World Dog lost in Cairngorms rescued by Inverness Coastguard crew - Good boy is saved


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A helicopter crew on a training exercise in the Cairngorms has rescued a small dog missing for 48 hours in bad weather.

Ben ran off while on a trip near Loch Avon on Monday, before stormy conditions later took hold on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Inverness Coastguard helicopter crew spotted the dog on a narrow ledge above a 60m (200ft) vertical drop.

They brought him on board and he has now been reunited with his owners.

When he was found, Ben was caked in snow after spending hours in wintry, windy conditions.

Ben in an image on the helicopter's camera
MCABen in an image on the rescue helicopter's camera
The crew was undertaking winter training with a visitor from Humberside Coastguard helicopter base, Kate Willoughby, at Stag Rocks in the Cairngorms.

Ben, a cavachon which is a mix of cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon frise, was spotted just as cloud cleared when the helicopter was circling overhead.

Ben being winched from ledge to the Coastguard helicopter
MCAThe dog was winched up from the ledge he was found on in the Cairngorms
Ben being winched into helicopter
MCABen being brought on board the helicopter
A Coastguard spokeswoman said: "The weather had luckily presented them an ideal window of opportunity to use the rest of their training time to rescue the dog.

"The dog was terrified and cold, so it was flown to the nearby Glenmore Lodge who then rushed it to the Strathspey Vets.

"We have since heard that the dog is doing well and has been happily reunited with its owner."

Ben in the helicopter
MCAKate Willoughby and Ben following the dog's rescue from the ledge
MCABen was checked over by a vet and reunited with his owners
Here’s some good news. I’m so happy this adorable dog is safe!


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"narrow ledge above a 60m (200ft) vertical drop"

Holy shit, thank god they got him before anything happened there.
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will definitely consider what you have said
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cavachon which is a mix of cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon frise
That explains a lot. Daft beast. Glad he is well. That dog will never be luckier. Also, dogs go on leads by law in the Cairngorms National Park for a reason.

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