don’t judge me - 7/25/2019


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What sort of drudgery do we have to look forward to today?

I bet she mentions she’s bipolar at least 7 times.

Amberlynn gets nervous vlogeeeen sometimes. (When Rickie is around maybe?)

She wants to dive into a 3 foot blowup pool. I’d pay to see that.

Rickie asks Amber if her medicine gives her sun sensitivity so he can get a few minutes alone with his husband. Amber goes full hypochondriac/DoctorLynn mode.


So she stayed on the mattress on the floor in the living room while Becky was away. Did she move in there so the fags could hear her screeching more easily?

Excited about chicken chili Rickie is cooking and complaining about storms.


Her lobster claws in full effect as she shows off her coloreeeen. And the darkness of the beetus colors is so pronounced, she looks like she dipped her hand in black ink.


As of this video she’s been on Weight Watchers for one whole week! They even gave her a cookbook situation.



And once again she ends the video with a “Whoops!” and thank god its under 10 minutes.
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Utterly nothing in this video.
- First two minutes, staring longingly at the pool. Must be difficult being a beached whale and knowing you can never return to your native habitat.
- Gorl scared she might burn from spending 30 minutes in the sun. Did a whole research situation on her meds, they cause sensitivity to light but thats not the sun boo boo.
- There's been like, so many storms recently, like whaaaat? Gorl is very confused, the weather is like, crazy.
- Eric is cooking chicken chili, excited for the daily binge
- Has a massive fucking stack of fractals she's coloring in. Bought some more of Becky's markers (calls them hers) off of Amazon. The quality is great but the blending isn't as good as she expected.
- Weight watchers cookbook (FREE!), might cook some things out of the book, despite hating recipes, and tomatoes (what happened to the virtue signalling that the weight loss doctor didn't give her enough veggies to eat?)
- Whoops! Forgot to end this video, so lemme put up a white screen with some black text, and tell you about how my video editing skills have improved so much recently!
Literally no content whatsoever. Her standards have slipped even further, I'm honestly shocked she still hasn't hit rock bottom.


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Do not watch this shitfest. Recap:
She films Eric and Ricky clean out the pool.

She goes inside and takes her medicine, comments that it might make her so n sensitive to the sun and even Ricky noticed how pink she got.

She shows us her coloreen and her expensive not-Copics.

She shows us a cookbook WW gave her and teases that she might do a cook with me where she makes real food (it's not gonna happen)

Ends video abruptly and edits in a last minute apology for doing so.

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BORING. Just skip it. It doesn’t even tie in with the clickbait title, just 8min of Hypochondriaclynn worrying about the sun, coloring mandalas like a psych patient in their free time, and I swear the last half of the video is her talking about how boring the video is. Oh, also a brief appearance of self-awareness when she claims she’s embarrassed about vlogging, maybe because she’s just standing there trying to think of something interesteen to say while E&R do all the work? But of course, she doesn’t lift a sausage to help.

Just...skip it. There’s nothing to say about this one except amber fat.


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Its videos like this that make you not care that you have to work a full time job and have responsibilities. What a sad sad empty life holy shit.

Sorry this is gay but it's hard to grasp how decent people die, but then you have hamber who wakes up daily and does absolutely nothing with herself day in and day out, and nothing in her future.
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Its videos like this that make you not care that you have to work a full time job and have responsibilities. What a sad sad empty life holy shit.

Sorry this is gay but it's hard to grasp how decent people die, but them you have hamber who wakes up daily and does absolutely nothing with herself day in and day out, and nothing in her future.

She's going to die too, and it'll be worse than what most people go through. It's just a slow burn type situation. :tomgirl:

don't judge me - 7/25/2019 - Recap (so you don't have to suffer through this "inscrutiateen" video!)

- Continuation of the Pool Saga / Becky Gone days.

- The pools look "amazeen". We knew that from over a month ago on Eric's vlog/channel.

- 2 solid minutes of footage of people other than Hamber in the pool and cleaning the pool while we listen to commentary and heavy breathing from DirectorLynn. She must be standing up, which is causing the wheezy struggle to breathe.

- Hamber was outside for 30 minutes and had to come in for medicines. HypochondriacLynn was triggered by questions about her medicine having side-effects of sun sensitivity on her massive amounts of skin. (Nope. Light sensitivity, which is very different.)

- "I hope my vlogs aren't too boreen. I just... I don't do much in my daily life. I do apologize for that." The only true apology would be to SHUT IT DOWN. If you don't have anything interesting to vlog about, DO NOT VLOG. It's fucking simple.

- Yet another vlog reminding us of IMPENDING CHICKEN CHILI MOOKBONG. Yet another reminder that STORMS HOLY CRAP STORMS HAPPEN. (This is what happens when you make multiple posts from the same goddamned day's footage and is evident that you repeat yourself ad nauseum just to STREEEETCH out that timer!)

- ArtLynn has taken over for Necky in the arts department and is doing coloreen. Mini ASMR as she rubs her beetus-paws all over them as she talks about the markers. This MUST tie in to that horrendous full ASMR Markers video.

- Back to Pillow Mountain. Claims Weight Watchers has been in progress for a WEEK already? Can't be, gorl... Can someone please check the timeline??

- It's a cookbook! For FREE! (Which means it doesn't qualify for a "HAUL".)

- Threats of a COOK WITH ME series of videos wherein Hamber fails to cook from this book. She wants to follow instructions from a free Weight Watchers cookbook - but can't follow instructions from a medical professional for 24 hours!

- WHOOPS! FORGOT TO END THIS VLOG PROPERLY! Let's add 30+ seconds to remind everyone that proper video endings are HIGHLY REQUESTED and her vlogs are admittedly "blah".

- GreedyLynn once AGAIN fails to hit the 10:00 mark? Guess she made up for it with that separate ASMR marker video and lost that extra footage to throw into this pile of blandness.

TL;DR - Once again, a title is related to less than 10 seconds of footage and is pretty clickbaity.

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