, and when the day happens, I don't know when, it can be tomorrow, it can be in two weeks, it can be in years, but I KNOW it is bound to happen, when the Gestapo come down knocking the door, I will just swallow it and get my final revenge at for NORMIESCUM trying to eradicate my existence.

The incelmale is the definition of struggle. Not enough that we get spit on and discriminated on a daily basis, we are denied basic human rights such as sex, we are denied spots as members of the society, but now our sole existence is on the blink of extinction.

I call for the incel revolution THROUGH PEACEFUL MEANS we should gather in town squares, talking gospel about reality and how the sexual revolution has ruined society, we should go on hunger strikes and stand in front of trains refusing to move until Donald Trump signs a bill that guarantees that no male over the age of 18 will go without a girlfriend or something along those lines, I am not very good at politics so suggestions are more than welcome.