Does anyone know of some good books about Weimar Germany? - Doesn't have to just be a book, just a really informative resource.

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Weimar Germany, 1918-1933 by John Richard McKenzie
The Fateful Alliance: German Conservatives and Nazis in 1933: the Machtergreifung in a New Light by Beck hermann
Hitler's Thirty Days to Power by Henry Turner
The Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany by Warren Morris
Social Change and Political Development in Weimar Germany Richard Bessel


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The Weimar Republic by Detlev J.K. Peukert was a great overview of both how the Weimars seeded their own destruction via horrible mismanagement, and how the sociopolitical environment in postwar Germany was all but designed to empower an authoritarian state of one stripe or another, with particular attention to how misguided policies in the 1920s fostered the rise of Hitler. It's a great book to both educate you on a historical low point in western nations and, perhaps, calm people down who think 21st century America is in any way comparable to the Weimar state.

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This one is good as far as documenting the rise of the Freikorps.
I especially liked the part where they named the heros who brutally murdered those leftist cunts Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Leibnecht, describing it all in gratifying detail

Very honest in it's description of exactly how widespread and horrific the Red rot was in Weimar Germany, and why it needed to be brutally put down.


Do NOT read Weimar Germany : Promise and Tragedy. It was terrible. The author spent too dang much time on only the "art/cultural" aspect of Weimar Germany over the things that you'd rather read about with regard to that subject. Namely, the rise of the Nazi party, the general political chaos that went about in Germany between 1918 to 1933, hyperinflation, foreign policy events (such as the Belgians and French occupying the Rhineland) etc.


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Germany and the Jewish Question by Friederich Karl Wiehe
(For a more general overview)

Lustmord: Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany by Maria Tartar
(Focuses more on the treatment of women in that society)

You may also have this collection of chan-produced images, the information they describe is largely accurate.
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Erich Kästner - Going to the dogs.

Showing the real Berlin from the thirties. It is depressing but also light hearted and strange at times. One of the great German authors.
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