More "quality content". Continually-deteriorating fingernail polish confirms the timeline moves on. Will post recap shortly.

Edit: RECAP!

DOLLAR TREE HAUL!!!!!!! - 8/22/2019 (Day 65 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

Hamber is the epitomy of "CONSUME". This time, it's consumerism - A DOLLAR TREE HAUL. "You just grab random things!"
Shockingly quick to recap as GreedyLynn failed to hit the 10-minute monetization level.

- 6-pack of mechanical pencils (for writeeen)
- Brain-teaser theeng (can't wait for MensaLynn to solve THAT one, given that it COMES WITH INSTRUCTIONS)
- A candle (didn't smell good enough for her to threaten to lick/eat it)
- Fake flowers (and a shitty "getting married" joke. Die in a fire, Hamber.)
- Dog-brushing thingy (that fits on her BeetusPaw)
- Peach & Passion Fruit tea (but she's not even a fan of tea, and casually throws out "heart palpitations" comment related to caffeine)
- A 2-pack of plastic containers (for all of that "leftover" soup she claims exists since she DOESN'T eat all of it in one sitteen)
- Rainbow lipgloss (for our LEZBEEN GORL - SUCH PRIDE!)
- A 4-pack of magnetic clips (and Hamber doesn't know where the magnets are without opening it)
- Two shitty storage bins for "all the clutters"
- Word-Find book (guess she ran out of mandalas? Also can't tell the different between Word Find and Crossword?)
- 10-pack of shitty pens (also for journaleen)
- A 3-pack of smaller plastic containers
- Another book for LiterateLynn (Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff)

Other things from the video:

- "Why do you always have hair on you?" (It's not because you 'cuddle' your 'fur-babies', Hamber. It's because you don't clean the areas your pets GO/SHED, and then you plop your massive body on those same surfaces.)

- Of course, her first instinct is to SMELL the lip gloss. Everything needs to be smelled for "yumminess verification" and potential eating.

- SO MUCH waggling of the BeetusPaws and 15%-left-of-the-polish fingernails! By the time this fated AUGUST 31ST video plops down, maybe it will have 100% gone away!

- "I have a lot of things" (especially if you count ELBEES as "things")

TL;DR: More clutter, almost all of which is related to food or things a bedbound do-nothing lump can distract themselves with all day. SKIP.
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You don't even fit down the aisles of Dollar Tree.
She bought some of the aisles for a dollar each and then paid a dollar for them to rearrange. Now there's more space in between the aisles for her to walk. Except she didn't walk, she forcefully 'borrowed' someone's scooter while she threw items into a cart Becky pushed around.

She’s so housebound it’s insane. “I like this because it reminds me of a marble coloring” gorl how can you be reminded of a color?

TL; DW, everything she buys is for the sake of her many lahs. Mechanical pencils and pens because she’s a wridur, a book because she’s a literate gorl, giant dog oven mitt that’s actually TIGHT on her beetus paw because she luuuuuhvs her fur babies, Tupperware because food will last her for days and she totally never eats everything in one sitting, “pride” lipgloss because she’s a lezbian remember guise remember??

Ugh. Knowing that Becky for sure went to Dollar Tree and not her, it’s so much funnier to imagine she got those (fake) flowers as a nice little surprise and Amber’s first reaction was to shade them. “I would prefer real flowers, OBVIOUSLY, but yeah”

Edit: sorry, not dollar general. and formatting. boutta delete this post if I have to edit again
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I could feel my eyes losing focus and sliding into the back of my head while she dribbled and blah blah blahed on and on.
She rivals the mush-mouthed Eric now in terms of sheer unbearability. They are both like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons. Whauh whauh whuuuuh....