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Before we get into this I'm gonna give a premature nsfw warning on just about everything in this thread, especially the links. There's no easy way to talk about this guy without showing the goods so expect to see a lot of penises here.

If you've ever been someone who regularly used Reddit, you've likely heard talk of the famous AMA that happened involving the man with two penises. The sheer novelty of his medical condition helped the post make the rounds on the website and soon it got picked up by more mainstream media outlets, even appearing on Conan:

There's almost nothing else to say about this dude besides that, his entire identity is related to either his penises or the amount of sex he has. To prove that, you only need to look at his Twitter account, which is utterly consumed by pictures of his cocks and the occasional disgusting prolapsed anus.

That'd be the logical place for this story to end. He had a weird and humorous medical condition, had jokes made about him online, and he should have fucked off at that point. But no, like all good lolcows, he didn't know when to quit and it blew up in his face. His downfall started when he released his first book on Amazon. The book got a negative review from a Jezebel writer who rightfully felt like most of the claims in the book were bullshit. Among other things, Double Dick Dude alleges that he had sex with a woman whose womb turned "inside out" on him and he stuck his dick in her cervix. Jezebel, in a rare moment of journalism, consulted a medical professional who specializes in women's health and confirmed that this is not possible.

He posted a YandereDev-tier response to that review on his Tumblr, and after that incident Reddit's opinion on him soured, most notably in an AskReddit thread he showed up in.



This came to a head shortly after those posts, as someone else on Reddit made a thread detailing why he thinks it's fake and compiling images of his fake looking dicks and shameless self promotion in an Imgur album. Of note is that he claims the dicks grew more than 2 inches because of an unrelated surgery and that he refuses to make a video because it's too "invasive" for him, despite being okay with posting his gross asshole out in public.



DDD had a massive meltdown when he caught wind of this, which has been helpfully preserved in another Imgur album. He's doubling down (pun intended) on the veracity of his own penises while at the same time bitching about his "stalker".

So are the dicks real? There's no way of objectively proving or disproving it, this cow is weirdly obsessed with keeping his identity anonymous so all we have are lower body shots covered in watermarks. That said, some pictures of them definitely look shooped. Take a look for yourself:

Currently he's pussying out of arguing with people on Twitter because of the controversy, but he promises to be back soon.

At the end of the day, all of this is rather ironic. Who would have thought that someone who's known for having two dicks is actually a pussy with no balls?



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The claims:
  1. He's so rich he can live off the principle alone
  2. He has two dicks
  3. He cums literal buckets
  4. He can suck his own dicks
  5. He has so much buttsex his hole is just there... it no longer acts as a normal butthole
  6. He's had sex with, and was the active giver/receiver with two girls and two guys
  7. His dicks were 6 inches and 5 inches. Then after some random procedure they are now both 10.5 inches
  8. They are hella thick dicks
  9. He gets most of his gay sex from straight guys who say his ass is better than a vagina
  10. His balls are so stretched out and his foreskin are so stretched out he can do some sort of trick with them (idk don't have these organs)
Alone these facts seem plausible. But you put them together in one person and they just can't be real.

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ES 148

Also for reference, here's his dicks as he claimed them to be in 2014 vs 2017. Even if they're not fake some major photomanipulation is going on here.

100% certain that second image is just a mediocre photoshop. Like, why is one of his foreskins retracted fully whereas the other is not? What the hell is up with his butt?


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Diphallic penises are a fetish. Same with the woman who had three tits and the chick with two vaginas. You can only milk your popularity for so long before you eventually crave even more attention once the fame dies out.

His died out years ago. He just won't accept he's not a celebrity for obvious reasons.