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Careercow Dominic Vanner / Britbong / ManlytearsPets Toy Alpacas All Day for Fun

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Todesfurcht, Oct 21, 2016.

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    Do you guys remember back in 2007 when social games were a big deal? You weren't cool unless you had a Gaia, IMVU, or Second Life account. Not to mention now popular memes like "forever alone" and "me gusta" were.
    For whatever reason though, not everyone was able to quit those addictions and lead a successful life.

    Meet Demonic Dominic Vanner, a 28 year old man who still calls himself a "young buck".
    (pictured in his parents bathroom)

    Although it can be argued that Dominic creates relatively decent and funny content, it does not excuse his horrid and cringe-worthy behavior on social media. In fact, he's such a shitty human being that there's an entire Encyclopedia page dedicated to him and his shenanigans.

    Dominic's internet life started on the boards of 4Chan, when he claimed to be the creator of the "forever alone" meme in an attempt to gain internet fame. He went as far as to post an entire Reddit AMA about it, in which he was completely humiliated and shut down. After this, /v/ happily doxed and ruined any self-respect Dominic might have had. Oh and someone made a video about the whole ordeal...

    Dominic may have tried to assert ownership over forever alone, but he also tried to claim Ralph Pootawn as well.
    (yeah this guy)

    Not only did this fail miserably:

    "I'm an ETI user and i definitely remember the thread where potty time created ralph, and catalogued his inventory, abilities, and misadventures


    Pottytime is a legendary member of the LL community, and if shitbong ever did have an account he was a fucking nobody who just lurked and stole content"

    - LUElinks user

    But now websites like Knowyourmeme and EncyclopediaDramatica refuse to acknowledge Dominic whenever he cries "copyright infringement"! Good riddance.

    When Dominic isn't trying to steal ancient memes, he is most often found in the dark corridors of Second Life. For those of you who live under a rock; Second Life is a virtual game that hasn't been relevant since a semi-famous YouTuber did a 2 minute video on it, and even then, it was just as irrelevant and hated.

    Dominic goes onto Second Life everyday to harass people like KrappleGuy/Kopy and Edgar Button/Boyd Doghouse to get some kind of worth out of his miserable existence.

    (yes this is actually what it's like in Second Life)

    Not to mention the fact that he claims to be a troll whenever he does something remotely humiliating. (like having sex with virtual dogs, and helping old men cum)

    Is that not bad enough for you? How about when Britbong hit on a 17 year old girl? (27 at the time, a whopping ten year difference!)

    "It's legal here, come suck my penis" - 0:33 seconds in, Britbong
    "Go lick somebody's tummy, Britbong" - 0:42 seconds in, savage 17 year old

    When his advances were denied, he attempted to post personal information he gained from when she donated to his stream.
    (Names have been blocked out to protect the victim's identity)

    ...What about outside of Second Life, you may ask?
    I present to you, Dominic being a complete prick on his Twitter account. (Listen this music as you read through it!)

    You're probably sitting there with a shit-eating grin on your face, thinking "I bet Dominic is successful in real life! It's just an act! He's trolled all of you-"
    (what was that?)

    In short, Dominic is a horrible human being, and it is genuinely surprising that people support his behavior.

    UPDATE: Since Dominic has to Google his name every day, he found it upon himself to create a Kiwifarms account to try and debunk an entire thread of facts! How does he do it you ask? By assuming OP is Krappleguy of course!
    (More proof that Second Life is all Dominic knows!)


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    #1 Todesfurcht, Oct 21, 2016
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  2. Does Brit own a Bong? That's the thing, we need to know if he blazes it in his parent's bathroom too.
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    Betonova Dark Fungus of the deep woods

  3. Seems more dramacow to me, really. His escapades may include stalking a 17-year-old girl for not sleeping with him and allegedly posting CP, but that's pretty standard-issue stuff around here.

    Yes, we cover way too many shitty people.
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    Alberto Balsalm

    Alberto Balsalm & the Belgian Woodchuck Orgy

  4. Manly tears was a meme well before the forever alone thing. He used to use a tripcode and would post selfies all the time.
    He also lives on an isolated island IIRC.
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  5. With all the frame/attention grabs he does it seems like he's a Peter Coffin 2.0 to me.
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  6. Dominic is a massive attention-seeking faggot but idk if he's really a lolcow. Got any more recent content about him?
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  7. Charlie Winsmore/charliezzz is better than Britbong in every way, and I bet that eats him up.
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  8. Last time I checked taking shitty selfies isn't the same thing as being a Diaperfur Brony.
    They're on two completely different planes of cringe inducing behavior. Also one isn't a potential health hazard.
    Is there something you aren't telling us OP?
    Jokes aside if there's more to this guy I look forward to the thread. So far I'm not seeing much promise here.
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    The Lawgiver

    The Lawgiver Long ago in the Middle East...

  9. I'm adding more in the future, he's certainly not the worst lolcow, but he's definitely one.
    * He basically tried to hook up with a 17 year old girl
    * He has no job, spends all day playing games on the internet, parents fund his antics
    * Lost his virginity at 25 to a girl he met on Second Life
    * Massive crybaby
    All of these points will be added to the OP when I've got the energy.
    I genuinely believe he's cringey and horrid enough to get a thread here. If cosplayer whores can, I don't see why Dominic can't.
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  10. He's an asshole who can let go of grudges, but he does make some pretty good trolling and griefing content. Some of it is hit and miss, but usually pretty solid stuff.
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    millais helicopter rides for antifa

  11. Oh man here we fucking go.

    I used to mess around on SL with some other guys, and we were unlucky enough to actually run into this guy. It doesn't matter if you think his videos/streams are funny, because that's not how he is off camera. The whole schtick when he's off script is buzzwords, especially sperg, he likes that one for some reason.

    He's one of the types to flaunt how many subscribers he has on YouTube either to seem important or as an intimidation tactic (I guess?). The biggest ego I've ever seen, but the thinnest skin too. If whoever he's fucking with doesn't get angry, then he does. As soon as he manages to annoy the other person by calling them a sperg a few times, he's back in the drivers seat. Wouldn't be surprised if he shows up here and rates us all autistic.

    I'll edit in the server we used to go on, he might still hang around there.

    tl;dr I met him, he's a cunt and he unironically uses old buzzwords.
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    BadHabits hex enthusiast

  12. No, I agree wholeheartedly.
    I have run into him on Second Life and my experience was a lot like yours (except he hit on me), but I don't think my personal experience with Dominic belongs in the thread post. I don't have any evidence to back up my claim.
    I am NOT ignoring the horrid shit he's done to people and how he acts in Second Life.
    He's easily triggered, he lost his virginity in his mid twenties, and he's failing financially. Dominic is most certainly a horrorcow/lolcow.

    EDIT: He hangs out in MAGE/Korea 1, you didn't get this from me.
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  13. He wouldn't say he's failing. Pretty sure he's proud of the fact he's a poor NEET, but that might've been because he said "wagecuck" a few hundred times.

    To his credit though, he is a master at infuriating people, but there is zero nuance when you're interacting with Dominic rather than "Britbong".
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    BadHabits hex enthusiast

  14. So now we know OP is/was a secondlife user. Huh, who would have guessed?

    Sounds like you were possibly rustled by those "buzzwords".
    Please tell us more about your second life on the game of the same name.
    (Actually that's probably not a good Idea because it will derail the thread.)

    Alright here's some potential. It's not much but it's better than nothing because it made me laugh.
    Maybe I'm just desensitized, maybe it's the fact this guy's kinda tame compared to the fucking entirety of SL and the endless sea of filth and squalor I've uncovered solely by watching people play it. I'm just not seeing the thread going anywhere yet.
    I mean like if it turned out he was actually into the shit that he made fun of and that was the basis of the thread I'd be all for it.
    Essentially what I'm getting at here is if you have legit info on the dude's shenanigans aside from being a douche don't hold it back .
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    #14 The Lawgiver, Oct 21, 2016
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    The Lawgiver

    The Lawgiver Long ago in the Middle East...

  15. I'll pm you all about the time he interrupted my furry vore orgy and called us spergs.

    tbh I don't think there's much cow potential besides some chimp outs. All I know about what he does outside of his channel is the occasional pissing match on Twitter with people he's compared to, whether they talk to him or not.
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  16. in before manlytears threatens the fuck out of the OP and calls her mom
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  17. So minivan finally made it to this forum. Well in case anyone hasn't lurked, there's a couple of threads on him elsewhere too. One on /cow/ and one on lolcow farm. He is a full fledged lolcow, having shitposted in both threads numerous times. Much like he used to do on /v/.
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  18. He is worth the wait in every single way.
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  19. What I know about ManlytearsUK

    • ManlytearsUK was banned on the entire planet and Britbong was born
    • He's unironically autistic
    • Some old guy on secondlife stole his girlfriend and paid him $200 to go away
    • Tried to copy Esteban Winsmore long after the entire planet quit giving a fuck about Secondlife
    • Once considered semi attractive, is not aging well or bathing often
    • Tried to become an e-gangster when he was banned from twitch but was more laughable than intimidating
    • Tried to e-date Brittany Venti but got friend-zoned when she found out he was still a virgin
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  20. He streams on stream.me ( https://www.stream.me/britbongreturns ) and while I do think some of his earlier SL videos are amusing, nowadays his stream is a bunch of LE EDGY meme-ing and trying to troll on SL. The funny part about his SL streams is pretty much 101% of SL knows him by name and know to ignore him, so when he's ignored he has a huge hissy fit about it (which is 90% of his SL streaming). It's also funny that he's pretty much insta banned/insta kicked from SL lands upon entry regardless of the new alts he makes.

    tl;dr way too tryhard about cucking/young buck/memes and not funny anymore imo. Not necessarily a lolcow but when he gets upset because he's losing at a game/nobody is taking his bait it's a bit of cringy amusement\

    edit: also charlie winsmore is the superior SL troller/streamer and you should all bless him with your free twitch prime sub tia
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    bird I'll shit on you

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