Trainwreck Dollieguts / Tearzah Hayes / Salem Haze / Dreamalgia / Dollieguts / Faedoll / Dollclaws and Bailey Lovell / David Caleb Balaski - Creatively bankrupt and quickly degrading artist inspires copycats everywhere to read this thread


today, my ass

Surprised nobody vomited (again) at her "funny tweets". Anyways...

Open the tweet to find an old thread friend! ♥️

Frankly Unremarkable

You know, this sale supposedly ended almost two weeks ago. How lazy can you be to not change a pinned tweet when the sale is expired?


Only new art I found on their twitter. What is going on with this shading? Is it supposed to be backlit?


Obviously traced hands and a sleeve cuff that has no other side. The usual quality today, I guess.


Wishing to become numb
I've been gone for weeks, and Tearzah is still going downhill art wise. But I would be preaching to the choir at this point.


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and try to find a way to go back and regain breasts or start stuffing bras in order to cope with dysphoria.
I just remembered when she was found to be stuffing a year or so ago, some kind of silicon insert that people were saying looked like a boiled egg peeking out of her bra.

Now, I'm not saying AFAB trans never take advantage of female sex appeal-- but it's not the kind of shit you do on the internet for attention while you're whining about how much you hate your tits.