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Here's some art she posted two hours ago on her twitter.
And what's with the eyebrow placements? Maybe I'm just nitpicking. I might be wrong since Tearzah's art looks unfinished to me imo.
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Edit: Tea smoke and is fat because of coca-cola.
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Cold turkey without preparation to stop cigarettes isn't effective and gee, a pack a day? Has she ever talk about smoking before?
She did post about Bailey vaping, I guess she took it from there.

On another note, did her hyperthyroidism slow down after taking hormones? I'm not particularly educated in this.

As for the low blood pressure...

This was taken in early 2019

Basically: God fuck, how sick is she?

Basically: God fuck, how sick is she?
I think that was back when they were still a low weight, so at their weight and height that would have actually been a healthy blood pressure rate. Low blood pressures are expected of skinny people because their hearts don't need to work as hard. 90/60 is the lowest possible healthy blood pressure, and being around that rate is considered normal for being around that weight. So being 103/60 is still healthy for the weight they were then. If its still around that range now with the weight they are currently, it's still healthy, especially now.

Summary: They arent sick. My blood pressure low i special goth baby

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How can CyberSingle really believe that commission was worthwhile (considering it was probably somewhere from 20$ to 30$), like she didn't even really "pose" the character because it's literally just floating with a broken spine. The relaxed pose comment doesn't even begin to justify how lazy it is of Tea to sell sketches she probably took 15 minutes to draw maximum for 20$+