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The double handjob she is referring to is her eating two corndogs at once. lmao who the fuck is so proud of that shit..she has mentioned this movie handjob shit 500 times like some badge of honor.
She thinks constantly bringing up the same promiscuous act will make her appear desireable and like she is sexually attractive but it really makes her sound like a virgin who made some shit up to impress friends

If by some fucked up miracle a man actually pursued this revolting monstrosity, I would love to see him. I want to see what kind of dick wielder would flirt with Fambo willingly.

''I hate my body''.
No you don't. You are always eye fucking your oatmeal flesh mounds and wearing ill fitting (and revealing) clothes.

She denied crying for attention? Little Miss ''Panic Attack''. Crying over her fake diagnoses, crying over mean comments, fake crying over Becky's Mom dying.

Bitch, why are you lying? She's turned the obnoxious up to a 100 in these last few videos.
Oh more moaning about other Youtubers getting away with stuff, she's treated in the exact same way as them. Ostracised for a short period and then everyone moves on until the next scandal.

E - No way is she trying to tell us she's some kind of gangsta? Talking about getting high and fighting but she won't talk about it, implying she really fucked up this other girl. No you didn't lard arse.

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I love how she misinterprets "cry for attention" - it's not necessarily literal crying you dullard!

Only Amber, (or Chantal), would come up with a punishment based around food for a childhood bully.

She hasn't overcome anything. She's stalled out at early adolescent levels of emotional development.


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The only reason men would "flirt" with Fat Amber is
1. they were being nice and she misread it
2. they know she has money and want on the payroll
3. they are looking for a one night stand and think fat girls are easy

Amber will never admit that she is judged on the content of her character not her size. If she were a good person it would show and there would be less to mock her for.

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