• “This might seem like a tall order, but maybe avoid homophobic slurs, repeatedly masturbating on stream, and violently threatening children.“

Dominique McLean / SonicFoxGuro fetishist

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by Carrot Cake, Jan 11, 2019.

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  1. I posted this a while back in the Smash Community thread, but it's only right it should go here, too.

    Sonicfox was saying he could outplay everybody in the Smash Brothers community. Say what you want about Smash, but you simply cannot compete with people who have been obsessively playing the games for two decades and have a lifetime's worth of muscle memory of the game when you're a complete newcomer to the series as a whole, so it's a very outlandish proclamation at best. Especially when Smash is apples to oranges with actual fighting games.

    Thus an actual top player in the community called him out for not only just being wrong, but also being very rude at a lot of events. Instead of apologizing, Sonicfox continued on his rant.

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  2. I don't really have much to add here yet. I do know a few artists who have dealt with him for commissions but sad to say, at least for now he's a pretty average commissioner who pays on time and doesn't really sperg at all. I doubt we'll find a fursuit scandal but I'll keep an eye out.

    He's also not too bad dealing with other twitch streamers from what I've seen but I'd give it time before he lets ego get to him.

    I do want to slap him every time he just screams 'I'm gay!' on twitter.

    He's also decent at Dead by Daylight.

    Cringe and egotistical but he's actually really dominant in a lot of games.
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    GayestFurryTrash Welcome to my TED talk Desu

  3. In my time here I have noticed those states of mind are often indistinguishable. It is funny to me regardless of which it ends up being, but just wanted to point that out.

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    Golden Compass

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  4. All I know about his speech was there was a giant electronic billboard which flashed "WRAP IT UP" repeatedly because of how long-winded it was in the audience.

    Oh, also here's another oldie. On Reddit, he was accused of smelling terrible--both inside and out of his fursuit. Sonicfox's response is to calmly reply in ALL CAPS that he smells just fine, which implies less that he actually smells acceptable and more that he's just gotten used to his own stench.

    You obviously can't confirm it without meeting him in person, but he certainly looks like he smells terrible.
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    #44 _01, Jan 12, 2019 at 3:00 AM
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  5. This so much, I was waiting for this smug cunt to get a thread and he is rat king level of sperging out on twatter and an attention whore. You know what people say, the loudest one usually as skeletons in the closet;) honestly knowing how hypocritical these exceptional individuals usually are (queer black activist furry, progressive and so on) I’m 100% certain he’s hiding something, mark my words in the future we’re gonna see even more exceptional shit.

    Literally his entire personality.

    Some more twitter sperging quickly after the game ”awards”

    7C60A838-C5F0-4DA2-A95F-ED465C5CE503.png D50D2016-BC9F-403F-8841-E452DD769957.png 397B3441-EA4E-4C52-A9DE-2AE6533A1DFB.png
    Obligatory comment on le evil republicans and all muh haterz are evil right wingers!!!!
    Sidenote, it’s hilarious to that he seemingly says that he’s ”opressed”. I agree, years of democratic voting sure has helped black people...oh wait. Hm, really makes you think.

    Posting gay furry porn on your official acc, nice...He has lots of more shit like this too.

    Day after game awards he had a bitchfit with Ian miles Cheong, this erupted into a barrage of tweets on how evil he was (same with thequartering but to a lesser extent only his face really) Again, proving his inability to take critiscism (or fucking hell a JOKe) common for truly exceptional individual. Looked through the replies to this and Ian, over 90% had pronouns in their profile, lots of communist/anarchist idiots, furries, otherkin systems/genderspecials. Man what a lovely fanbase he has gathered.

    Anyways, fuck this guy. Also knowing whan an attention whore he is that probably means he’s going to find this thread someday and I only have one thing to say to that;


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    Knojkamarangasan_#4 SWEETIE SQUAD REPORTING IN

  6. There was a time where I thought he was cool (despite the occasional disrespectful attitude towards his opponents) since he kicked ass at the fighting games I play, but ever since his VGA acceptance speech he showed his true colors: a man who is all ego with no definitive traits outside of being a gay black furry autist.

    Also here be one of the FGCucks that enable him:

    IMG_20190111_233643.jpg IMG_20190111_233645.jpg IMG_20190111_233646.jpg IMG_20190111_233648.jpg
    "SonicFox feels the need to constantly talk about how special he is not because he lacks any decent personality traits on his own volition, but because it's all the straight people's fault!"
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    Nova Prime

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  7. Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 2.08.26 AM.png
    this is the most genuine response I have ever seen.
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  8. not trying to defend sonicfox here, but I do know that some fursuiters use some body mist spray to make themselves smell better, it's not exactly effective, but it does make you smell a little less like you just finished a physical education class.
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  9. That steam account doesn't look like it's actually his. It looks more like some random guys account who plays cs:go.

    I do actually remember this guy doing an interview with an aussie gaming magazine a while back, I think he had won a dragon ball z fighting game competition. Nothing really struck me as odd in the interview, so it's a bit of a surprise that he seems like mentioning how his gay and black an awful lot.
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    Burgers in the ass

    Burgers in the ass I have 10 of them in my ass pls help

  10. LMAO he completely dunked on Ian there.
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    neural #MakeTheFootClanGreatAgain
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  11. Given that he wears his autistic OC hat at all times like it's stapled to his scalp, I feel like you should have seen at least one odd thing in that interview.
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  12. Thanks for letting me know. Now I'm more concerned why you surround yourself with people who wear fursuits.
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  13. had the misfortune of witnessing one at an anime convention.
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  14. oh I dont like that exceptional individual Ian either, just the meltdown to a fucking joke was hilarious

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  15. More Links:

    He apparently has an account in a Mastodon community called "snouts online"



    I know this one is him because on post leads back to this video


    According to this Instagram post, he did have an Instagram account at one point, but it is now deleted.

    That was the steam account he linked on his FA.

    Edit: Nevermind I found his real Steam account
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    #55 sergeantshinypony29, Jan 12, 2019 at 3:29 AM
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  16. Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 2.30.58 AM.png
    god I fucking hate esports.
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  17. Beyond being tame by furry standards and likely not being different by dime a dozen furries in drama, Sonic Fox is more likely to attract lolcows or bring them out than being a lolcow (and even if SonicFox is a lolcow, that will all depend on what's making him a lolcow). Beyond the "I'm gay" tweets and the obnoxious sounding tweets, there isn't much going for him unless there's drama that can be verified beyond something like "angry ex employee".
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  18. lol this faggot didn't even win 2017
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    metroid_fetish Your fetish is vanilla.

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  19. I find him good as an autism magnet. IMC and a bunch of other GG types showed up to reeee at him after the vidya awards thing and its such a manufactured outrage. I don't even agree that republicans necessarily hate black people or gays or furries. Although a certain segment with a lot of power (evangelicals) certainly does. His drama is literally the lowest tier kind and I can't work up a chuckle at anything that isn't people acting like he's the worst thing ever or furry dsp or whatever. That's the only funny thing about SonicFox drama, his A-Logs and borderline a-logs.
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