DOLLAR TREE HAUL!!!! - 05/31/19

Mr Foster

Dosh, grab it while you can lads!
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I would like to see her eat weird canned fish imported from China that wouldn't pass an FDA test. Like when people are warned not to buy Chinese dog treats from the dollar store because they'll poison your dog.... would Al do that to Twinkie?

Ambert will do anything to anyone if she sees an opportunity to gain something from it.

Eww I never noticed her nails before except to take note of the filth others had pointed out - they're chewed to shit. Don't you get enough chewing with the food? wtf maybe take up smoking or something. Get a pacifier at the dollar store. This is crazy

she should buy some cheap nail polish at the dollar store to hide the dirt and blood under her nails. it'll also taste bad but that wouldn't stop her from biting them.