Does it seem like we've been a constant election cycle since 2016? -


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Ever since Trump won and took office, it seems more and more the Democrats and Republicans are stepping up marketing to levels usually only seen on election years for 3 god damn years straight. The campaigns to stop misinformation, the attack on each other's side, the extreme partisanism, it seems like a level of division never seen before, let alone for this long. Does anyone get this feeling too, that we've been stuck in an election year since that fateful November day in 2016?

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Nah, it's been going on since at least late 2015. Quite possibly much earlier.
Yup, this is a Merkel, May, Obama problem. It seems like it all started when leaders realized that "minorities" are actually stupid and will vote for anyone as long as you kiss their ass enough. Another strategy they imployed was that if you don't have enough minorities make new ones through division, sucking up to the LGBT, or just outsource and bring in new minorities like "immigrants".

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Yes, it surely does.

I remember the days when it was contained to the year the election actually took place, for the most part, I do remember some early rumblings with Obama in 2007, but it really didn't kickoff until 2008.

Same deal with 2004 and 2012, but modern America is frozen in 11/9/2016, like one great big flashbulb going off capturing us in a sort of photograph.

It sucks, an American culture that is basically one neverending election cycle without a breather is fucking miserable.

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It's weird to see, but yeah. It feels like a pendulum swing back and forth with the outrage changing sides. For example the I Stand With Vic crowd after the court hearing on Friday. It was like looking back to those screenshots of people crying about Trump after the election, but this time over an anime voice actor. The level of involvement random people are beginning to have in these events is ridiculous.

I don't think it was necessarily a 2016 exclusive event, but that was just the biggest instance of the concept in internet times. We just have so much access to everything it makes it tough.


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Usually when someone loses a presidential race, they kinda disappear for a while. Lay low. Rebuild themselves. For example, Al Gore took his time to make an inconvenient truth. But that was 6 years later.

In contrast, Hillary just refused to leave, with her book about what happened and such. Some of the crazy last minute allegations disappeared like the kid claiming trump rape, but the russian meddling allegation dragged on very long.

Of course it allows media corporations to pressure a president, as it's harder to do certain things when there's 24/7 narrative to undermine.

There's always been some pressure to get your own side to comply, but I think Hillary's obvious corruption and inability to hide it, really accelerated things. Though I suppose the Bush florida recount could compare. But even that wasn't dragged on THIS long. I don't think there's been such a push to get people to unfriend wrong-thinkers, I guess the closest thing is the mccarthyist red scare. Because of the obvious corruption, both in cheating Bernie and the forceful attempts to instill loyalty and support, it's hard to turn off that reign of fear the moment the election is over.


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A lot of entertainment has gone down hill too. Nowadays, tv shows, movies, and music have to have a very overt political message. This isn’t for all media, but Netflix and YouTube have especially been very forceful in political messaging. It’s making entertainment suck because sometimes you just want to escape reality for a moment, but it’s harder when there’s some F Trump message in it. Not to mention, entertainment with those kinds of references will age horribly and only a few people find it enjoyable. It gets tiring after a while. Social media has become even more plagued since then too. Due to news media going on about “muh Nazis”, Twitter speds will eat this up and get paranoid about regular people wanting to murder them.

Tl;dr entertainment was much better prior to the election of 2016.


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I saw enough sperging about the Ontario election and US midterm election last year, the Alberta election this year, and I am not looking forward to the upcoming Canadian federal election. Meanwhile, I have been follow the US 2020 races, seeing that as I will be able to vote in that as well. It's gonna be like two and a half straight years of election cycles by the time 2020 rolls around, the only off year since 2016 would have been 2017 for me.


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Part of it must be due to the fundraising aspect. Even if they are not actively campaigning for the election in 2-4 years time, they need to start amassing the funds and fundraising network well ahead of time in order to be ready for the big show.