bag o' bones
Sometimes you just wanna read trash, man. It's at least on par with binging TV shows.

But this is Amber, so of course she only reads "junk food".
I should have clarified, thats more of what I meant - always reading shit meant for ages 10-20

Reading trash is unavoidable, but for our gorl, that's her go-to.
Her only besides skimming social media, menus, and the occasional nutritional facts for her vids
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Does dollar tree have scooters? Because I don't believe for a second that she waddled around there. She sent her minion.
Not sure if Dollar Trees everywhere are this way, but the ones I've been in have very narrow aisles. I would think that there's no way a bariatric wheelchair or bariatric scooter could be used in there. Yeah, she sent Becky to do that shopping.
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Amber was firmly ensconced in the house before the fags really understood the deal they had made. But Rickie is a nice man. I cannot imagine him telling his friend that she needs to choose between the livestock she is dating and them. So he sucks it up.
Even if he were to make such an ultimatum, I guarantee that Becky would choose Amber. Trying to make someone choose between two people tends to backfire. And Amber would likely say something like "would you even want a friend like that? What kind of friend does that!? He's not your friend, bla bla bla". Poor Becky would be isolated even further.

Some of us here call Rickie and his Muppet “fags” from a place of mild affection, plus we’re pretty unPC. Most of us here like or sympathize with Rickie and even have a grudging like for Eric when he shares candids of Amber, though he is pretty irritating overall. But we do often append “fag” onto all kinds of addresses - new-fag being an example.

Also, you can respond to multiple comments in a single post, which is encouraged. You probably can’t edit your posts yet because you’re new but I bet if we summon @emspex she can be talked into merging your three consecutive posts into one. Additionally, consider going back and reading the thread for newcomers. It will help you assimilate faster in terms of board rules and customs.

And I agree - Amber will very likely try to play the victim when she leaves. All I can hope is that if she makes such a foolhardy decision that it inspires instant reprisals. You know they have so much they can share about how gross and horrible Amber is. It would be glorious m.ilk flowing for months.

I apologise, I am new and I am learning - I am passionate with poor impulse control - thank you for your patience
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Dollartree now has online ordering. I suspect neither the hamlord or necky left the house for this.
You can only buy in bulk online, though. So unless she bought a case of 24 dog shedding gloves...