Doug McDonald / VanguardVivian / HereticalHomo / Vixxiest - Salty Blockbot Pedosperg Admin, Cuck, and Bully from 608 Yorkshire CT, Chesapeake, VA 23322


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Special reminder that shitlord harasser and men's rights activist posing as a woman Doug McDonald lives at 608 Yorkshire Court, Chesapeake, VA 23322

PART I: Exposing an Ebegging Polyamorous Pedophile

Like shooting fish in a barrel, these rat king spergs really aren't that good at making it less obvious where they hang out and who has been documenting them for a long time. This creep was already deadnamed by TERFs and some other blogs even before he transitioned into the ugly monster known as "Vivian." Out of all the rat king members that have been found, this guy is like a salt factory. So many of his tweets are him raging in all caps and getting pissed off at whatever whenever and being an abusive bully to anyone that challenges him on his ideas of what transgenderism is. The rabbit hole goes quite deep with him so bear with me. It was a lot to try to put together but I can assure you that the most important stuff has been archived ahead of time because I think we have ourselves a huge one here.

Let's go over who this guy is and what he's been doing for the past several years. There's no ED page or anything on him but the Cathy Brennan people really got this guy nailed to a cross already and oh look, pictures from when he was just a cis looking heteronormative male. Can anyone say douche nozzle? These are just the funniest pictures from that page, there are more you can look at for yourself if you click the link.

He attended the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and studied chemistry and under his @HereticHomo name is where you'll find the evidence that he has tendencies towards being a pedophile. They even saved me a lot of work by screencapping all of this shit before hand so for once, these so-called transphobes have their work cut out for them when it comes to how well they document and preserve information. They also have a bunch of the other BlockBot admins and their deadnames right here on this page, all potential cows themselves. Also in case you've never heard of BlockBot, these two links explain it quite well.

Meet The Block Bot, an invention of the social-justice left that allows people to automatically screen out disliked content and disliked people from Twitter. The Block Bot comes complete with a helpful hierarchy of disapproval, ranging from mere irritation to bigotry in the first degree. Some people who have been added to The Block Bot’s rolls have been offended, of course. But in addition to muting offense, The Block Bot dissipates rancor.

Turns out, The Block Bot helps us see how “breaking down boundaries” isn’t the panacea our creative and optimistic culture so often claims it to be. Turns out, the Internet will always contain people too toxic or just too annoying to put up with on an infinite, unending basis. Screening them out has become a must, and not just for social-justice types. For all of us.

Already just by going through these old tweets, the salt that I was talking about is painfully obvious. They are sensitive and butthurt about being called out on their inconsistencies just like many other whiny rat king cultists are. They are practically the same in that regard and deserve to be mocked for their stupidity, especially here.

They even admit on their Storify page that they are in a poly relationship. If you want even more proof, there's a whole stream of tweets where they go on and on about it. With all the crazy shit that's been uncovered about Alison Rapp and all the work that people like @Smutley have done exposing some of the craziest polys out there, this guy should also be on everyone's radar. Because we are Kiwis and we set a standard by archiving everything and making screenshots, these are some from those pages for your own viewing pleasure. It's especially handy in case he decides to backpedal and claim that he isn't in a polyamorous relationship or that he isn't a pedo with kinky fetishes.

Polyamorous relationship, pedo tendencies, an admin of a very social justice-y autoblocker? What else do we possibly need to really pin this person as being a major rat king player? Well how about a Gofundme that leads to a dead link? Yeah, he even had a fucking GoFundMe just like all the others in this group. When I searched through his tweets, I found this explanation as to why he discontinued it. Doesn't he sound a lot like Richard Jones when he's whining about why he didn't get money to get over his dysphoria? You could fuse Leighanna Rose, Zinnia Jones and Richard together in this tranny melting pot and they would all say the same goddamn thing. It is truly a rat king hive mind going on here.

Also, these two videos from when Doug was still a complete guy are so godawful they have to be seen to be believed, especially the first one you're about to watch.

We are not even close to being done here. The second part of this post will go into their Laurelai association and the many caps that were found about it. In the meantime, enjoy some extra salt that I uncovered from his Twitter.

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PART II: Laurelai and Sarah Nyberg Associations

Much of this next part will consist of various screencaps that were uncovered that really show how deep this clown was in with the rat king and their closeness to Sarah Nyberg too. Hold on tight.







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I'm still stuck on getting your 'surgery' at the half off sale.
Not that the descent into "daynouns" isn't batshit along with the rest of the RatKing insanity, but ffs...doesn't having your dick lopped off seem like something you might splash out on a quality surgeon that you'd pay full price for?

This level of complete entitlement and shamelessness reminds me of a line from King of the Hill, where Peggy says "Luanne, honey, tell me, what is it like to live without shame of any kind? Is it a good feeling?".
And just like Luanne (minus the superior cartoon hair) The RatKings would all say "Yeah, it is."

This shit was clearly obnoxious and punchable as a dude, and is still more obnoxious and punch-provoking as a dude pretending to be a [cheap as fuck] woman.