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You have to try to be this fucking stupid


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Lmao can they even take actual action to take this court for a character design or serve a cease and desist for this? I think I know who it is but idk because I've seen at least 7 Alden look-alike designs on Instagram and deviantart
Rem.michi is now my favorite orbiter.
Bless their cotton heart and the hilarity that comes from them.

Dreadlocks eyelashes are in lmao.
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Sylvie Paula Paula

He's wasting his life and killing his body
I enjoy the art improvement but its still so incredibly bland and apparently 150 people like bland art
You can't stray too far from the norm if you're copying Tearzah. You lose your audience that way. You must be completely predictable, at all times.

Gah, is it just me or does it look like someone put little balls of shit on his bare eyelids? The lack of overlap is not doing the character any favors. Also the lack of definition in the irises is rubbing me the wrong way.

Edit: lack of overlap on the eyelashes.
Poor Alden's soul got stolen by us mean Kiwis the second Rem stepped on here.

Pimpkin Pumpkin

Problematic af.
He likely either doesn't know his accounts have been removed, or he's been reading the thread and lying low on social media until he gets mostly support from his tween fans and his not-a-boy partner. Also, have some Tearzah art.

What the hell is going on with the second one’s head? It looks like a skinny, slightly flattering but still pretty grim depiction of modern Chris-chan.


She's starting to look more and more like Bavid everyday.
that might be because of the camera. apparently a camera can “add 10 pounds” depending on what type it is. phone cameras make people look thinner while cameras like that can make people look chunky. that, and or tea is putting on weight again

Lil' Slugger

What the fuck is going on with these.
I swear I’ve seen that “Character A hugging character B’s shoulders + head tilt” pose a LOT,

And these two are just what immediately came to mind. Maybe my memory is fuzzy and her art is just so same-y.

These designs require so little thought and effort that I'm not surprised she can pump them out. For one she draws symbolically: she doesn't know how to draw what she sees, but she can draw a cartoon "symbol" of that object. This is a common beginner crutch that stunts your growth as an artist, but makes for faster drawings.
Her character concepts are randomly generated and and most of her drawing symbols have been stolen from better artists. She just has to scramble them together, steal a hairstyle and character outfit from a pinterest board, add a basic color palette from tumblr and call it a day. No creativity, no artistic effort, and no brain power is needed for her work.

Finrod Felagund

Cannot seem to stop rap-battling.
Tea now has around 391 characters, passing the 365 mark.

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A gut feeling tells me the 420th character would be a weed dealer.

She's starting to look more and more like Bavid everyday.
Ngl I came back looking at this scared. The resemblance is absolutely uncanny that you can shoop Bavid's face on it.

And a new video:
Looking back at the time gaps between previous videos, it seems that she could churn out just as many videos between commission work and still be able to go to college (is she still studying?) and work on individual Soundcloud tracks as well as the planned game(s). Seriously, whatever's rushing her, I can see why her time management has to be taken into account for the minimal effort on the majority of the artwork she pumps out.
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