Does anyone else genuinely miss the 2000s? -


I feel like the culture shift from a real life and the internet perspective is so foreign for people who did not adapt and change to the trends are out of touch (in my opinion/along with me) with big tech pushing social media and real life identities early on then normalizing it into 2007 and onwards.

Like, 90's-early 2000's Internet do's and dont's and etiquette, e.g. don't blog about your name and location, don't trust that dude selling you a virtual bridge, don't get phished, ect which nowadays some people are happily putting it out there in the social media sphere and tech corps being enabled to harvest said information about you just so they could sell your info and sell you ads. Or how cancel culture/crab mentality got popular because they did not like what you posted instead but during the early days you'd be given constructive feedback and be lectured on what was the right information or playful jest and banter that you and the other parties understood so you just play along and it wouldn't be personal.

I miss the late 90's and early 2000's because of how fun the internet was at the time. not as passive aggressive, decent rooms for serious discussion, people were relatively friendly, communities thriving and knowing regulars. Time will never go back and history will move forward but so all of us. I miss the 2000's but I much rather have it as a fond memory despite it's downsides and I like my internet speeds now, Seriously, we went a long way from fucking 1 MBPS. But I also like my gun rights, I hope 2020's and beyond will never repeat these tyrannical laws.

I sure miss 2000-2007. I was an infant and child then, but the early to mid 2000's were great. I missed going on Youtube and looking at funny videos, and I also miss being so happy then. 2008- to 2010's became crap, because everyone is more triggered at things nowadays versus then. I also recall fond memories of me actually liking school (until '08 thru graduation), and everything seemed so fun as well. School didn't seem like test after test and people bullying and gossiping about useless drama on trashstagram or fakebook. I personally didn't like any president during my lifetime, but that's just my opinion. I also miss watching late 90's early 2000's shows, because most of them weren't as dumb. I feel like my nostalgia for 2000-'07 is like the millennials' nostalgia for the late 80's-1990's.


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It really is strange how the early 2000s feel like a completely different time to the 2010s (It wasn't all of the 2010s it really felt different around 2014/2015).

Literally everything (politics, entertainment, even technology) just became so selfish, and full of vehement spite. There was some of that in the early 2000s but it was more in a joking manner and less serious. Very strange times indeed.


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No, but it'd still be better than it is now.
Literally everything (politics, entertainment, even technology) just became so selfish, and full of vehement spite. There was some of that in the early 2000s but it was more in a joking manner and less serious. Very strange times indeed.
What above said, 100%. I think something about the internet breaking into the proper mainstream has brought out the worst in society, along with allowing for constant surveillance, and a constant platform to preach. I think the complete lack of a youth culture for this recent generation of teenagers is telling of that- 2000s had emo and scene, 2010s (or more going past 2013 really) had nothing except what your Tumblr page looks like. Not to mention all the "normal" teens getting a hold of the worst porn imaginable, creating a generation of sex-starved football jocks becoming their own girlfriends because the girls IRL are Non-Binary lesbians and they can't ask them on a date because it would be sexist. Or the ability to create an entire new self, that to the average person is untraceable unless you're powerlevelling everywhere, that doesn't have to affect your IRL self in any way. At least I'll always have the original Xbox

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I miss the videogame scene from the 2000s, that was back when games had more variety, less DLC if any, and were the near perfect blend of realism vs gameplay. It was also before videogames abused slot machine and dopamine mechanics to give you the illusion of progress.

Cartoons are now better than ever. They were the only good thing about the 2010s.
I havent seen enough to vouch for the writing, but I find the lack of craftsmanship or style in todays stuff disturbing. We've gone back to the Hannah Barbara days.


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Thinking about it, one thing I really miss is the old JibJab parodies, they don't do their election year stuff or there year end wrap-ups anymore. Call it cheesy if you want but I personally think this stuff was funny. Technically not strictly a 2000s thing, but most of their really good content was from that time.

I think the late 2010s-onwards are going to be characterized by oversocialization in all spheres of life, and an persistent erosion of privacy.

The 90s was the last era before widespread internet penetration and digitization, and IMO is a transitional decade between the 80s and 2000s as the digitalization of society became widespread.

The late 90s and early 2000s felt like an exciting time- Web 1.0 was blossoming, and the internet felt like a wide open and unexplored space. Games were more unpolished, but the modern tropes hadn't been completely defined yet. If you shared something, the amount you could share was still relatively limited- making it more exciting to discover.

The late 2000s and early 2010s were an age when the internet felt like it was maturing and becoming more polished- but it was exciting to be able to share things much more easily with the birth of social media. Games became increasingly polished, and IMO, lost a bit of their magic as you no longer needed to use your mind to fill in the gaps as much.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone's on a constant drip of dopamine, and there's just no magic or hidden treasure to be found, as everything will be recorded and easily accessible to everyone- the "frontier" has disappeared, so to speak. Sharing everything all the time means that politics inevitably gets injected in, and the entire space became tribalized, critical, and self-segregated- the wide open spaces of the internet have become much smaller.

Also, like what a lot of people were saying before, the fact that America's image has also eroded since then (with off-shoring & the erosion of the middle-class, the wars, & fentanyl) probably also contributes to that feeling of a lost age. Some of these things were decades in the making from the end of the Cold War, but only really became noticeable in the last few years or so.

It truly was a better time. SJW cancer had not yet formulated, so the internet was actually a free land of the shitpostings, before they came.
IMO it was there all along, metasizing outside of popular culture in academia and activist circles- and finally appeared with the rise of social media (which presents the false image that every opinion is equally valued). This probably created a feedback loop that was amplified by mass media, resulting in the dismal cultural landscape today.
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Nowadays, it seems like everyone's on a constant drip of dopamine, and there's just no magic or hidden treasure to be found...
This pertains more to manga...but, with a number of the more "open" manga that let you fill in the details, I've noticed people often complaining about the lack of closure, expanding, or the manga filling in every little detail for them. The same likely goes for games with the added "dopamine dope" thats ruined modern game design.

"Heres a new quest! Heres an XP wheel! Heres another XP wheel! Do x thing x times and get a loot box! You're just .5xp from leveling up! Why not buy a stimpack?"


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I don't miss the 2000s at all apart from the pre-social media saturated internet. Fuck that decade and its rotten culture, especially the chart-topping music from that period.
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The 2000's were the last great hurrah for American culture. It's all gone downhill since around the 2010's. SJW's taking over the media/news and both sides of the political spectrum only listening to the extremes. The internet has been corrupted by big business to the point that it almost makes no sense to create your own website when you could just do something on FB and get a similar response (though one fully tracked and monetized). The MCU has done a tremendous amount of damage to not only proper nerd culture, but movies themselves, by showing people that the bare minimum will bring in the money as long as it looks flashy enough. Gaming has had most of what used to make it great ripped out and replaced by companies trying to squeeze every nickel and dime out of you.

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Would you ones say the 2010s are already over as a cultural decade? It seems like they died from Covid-19.

And when would you say they began? I say 2014 because that was when SJWism really took motion after Gamergate (Jace, we miss you!). But like many of you already said, the beginning was totally different, 2010-2012 were nothing like anything that came since 2014, but still different from the 2000s. It's true that the 2010s were a bit like two decades in one.

This is why the Corona virus crisis came so unexpected, I expected the mentality to last at least a few more years, because "the 2010s" as we know them began very late.


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You will always miss previous decades as

1. You were younger, healthier, got more pussy, less responsibility
2. You increasingly become more aware of the dystopian hellhole we are heading full speed towards
Ya, this entire thread is just old people trying to pretend the entire world is the problem instead of just 'I got older and all my hopes and dreams are dead". The 2010's were fine.