Careercow Dominic Vanner / Britbong / Eggbong / Manlytears - 30 year old NEET Livestreamer/Second Life "Troll", Pets Toy Alpacas All Day for Fun

Knock off the weening, gay ops and attention you fucking faggots
They stopped bothering snitching on mixer because no one gave a fuck + closing down, what will they snitch on next god? "GOD DEPLATFORM MRBTFO" lmao!!!
Well probably because they don't want you and superhound DMing them CP on the discord, who cares about nark and piecatcher they are both weirdos.
Oh Dominic.

We will find ways to take you off the internet and close down any channels that have your content on (YouTube/Bitchute)

YouTube = Banned
Dlive = Banned
Twitter = Banned (simpsmasher/MrBTFO) working on Mrbtfobot
Twitch = Banned
Mixer = Closing down
Bitwave = We will see :-)

But when you do fuck up and start attacking the guys over at Bitwave and they get rid of you, where will you go?

Can't wait to find out.


There's a party in my pants and you're invited.
I was curious about how shitty his recent streams are, so I went and watched on last week. Hardly anyone and he did nothing but bitch for like three hours. How do people think this is entertaining? A paranoid grown man saying how bad his life for hours on end. Hey, dom, a word of advice. Get help. Get a job. Get a driving license. Because once your shitty mother and jailbird father are dead, then you are going to be homeless since no one is going to take in a man child.

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