Dollar Tree Haul :lipsmack: - 06/29/20 -


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she fatsplains to us why we should wear gloves in public and brags about how she didn't go out in public (but it's fine because she had d&d come on over to her and some of becky's friends)

some fav screencaps of mine


she got a fucking recipe book with pictures!!! wtf woman you heard of google?

and she got a pasta recipe book. thought pasta is a trigger food for her but w/e


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What a load of bleeding "cute" tat. Well, that's approx $25 that could have gone towards her med bills.

I thought for a moment the poop bag and gloves were for Becky, you know stockpiling.

btw - It's called Covid-19, as in Coronavirus, not "sickness". C.O.V.I.D.-1.9. Numbnuts.
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Message me if you wanna beeze together
Becky hit the jackpot with this one: a night light, unicorn booties and nappy bags for when Amber inevitably shits her uterus out; just what a late-twenties-something-year-old needs to relax after a hard day colouring.
God, I'm glad my life isn't that hard. Could you imagine?
getting gifts for a newborn from dollar tree is just goddamn cheap.


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She'll be doubling down on that shit til her dying day (in about two months). Al just refuses to admit to fucking up about anything....and she's gonna start a business, with another company's product people how to put it on their face? Who the fuck knows.
Also, screw the Thumb, big Al's not going out. Well, she is now what with "constant appointments" and all.....