I do prefer real flowers.
In the 4 years I've been watching she has yet to leave the grocery store with a bouquet of flowers.

Storage container for leftover soup.
In 4 years I have never seen her eat leftovers nor have I seen her leftovers in the fridge.

A mitt for the pets I have never seen her brush.

Magnets for MY refrigerator. She repeated MY refrigerator. Wow!

Off camera, Becky pick up the puzzle book I dropped.

Does she expect us to believe she walked to the car, stuffed herself in, rode a block, struggled to get out of the car, walked around the store and then repeated the process all again to get home?
Yeah the 'My' thing is interesting - either she just says the house refrigerator is hers because she lords it other the others - or she has her own refrigerator in her 'den ....... ' has she been moved out there yet?
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Hi, guize! OK, so
That was so pointless. I came so close and just couldn't finish the last couple minutes, it was so dull.

She likes No 7 led pencils, but can't be bothered to explain why.

She has no plans to solve but rather use a brain teaser. I have the feeling she thinks it will make her smart like using the right diet will make her thin.

TIL Arizona Tea tastes like juice. How fucked are her taste buds?

And, Amber, no one makes fun of you for liking soup. They make fun of you for the boiling pots of shit you call soup.
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Billie Ross

Didn't she said she wouldn't do the filler content anymore???
Didn't we just have a decluttering video? Gotta fill that space up!
Damn, you can see it on her face how miserable she is. She knows this isn't even content at this point.
All the "clutter" she "decluttered" (including ALL the cats toys: tree, scratch posts, etc.) are in the garage, GARAGE!! (with that shop cart they stole it).
Freaking hoarder cunt.

I liek fr0gs

Hamster Enthusiast
The vibe I'm getting from this video is she sent Becky to Dollar Tree with a certain amount and go for it so she can have something to record. Our knight-errant does as told and our dainty queen sifts through the loot and finds it not up to her expectations.

Bitch was clearly struggling to explain each item, why she liked them and what she intended to do with them. It would have been hilarious but it was so mind numbingly dull.


Meh. Just an egg with a bacon blanket.
When I see these videos, I really wonder who the actual dummy is, ALR or the gays.

They literally let this woman take over their house.

Unfortunately, I know what it's like to live and clean a hoarders house. It's not worth the rent she pays for. Especially when you don't even get to live in half the house.

After hoaders clean their house, they're always so surprised (and in denial) at all the damage done to it. I guess they're lucky, one out of those four dummies actually cleans.

The gays definitely get the shitty end of Amber's wiping stick though.


This is Karen, I'm your Boss!
She's a fucking black hole and if she's not eating she's hoarding to make her mass more dense than what's in her head. When in doubt, "fat" privilege card, or disability card, or mental health card. There's always something wrong with the dumb superficial massive mollusk mound cunt; she can't retain one ounce of her problematic life story together so she rely's a moronic hauls and other shit as content. Wow, just wow. She's a real cringe worthy moment.

Life (Train) vs. AMR (stupid cow)


Plague Dog
She probably has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and doesn't know it. At this rate, her liver has more fat than the truffled foie gras that Hannibal Lecter eats.
That's what worries me is that she might be too fargone to make much of a difference even if she wired her jaw shut tomorrow.

I mean... to be gaining weight at a pound or so a week at her weight... she's eating an impossible amount. I mean, with a sedentary life style, she's burning 3,881 Calories a day... A pound of fat is about 3500 Calories. She's eating like 4400 Calories minimum per day. That doesn't happen easily. It's eating 4 big mac meals a day, with fries and (regular) soda.

I feel like she doesn't know how to eat like a regular human I want to see her on like... Supersize vs Superskinny where she trades diets for a few days with someone who's underweight. She needs to see how excessive her intake is and relearn human portions.

Edit: I also feel really sorry for her, because she must feel terrible. I didn't realize that I wasn't feeling as energetic as I might when I was just teetering on the edge of normal and overweight... How terrible must she feel? But... It also means that if she actually stuck with exercising more or something like that... she'd quickly start to feel better and better.


This is Karen, I'm your Boss!
The nice grease in her hair is probably all that dry shampoo and poop film since she wouldn't be able to wipe her ass right.
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