Dollar Tree Haul :lipsmack: - 06/29/20 -

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Becky confirmed as the sacrificial lamb for the viral slaughter. I didn't see one fuckin item in this waste of time/money/global resources haul that looked essential, now or a year from now. Apparently online shopping doesn't scratch the compulsive itch so instead Amber's just sending Becky on pointless expeditions to buy pointless shit for no reason. At least she let her buy gloves so she can...protect other people from her germs? I dunno man she lost me during the Bob glove sickness digression.

She'll be doubling down on that shit til her dying day (in about two months). Al just refuses to admit to fucking up about anything....and she's gonna start a business, with another company's product people how to put it on their face? Who the fuck knows.
"I feel like I', am onto something, I feel like I need to start my own like, business, I really feel like I'm onto something right now." You better write these million-dollar thoughts in your new journal before you forget 'em gorl.


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I know the items are few and far in between but it amazes me that she never buys anything remotely useful from the Dollar Tree. A lot of the stuff are random odds and ends but they sell dish soap, tinfoil, plastic wrap, canned goods, toiletries, laundry detergent, a whole mess of kitchen supplies. She buys a couple of dishes (which almost always have a disclaimer for containing lead but she already has cancer who cares, I guess?) Baby clothes for a kid that isn't hers and doesn't exist another FUCKING notebook and random shit. I can sort of forgive the candy because I can only find green apple licorice at the Dollar Store but it's literally like they go to the store just to have something to do.

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Lezbereal, gorls. Dollar Tree doesn't have scooty puffs. That's why she (allegedly) didn't go.

Everyone wants the cheapest Dollar Tree crap, made in China, for their newborn. Especially as a gift. Anyone remember the Dollar Tree plate fiasco a few yrs back? Yup. Loaded with lead. She would have been better off putting 20 bucks in a card.

She's really playing up this, " I wanna kid, but muh cancer" bullshit for "poor Amberlynn" asspats, when we all know she'd manage to neglect a pet rock. The almighty works in mysterious ways.

Lol at "the sickness" (is it a Plague year?) and Amber's germ theories. Move over, Lister. Clearly, she has no idea how germs and gloves work.Gloves aren't a magical talisman if you have poor hygiene practises and touch fomites and then your face (and visa versa).

Such an infuriating twat.

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She's too afraid to go into stores but has no compunction about sending in Becky. When you love your partner, (as she claims), you do anything you can to prevent them going into risky situations. If that means doing it yourself, that's what you do... when possible.

Odd that she dances around the word 'CoVD' - saying the word doesn't bring it into the house & I've heard tons of others on YouTube use the word. What's really odd, is for all that she shrinks from saying CoVD, she's got no problem throwing the word 'cancer' out, anytime she can work it into a sentence.

The fact that we now know she has cancer results in a bizarre feeling of surrealism when I watch this pre-recorded stuff. Even though I'm aware she did not know about the cancer when this was filmed, it just reinforces what a sad, empty life she leads. Pre-diagnosis, she was limited to filming mukbangs, ridiculous attempts to cook, hauls of cheap trinkets of little or no use. No short neighbourhood walks with Twinkie, no developed opinions about anything substantial... basically if you compare creators to food - Amber could only offer what us the worst of junk food - ironic considering those have been diet staples for her for years.

A more developed, mature adult would certainly struggle to deal with such a diagnosis. A lot of big decisions about all manner of things have to be made fairly quickly & for a while, they just keep coming & you feel you can't catch your breath. Avoidance of the issue, (save for when you use the word for sympathy points), isn't dealing & worse, may be adding to the burden of loved ones.

If she had the gumption, she could truly be some sort of inspiration by vlogging some of the steps she's taking to get ready. Not saying she needs to give us all the gory medical details but a more honest account of the steps involved in getting to having to have a hysterectomy, what she's finding easier to deal with... or harder; in short an HONEST account of the whirlwind that is a "fresh" cancer diagnosis.

As boomers hit the 'peak cancer' years, a lot of them will find they have to deal with a similar diagnosis as will both younger & older people. A genuine personal account of the mental, physical & emotional struggles could be helpful to many & would certainly help Amber in cleaning up her brand as well as bring her many more views & subs. But she's stuck in the mindset of gaming her audience & doesn't have the brain power to see the opportunity in front of her to bring in a lot more money to pay her medical bills.

"The best decision I've ever made was putting conditioner onto my face." -ALR 2020View attachment 1416305
so, has anyone tried this great thing AL is on to now? Does anyone actually have this product from the beauty box? feeling like any moisturizer would have made her skin soft... but AL seems to swear by it..she wants to start her own hair conditioner for the face business.