Does anyone else genuinely miss the 2000s? -

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It was nice when Police did the thing you'd expect and laughed you out the building if you came in with screenshots of mean words said over the internet. Now they send out an inquisition and spend thousands of tax payer money to better track down bad words on the internet to the one who said them.
That's still the case in real countries (America). I'm sorry you live in some Eurocuck lalaland nation.

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That's still the case in real countries (America). I'm sorry you live in some Eurocuck lalaland nation.
Definitely. See what happened when Brianna Wu tried to "send in detectives, send in police, send in everything in his power" to stop goobergrape.

Most people in this thread seem to be essentially expressing childhood nostalgia for a certain period, and that's the 2000s for a lot of people because many (most?) KFers are 20-30. Some are older, so they instead miss the 1990s or even earlier. This doesn't really have much to do with what the period was actually like compared to today; the unemployment and murder rates in the USA were much worse in the 1970s-1990s than today (for a very extreme example, NYC had 2,245 murders in 1990 but only 287 in 2018), but there's still plenty of nostalgia for those periods. Similarly, in Britain, actually wanting to live through the Winter of Discontent and the 1980s industrial unrest instead of today is total madness from a detached perspective, but people often become wistful for a time before they had so many adult responsibilities. Chris and his obsession with Manchester High is an exaggerated example.

Since I don't really have much childhood nostalgia, I don't miss the 2000s. From a detached perspective, it was the peak of the war on terrorism and the resulting erosion of civil liberties; the feelings of national unity many people here are remembering fondly had the effect of suppressing criticism of the Patriot act, the Iraq War, and the construction of the surveillance state that culminated in laws like Obama's 2012 NDAA, which allowed indefinite detention of citizens. Much as we saw in New Zealand earlier this year, the aftermath of terrorist atrocities is a fantastic time to shove through whatever power-grabbing laws you have lined up, because you are with us, or you are with the terrorists... From a uniquely British perspective, it was also when the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 passed, which is the premise of the current laws against saying nasty things about Islam on Twitter. It seems quite likely that that, too, was prompted by the religious tensions resulting from the war on terror, along with the 2005 London bombings. Getting out of the EU also seemed very unlikely back then; it was only because Cameron decided to settle the issue with a referendum that we got the chance. The rise of nationalism in the 2010s, while marred by neo-Nazis and other exceptional individuals like the "skeptic community", at least gives a chance for a brand of politics that could reverse the drive towards more and more encroaching government power that progressivism (in the sense of the Progressive Era, not troonery) and fearmongering over terrorism created. Most people on the right wing of the culture war these days are strongly opposed to censorship, gun control, and other government power grabs, though sadly all too many of them fall into the trap of thinking fascists will save them from the communists rather than just making their own tyranny. It's also possible that the EU will end up disintegrating now given rising nationalism in Europe, or at least not forming a giant superstate, which will be satisfying.

As for the pop-culture stuff, I'm so out of touch that I can't comment, so I'll leave that to the rest of you.
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You only miss the 2000s because it's the decade you grew up in. People are the most nostalgic for the decade or time period when they were a child. Why do you think there are so many Star Wars now?

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You only miss the 2000s because it's the decade you grew up in. People are the most nostalgic for the decade or time period when they were a child. Why do you think there are so many Star Wars now?
This is true at the end of the day, I wont deny it.

When you're young everything feels so fresh, so new and so exciting, but there comes a time in which a certain magic is lost, a certain mystique.

I don't know why that is.

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I personally have a gripe with how animations were once like this... though a bit more primitive and unprofessional...

And now they're all like this

At one point in time internet sex was only accepted on Newgrounds and dedicated porn sites; pastel/'vaporwavey' themes were left on some obscure hipster forum. I miss when the animations were slightly scratchy but still charismatic. Now it's all over Instagram and YouTube.
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I think Pax Americana peaked in the late 1990s and we’re just living in it’s irreversible decline. I liked the Wild West aspect of the internet in the 2000s but that’s about it. I like the 2000s only because the 2010s were shit awful and I suspect the 2020s are going to be worse for the same reasons.
So weird to think of 20 years ago being some great epoch of history, everything just felt normal at the time.


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I don't miss the 2000's that is the decade when the groundwork was laid for the degenerate clown-world 2010's.

90's were the last true decade of normalcy when men could be men and boys could be boys.
The 90s was the last hyper PC decade where inclusivity was pushed before the mid 2010s.

And in all honesty the big reason this decade's gone to shit is social media giving every asshole a giant microphone to air their bullshit.

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I hope I never get old and grumpy enough to think that Current Year isn't Best Year. Unless if Clown World somehow ends, then I'll definitely be nostalgic for it, but I feel like we're just going to get more and more 🤡 as time goes on and I for one welcome our new clown era.

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I don't miss the 2000's that is the decade when the groundwork was laid for the degenerate clown-world 2010's.
Can you name some examples of what you mean?

The 2000s sucked. I'm glad we have the 80s back with Trump.
Trump is trying his best, but we're not at that point yet.

Here's an interesting thought for you ladies and gentlemen, if you don't look back on the 2000s fondly, that's fine, I respect that.

Because at the end of the day, good and bad the 2000s simply feels like my time, it was an era that I understood better, even if I didn't always like something, I at least understood it, you know what I mean?

Because make no mistake, I went through some shit in that decade, not all my memories are good, in fact some are quite terrible, but yet I still look back on the era with fondness, it's strange.


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Can you name some examples of what you mean?
2003-2010 is when I went through university, taking up and finishing 2 stem degrees. I recall the changes distinctly. By the late 2000's the atmosphere on campus changed completely. Snowflakes and activists with their social science degrees were pushing their Marxist horseshit before they graduated and moved onto the media and places of academic influence in the 2010's.
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In the 2000s I was quite young but I don't remember anything culturally interesting at the time. Maybe because my idea of fun was playing video games or sitting in front of a computer playing flash games for hours. Beyond my close friends I wasn't very social. I didn't really pay attention to music or pop culture, only that I had a vague distaste for 2000s pop music and culture. I didn't realize how much of a shitter the Iraq war, or the idiot neo-con president, or the recession, or mass surveilance was. I felt culturally nothing interesting had happened.

I actually think the internet is in some ways better now than it was in the 2000s. If you ignore social media and normies (I can't even type this without feeling a little edgy) you will find people are just as creative now. Modern Youtube is sanitized but still overall higher quality than the very amateurish stuff from 2008. There's a lot of modern internet that I enjoy, like Twitch, or tech communities.

I think the 2010s were more interesting for me but pretty rocky personally. I had some personal successes but they were really marred by some shockingly idiotic personal mistakes and my mental health declined a lot. I don't miss the 2000s. I remember back then feeling stifled in being able to pursue my interests, hobbies and academic. The only thing I maybe miss was feeling the stability of being with my family. At home things were stable which was very comforting to me.


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I miss the 2000s because that's when my parents were alive. (:_(

I can't really say that any decade was my favorite since I always seemed to have some sort of trouble in some aspect of my life - if I had free time, I had no money. If I had time to pursue creative interests, I never seemed to be any good at what I had decided to do (or the things I was interested in weren't the kind of things that would make money.) At some point, age became a number and the decades just kind of blurred into each other. I count my life more by the type of things I'm/was interested in at any one time, rather than by what decade it happens to be. (Or at least I did until the mid-2010's, when Obama cried "havok" and let slip the SJWs of Reeeing.... Then Trump was elected. .Holy shit, I never would have thought when the 2000's ended that the next decade would see every real and internet celebrity I admire losing their shit over a brash man with a legendary combover and orange skin. )