DOLLAR TREE HAUL!!!! - 05/31/19


Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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New video:
That thumbnail is horrifying. It is like she is channeling Chantal with that expression.

RIP 100 days of weigh-ins. See you at the crossroads.

This video has some great Amberisms:
Random Randos
Click lighters have a better safety situation
succulents = suck-a-lents
Cactus situation
Pitcher Frame

Note: The number in the parentheses is the order she discussed each item.

0:00 - This is a Dollar Tree Haul ya'll! Both her and Necky's items are mixed together in the bag so Amber's plan is to say why they got that particular item. The only issue is Necky is not in this video so I guess we are going to get some speculation from Amber as to why Necky bought the item.

0:18 - Since every thing is a dollar, you can spend $20 and feel like you got soooooo many things.

(1) 0:30 - She bought a large plastic container to keep Twinkie Star's treats in. How many treats does Twinkie have? That jar is wayyyyyyyy to big for treats. No wonder Twinkie is so overweight.

0:43 - The container didn't need to be cute because it isn't going to be on display. Amber is going to hide the treats because Twinkie is on a little diet.
  • Why does she need to hide the treats? Twinkie can't get into that container gorl. Whatcha doin'? MA'AM
(2) 0:48 - She bought a gift bag because they have soooooooooooo many people in our life that it is always someone's birthday.

(3) 1:00 - She got this super cute container (made of cardboard). "You can never go wrong with containers. (Sucks teeth) The average person has some knickknacks here and there and if you want to seem organized, shove stuff in a cute little container like this."

1:18 - "Can you imagine sitting this on a bookshelf and set some books leaning up against this?"
  • I can't imagine that Amber because that container is just cheap cardboard and would collapse at the weight of a shelf of books.
1:24 - She opens up the cardboard container again and looks inside and makes this stupid ass face.

1:32 - "Random Randos" lol

(4) 1:38 - They bought a click lighter because they light soooooooo many candles. You don't burn yourself because you know it is longer than a regular ligther.

1:53 - "For me, longer candle lighters hold a more safety situation, who knows. :story:

(5) 2:02 - Our gorl loves paper and she bought a shitty notepad with a Llama on it. "You can never have enough paper," The notepad says No drama llama "how cute is that?!?!?!?"

2:28 - She goes from talking about paper to discussing counting calories. For her, it feels more real to write her calories on old-fashioned paper. That or you don't want to record your binges in MFP where people will see and call you out gorl. Let's be honest here.

(6) 2:42 - She got an extension cord at the Dollar Tree. She can plug in her laptop, a lamp, and her phone.
  • I don't know about ya'll but I totally trust the safety of electricity running through a dollar extension cord.
(7) 2:52 - She bought a little suck-a-lent for a little bit of decor.

(8) 3:03 - "This is uhhhhh huh so adorable." It is so adorable that she doesn't know what she will use it for lol.
3:09 - The box has cacti on it to which she refers as "a little cactus situation."

(9) 3:33 - They got some caught-on rounds (cotton) to take off her make up. She is going to try this totally new idea of putting makeup remover on a cotton round and then taking off her makeup. Only problem is she didnt buy the makeup removing liquid yet. Don't change gorl.

(10) 4:00 - Gorl got a hair brush. She has to have a brush in the bedroom and bathroom because she brushes her hair at random times.
  • Question for the ladies - does Amber let down the poop bun each day to brush her hair and then puts the poop bun back or does she never pozload my neghole bun until she gets hosed down again.?

(11) 4:25 - Amber tells us that she loves to journal and she got some cheapass stickers that will never be opened and will rest atop the summit of Mount Journal.
  • So the stickers have a llama, cacti, sunglasses, and a sticker that says No Prob Llama. Who thought all this shit goes together?
(12) 4:40 - Our gorl got some floss picks so she can dig out the remains of her 5k calorie binge out of her teeth.
4:50 - These picks are speechul because they have a comfort grip y'all.

(13) 5:04 - She bought some more black pens because they just keep disappearing. Have you checked your fat folds gorl?

(14) 5:16 - Amber got a tiny dainty little journal. The front of the journal says Do what you love to which I picture Amber shoveling every item on Taco Bell' menu down her gullet. She also admits that she has a lot of nice (aka expensive) journals she doesn't know what to do with.

(15) 6:02 - She got a sleep mask that says Beauty Queen. Her and Necky are going to share this. Gross 🤮🤮

(16) 6:17 - Necky got a hardware storage case meant for screws, nails, etc. Amber has no idea why Necky needed this. She remembers Necky telling her why but she is drawing a blank. She goes on and on with uses for this storage case.
  • Of course she is drawing a blank - the conversation was not about her so she memory holed it.
7:00 - Dollar Tree has everything except what she really needs - a life. Our gorl is such a comedian ya'll.

(17) - Necky got some sunglasses which are white. She has something for white sunglasses. These are cheap knockoff Ray-Bans. Amber tries them on and I can't believe she didnt snap that cheap Chinese plastic putting them on her gourd.

(18) - Necky got some toothpaste. Which is good considering how yellow her teeth were in Wednesday's video. She looks like she spits butter.

(19) 7:29 - Necky is cleaning up her side of the room so she got some red storage containers. Amber says that you can store anything in here and she mentions pens and pencils. The problem is that these storage containers have fucking holes all over so shit will just fall out depending the size.
  • Is it just me or is it weird that they have their own side of the room?
(20) 7:42 - Amber got a mirror. She also likes that it sits up. She inadvertently shows us her iPhone recording her and she tells us "Hi you guys see yourself. No Amber that's now how this works. That's not how any of this works.

(21) 8:15 - Becky got a pitcher frame

(22) 8:22 - Amber again reminds us that she is a child and she bought a coloring book with a cupcake on the front. Our gorl loves to color it is very therapeutic ya'll.

8:37 - As Amber is talking she stops and looks out the window and yells out "WAS THAT A WHITE DUHVE (Dove) OUTSIDE??? Nooooooooo. Wait are those even real? :story: :story: :story: :story:

Then she let's out this uhhhhhhhh sound for a couple of seconds and follows up with this gem: "I feel like I have only seen white doves come out of a magician's sleeve or at weddings. HOLY SHIT :story: :story: :story: :story: :story:

(23) 9:10 - She bought a smoothie recipe book. Some of the smoothies look soooooooo good.

(24) 9:40 - She bought a creative portrait photography book. She is mesmerized as to why this was only a dollar. She cant wait to look at all the pitchers.
  • She will flip through this once and it will succumb to the forces of journal mountain.
(25) 10:14 - Her and Necky got dry erase board paddles. Amber is about to make a sex joke as she mentions "in the bedroom..." but she stops short. Thank you Amber from saving me from any mental picture or should I say pitcher. She is going to use these paddles in an upcoming video ya'll. She is mentioning her ideas and they sound terrible. She asks her viewers to send her ideas for these via her Instagram. GET TO IT GORLS.


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Yo, but you can find good shit at Goodwill. Go the Goodwill closest to a rich town. It's not very often, but you can stuff like All Clad cookware and designer clothes cheap as hell.
Oh, no doubt. The Goodwill by me gets huge loads of stuff twice a year because of all the spoilt college kids who get lazy and don't want to pack everything at the end of every semester. Thanks for the $5 Instapot you used once, assholes!

My point was that Al of the Derbyvilles over here would somehow still manage to walk about with two armfuls of the lowest class tacky shit, even at Goodwill prices. It's her eye that's the trouble, not her budget.


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Ssssshhhhh I said ssssshhhhhhh. Tee Hee!
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Friendly reminder; the dollar store is about a 30 second walk from the fag shanty. So she waddled approximately two times as far as she did in her last video and dropped a whole twenty bucks to bring you this quality content. Slay!
It is so convenient that she lives a block from a funeral home. They have probably upgraded the capacity of their ovens in preparation for her fat carcass to be creamated when she goes to the pillow mountain in the sky.
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Fuck off. How dumb do you need to be to miss the point of a haul video? What's next?

There is literally no foreseeable way an adult should be able to use the term "dollar tree haul" unless a child is involved, or someone was scalping prices.

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I doubt her channel will last long. The quality is plummeting and it was never very high in the first place. Her views are down by 50% and she’s bleeding subs left and right. The last time her monthly views were this low was last year. Her lazy ass undid a year’s worth of work.

No one gives a crap about her anymore. She’s so boring you can tell even watch her for the lulz.

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Giving up every diet you’ve ever tried and successfully becoming a death fat.

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Like a boss.

Becky wore those in the last video. Hope she washed them off good first.

I would have an easier time giving you a lucid description of what the blue key represents in Mulholland Dr. than trying to piece together the timeline of her uploads.

And real glasses are even having the Snapchat Filter struggle of figuring out exactly how to land on her gargantuan face now. Horrifying. At least she's buying cheaper bullshit this time. :optimistic:

I doubt her channel will last long. The quality is plummeting and it was never very high in the first place. Her views are down by 50% and she’s bleeding subs left and right. The last time her monthly views were this low was last year. Her lazy ass undid a year’s worth of work.

No one gives a crap about her anymore. She’s so boring you can tell even watch her for the lulz.

Humblelynn was boring as hell and she went back to Cuntlynn but is too lazy to record her natural being a cunt every day life. So there's just nothing to keep you going anymore and nothing to engage with. I am looking forward to Flatbrokelynn and her trying to sell off her unused the journals for takeout money like the encyclopedias in Days of Wine and Roses.