Donald Smith vs Jonathan Yaniv - Things are heating up

Why the fuck are they even there?
I think for the same reason Yaniv posted a video gloating outside Surrey pre-trial detention facility yesterday and the same reason most sane people would think was the real motivation for showing up.
Better yet why are you there? Did seeing donald give you a boner? Give us the deets.
I wasn't there. I'm in a different province. I do however read places other than Twitter and Kiwi Farms. If I had been there I would have known for a certainty at the time I posted that Miriam and Yaniv had actually left. I did qualify "they did so" with "Apparently".

People may have also observed that the reason they left I gave is not quite the same as the screenshotted Twitter conversation above. The credible source I used is another supporter of the accused who was speaking about the hearing. PS: that source isn't Yaniv as I don't find them credible most of the time.

As for the JIR hearing date - I got it the same place @Inigo Loyola III did. It was posted pretty quickly by the BC Justice website.


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In the spoiler are tweets + links for an eyewitness account of Donald Smith's appearance in court today. Summary:

Donald's bail hearing was adjourned until next week, so he'll be held in jail at least until then - another 8 days. Today was his 40th birthday. There's an address for people who want to write to him at the jail.

Jonathan and Miriam were there initially and complained when Chris Elston came in to observe. Elston said the sheriffs had J&M on a "short leash" and one told Elston to let him know if Yaniv did anything at all to bug him. The sheriff "was getting seriously pissed off by JY."

The Yanivs left when court recessed, apparently thinking Donald wasn't going to appear, but he went before the court after the recess. Kari Simpson, executive director of culture, was there to support Donald and will help him transition into society when he's released.
Aw, man, I feel for him.

It's my birthday and I thought it sucked because I had to work. (:_(

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I probably shouldn't be here.
Kari Simpson, executive director of culture, was there to support Donald and will help him transition into society when he's released.
Bill Whatcott's Culture Guard? ...You know, just once I would like to encounter one goddamn person connected to this whole sordid saga who I don't want to see wind up in a gutter somewhere.

Some of the waxing ladies seem nice, I guess. But they'll probably turn out to be milkshake ducks too.


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Confirmation of what @beeble stated previously? Menacing Crow, if you hang out here, is the source Donald himself? That seems to be what your tweet's saying, but "as I am told" might indicate you heard it from someone else.
I don't think menacing Crow is here that often but we have talked on Twitter. Crow is definetley in contact with Donald directly so I imagine source is Donald himself.

Donald was back for his release hearing today. Does anyone know if he's out now, then?

That is very convenient. Hypothetically, it allows for the collation of exculpatory evidence that proves the malicious nature of the prosecution Crown started at the behest of Yaniv, possibly with falsified/distorted information.

“May not have been completely honest with the authorities about what was transpiring…” What an understatement.

It's encouraging that she/they have received yaniv's screenshots - I hope they go some way in showing what a lying shit he's been and is.

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Easy going guys/lassies. Tub's the type of guy that'll hang himself by his own deviance and idiotic behavior. No point in getting angry over it.

Donald had plenty of folk telling him to quit and to avoid this when it blew up, it takes two to create a tard fight, now we just get to enjoy the view. Again, if anyone actually does contact Donald, get it through to him to avoid that lumbering fat thing for his own good this time around.