Dominions 4

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Oct 20, 2014
So i wondered if anyone on the forums was interested in a game of dominions 4?

For those who don't know dom4 is a turn base strategy game where players compete to ascend to godhood. While the graphics look like something from the mid 90s the games depth is almost unsurpassed. The sheer variety of possible atrategies is amazing.

These give a good impression of what the game is like in single player but the multiplayer is where the game gets really good. Games are typically play by email with players sending their turns to the server which then resolves them singlehandedly and emails the results back. This may sound slow but having a day between turns encourages careful thinking and intrigue :)

I'm in the middle of my first multiplayer game atm and loving it and wondered if there was any interest among the kiwis to pick up the gauntlet? ;) all experience levels welcome though fellow noobs preferred!