Inactive Douglas Bryan Spink / Fausty / Cross-Species Alliance / Exitpoint / @LeConteSpink - Pro-Zoophilia Activist, beyond-depraved criminal, owner of cryptostorm VPN, snitch, obtuse egomaniac, dead from cancer; He will not be missed.


BE 911

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Douglas Bryan Spink is perhaps the most ardent zoophilia defender and practitioner in modern history. He is best known for his criminal exploits that manage to mix a sense of surreal absurdity, comedic stupidity and horrifying deviancy. Despite this, he still desires to be the leading voice of the zoophile movement, and personally make sure the world is accepting of his romance towards our "four-legged" friends. Here are the tales of the man whose history somehow contains millions worth of drugs, a few racing horses, heightened autism and an egomaniac-fueled need of being the center of attention.

The story of Doug starts relatively slow. His presence on the internet was particularly tame, being active in a few forums centered around Base Jumping under the name d-d0g. Before any of this happened, he was relatively successful in life. His school life went relatively well, as he earned a MBA from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in cultural anthropology from Reed College. He then went on to be an investor for a few companies, which netted him a good amount of cash at the time.
Douglas B. Spink, Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Spink is the founder of
Seedling Technology Ventures, Incorporated. In addition to day-to-day executive
responsibilities, he has authority for all corporate financing and acquisitions.

Prior to founding Seedling, Mr. Spink has had extensive experience with early
stage Internet and technology companies. In 1998 Mr. Spink founded Strategicus
Partners, Inc., a technology consultancy and e-commerce business incubator. That
company was acquired by The Stonepath Group, Inc. (f/k/a Net Value Holdings) in
mid-1999, at which point Mr. Spink joined the board of directors and became that
company's Chief Technical Offer. Mr. Spink resigned his positions with Stonepath
in January 2000. During the past five years Mr. Spink has invested in,
co-founded, or served as an advisor to several e-commerce companies, including (co-founder and board member), (investor), (advisor) and (founder, investor and board member).
Prior to Stategicus, Mr. Spink founded and served as CEO of and
Timberline Direct, a sports nutritional portal and direct marketing company,
respectively. He sold both of these companies to a large Northwest retailer in
1998. Mr. Spink was formerly a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and
an analyst at Leo Burnett & Co., where he consulted in marketing with Fortune
100 companies.

Mr. Spink earned his MBA in marketing from the University of Chicago,
his BA in cultural anthropology from Reed College and is currently studying for
his Ph.D. in Systems Science at Portland State University, with a research focus
on quantitative theories of consciousness. Mr. Spink is also the owner of Timberline Farms LLC, an importer and breeder of Grand Prix showjumping Holsteiner horses.

Source - Archive
Spink however tried starting a lawsuit against former employees, which he lost pretty badly, having to pay out million of dollars because of his stupidity. This caused him to file for bankruptcy in 2002, now in debt of a few million dollars.
From time to time, the Company is a party to litigation, which arises, in the normal course of business. There is no litigation pending, or threatened that, if determined adversely, would have a material effect upon the business or financial condition of the company.

On March 26, 2001 we commenced legal action against Mr. Kit Kung, Hung Yun and Alan Jurewicz, each of who were former officers and/or directors of the Company and, Inc. The complaint alleges that the defendants converted our property and assets, stole corporate opportunities, breached their fiduciary duty to the Company and breached their employment contracts. The action is pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, Bergen County. We continue to review company documents and based upon the results of our review and discovery requests, we may expand our lawsuit to include other parties.

Source on page 18 - Archive


[...]Kit Kung, a New Jersey businessman who won a $5.7 million judgment against Spink and his companies in the messy wake of a takeover struggle a few years ago. Kung and his partners never collected the judgment.
Having lost all his fortune, he goes to Canada and meets a certain Corinne Super, who he claims recruited him to "her" drug smuggling business in 2003. Keep her name in the back of your mind, as she comes back later.
[Douglas Spink, talking about Corinne Super] Her background, of course, is in the drug business. Corinne Super has made her living from the drug business since she was a teenager. How would I know this? Well… she recruited me into that business when I met her in Canada in late 2003. I ended up proposing marriage to her, and were were engaged for several years. Bad idea. And for the record, though she recruited me into the business it was my choice to do so – I take full responsibility for that.
This nets him a hefty sum of money, but this success-story ends abruptly as he gets arrested in 2005 near the Canadian border, as he tried to get $34 million worth of cocaine to Washington.
Alleged cocaine smuggler led tumultuous life

Douglas B. Spink once mesmerized the business netherworld in Portland, Ore., with contentious high-risk deals and a penchant for death-defying sports.

His pastime of leaping from bridges, cliffs and radio towers “is the absolute extreme self-reliance in my mind,” he once wrote in an e-mail to The Oregonian. “There’s nobody there but you, and if you don’t do everything right you WILL die. No second chances.”

Last week, the Reed College graduate’s luck, in a sense, ran out when federal agents captured him near the Canadian border, allegedly smuggling what federal agents estimate to be more than $34 million of cocaine into Washington.

Spink, who will be 34 next week, finds himself in a federal detention center at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, indicted by a federal grand jury on a charge of possessing more than five kilograms of cocaine with intent to distribute. He faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted.

The arrest is the latest – and most serious – chapter in Spink’s colorful history of penny-stock corporate takeovers, angry creditors and shareholders, fraud judgments, millions of dollars in unpaid debts and a personal bankruptcy still pending three years later, The Oregonian wrote in a copyrighted story.

Spink, the accused drug dealer, forms a picture far removed from Doug Spink, the child of Pennsylvania privilege who attended a private academy, went fox hunting with his father, played squash and rode in elegant horse competitions. He earned an MBA and, like his father, became a mergers-and-acquisitions man, buying and selling companies.

But Spink, who suffers from a mild form of autism known as Asperger syndrome, left a trail of bad blood and lost fortunes – his and others.

And in the past two years, his own emotional world has spiraled downward after the death of his best friend in a skydiving accident.

“He’s owed a lot of people a lot of money,” said Erika Helgesson, Spink’s former executive assistant at defunct Worldmodal Network Services. Helgesson said Spink owes her $30,000 for seven months’ pay.

Spink’s enemies exulted at the news of his arrest.

“That’s wonderful,” said one, Kit Kung, a New Jersey businessman who won a $5.7 million judgment against Spink and his companies in the messy wake of a takeover struggle a few years ago. Kung and his partners never collected the judgment.

Even Spink’s mother, Claire Spink of Harmony, Pa., is a creditor – to the tune of $80,000.

“At least,” she emphasized.

Spink listed her as a creditor when he and his estranged wife, Judy Spink, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2002. Claire Spink said her money went, among other things, to finance Spink’s MBA education at the University of Chicago and to buy expensive horses.

“I’m just stunned and obviously brokenhearted,” said Claire Spink, who noted that she and her son have not talked in four years.

Family, friends in dark

In recent months, Spink’s whereabouts have been a mystery not only to his family, but also to his creditors and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Portland, Ore.

Spink’s father, Jack Spink, said he has spent the past 2 months trying to locate his son, who canceled plans to visit the elder Spink during the year-end holidays.

“I’m completely in the dark,” said Jack Spink, a Pennsylvania businessman who learned of his son’s arrest from a reporter. He and Claire Spink are divorced.

The last time Jack Spink saw his son was in 2003, when he traveled to Calgary, Alberta, to see Douglas compete in an international horse-jumping competition.

Last April, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Randall L. Dunn ordered Matthew Slayton, Douglas Spink’s stepson, to produce documents related to the whereabouts of his stepfather. The public record doesn’t indicate whether Slayton complied, and M. Vivienne Popperl, attorney for the U.S. Trustee’s office in Portland, declined to say.

According to acquaintances, Douglas Spink left Oregon for British Columbia sometime after his bankruptcy, which still is pending in Oregon. In Canada, Spink has devoted himself to breeding the German Holsteiner show-jumping horses he bought while living in Oregon.

Helgesson, Spink’s former assistant, said Spink was in Portland as recently as two weeks ago, visiting Paul R. Peterson, a friend and former business partner.

At the time, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were extremely interested in Spink’s whereabouts.

Agents begin investigation

A month before, in January, U.S. Border Patrol agents had run into Spink in the Loomis National Forest, 10 miles from the Canadian border, along a route known for clandestine narcotics smuggling. Spink “acted very nervous,” according to a deposition by Chad Boucher, an immigration special agent. Spink said he was there for recreation, Boucher testified.

Afterward, federal agents began to track Spink’s various travels in his 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe. He crossed the border from Canada five times in February.

On the evening of Feb. 28, Spink crossed for what turned out to be the last time.

After he came through the Sumas port of entry, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents followed him to Everett. There, he met an unidentified person driving a truck that the agents associated with a known narcotics-smuggling operation.

At 7:40 p.m., the driver of the truck unloaded four large suitcases and one small suitcase. Spink, Boucher said, loaded the suitcases into the back of his sport utility vehicle. He pulled out onto Highway 2, heading east to Monroe.

Alerted by the federal agents, Monroe police stopped Spink for driving 5 mph over the speed limit. A drug-sniffing dog detected the drugs. After obtaining a search warrant, the police found the suitcases.

They were filled with cocaine weighing more than 372 pounds.

For Spink, who remains officially bankrupt, the alleged $34 million drug fortune was short-lived. A federal judge appointed a public defender because Spink could not afford a lawyer.

“We certainly had a happy childhood,” said his mother. “It’s a terrible waste of potential.”

On top of smuggling drugs, he is a consumer himself. Back in 2004, he made a profile on under the name Fausty, which is one of the biggest forum dedicated to the "discussion of controlled drugs". Not only was he a user there, but a moderator as well. In there, he freely describes his love for drugs.
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The Legendary Tale of Fausty

Soon enough though, the username Fausty would gather a name for itself, for something far worse than just a guy addicted to extreme sports and psychotropic drugs. Indeed, Fausty became a sort of living legend on BlueLight for the simple reason that Spink used to openly talk about the fact he REALLY loves animals in there.
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The legend of Fausty didn't start there however, as he made quite an unsavory series of posts on BeastForum back in 2004, full with descriptions and photos. To save you the trouble of filling your history with disturbing content, I will post a few of his own descriptions without the photos for your curious eyes as well as his profile in there. This goes without saying that this is gross. You have been warned.

This would be enough reason for him to make sure that Fausty isn't tied to his name in any way shape or form, but through one of his biggest surges of idiocy, he made sure to confirm that this was him by adding that username when signing his profile posts on a forum dedicated to climbers. With the exact same avatar. Go figure.

This goes to show that, for some reason, Spink likes to make sure that everyone he comes across knows that he loves animals, so much in fact that he made a website for that username,, which doesn't exist anymore. In there, he likes talking openly about the fact that he is a zoophile, spreading the legend of Fausty even further.
ask a zoo on fausty dot org.png

Spink genuinely thinks he isn't doing any harm, and will try to convince you of that fact, one monologue at a time.
not abuse on fausty dot org.png

Next up: Spink, his farm and his current internet presence.

BE 911

Exitpoint Stallions, a farm unlike any other
All of this becomes more worrying however when you learn that Spink used to own a farm for the purpose of breeding horses, that was later named "Exitpoint Stallions". Indeed, thanks to an initial investment from his mother of at least $80,000 for the sole purpose of buying expensive horses, Spink could freely fund his business and devote himself to his favorite activity: taking care of animals. One of these expensive horses is Capone 1, a Holsteiner stallion that has earned for Spink more than $250,000 in winnings. Prior to the smuggling accident, a few people were not fan of the risky behavior he made the horse go through, such as attempting really high jumps.

Their concerns became more concrete when in 2008, Capone got stolen away from Spink. At the time, people thought that the intent was criminal.
CUSTER, Wash. -- A valuable show jumping stallion was apparently stolen from his stall in this northwest Washington community.

The 12-year-old black Holsteiner, named Capone I, was reported missing from the Exitpoint Stallions farm after the farm's front gate was found unlatched Friday afternoon, said Douglas Spink, Capone I's manager and trainer.

The barn door was open, Capone I's stall was unlatched, and his halter and lead rope also were missing, Spink said.

Three other stallions and three protection dogs were still in the barn.

Spink speculated the horse was taken to be held for ransom, since his level of fame would make it almost impossible to use him in shows or in breeding. No ransom note had been received.

Capone I has top placements in many of North America's competitive show jumping classes and has amassed career winnings of more than $250,000, Spink said.

The horse has white "socks" markings on three legs and a long, thin white blaze on his forehead. He also has a brand on his left flank that includes the Holsteiner Verband "H" logo and his registration number.

Exitpoint Stallions, an investor syndicate, has owned Capone I since 1999.
Source - Archive
When the horse was located, they discovered that it was none other than Corinne Super that was behind the theft. Yes, the same Corinne Super that supposedly recruited Spink in "her" smuggling business back in 2003 was also the one behind this incident. She since then got involved in the farm business with him, as they were planning to get engaged but soon after separated. It was also revealed that she had the ownership of Capone since 2005, making this a return to the rightful owner rather than a theft.
Attorney Robert Cooper of the Vancouver, B.C., firm of McCarthy Tétrault LLP, attorneys of record for Exitpoint Stallions and trainer Douglas Spink, said the suit was filed in February with the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

“We’re suing for the return of two horses and the paperwork, and damages in alleged breeding fees for horses that belong to my client,” said Cooper. “Since Capone was taken from his barn, we have amended the suit to include Capone.”

However, Super’s attorney, Mark Mounteer, said Super received ownership of Capone in 2005, in lieu of payment for Spink’s debts to her.

“She’s had ownership of the horse for years now,” said Mounteer, who is with the Vancouver law firm of Hordo & Bennett.

The continuing civil case could take a year or more to resolve, Mounteer said.
Source - Archive
However, Spink, wanting to seem like the good guy in the story and his egomania driving him, went on a few forums in the middle of all of this to try and clear up his name in front of the concerned forum users. One of these threads is a masterpiece and I really invite you to check it out.
Exitpoint, May 24, 2008 on (archive)

Wow, that's an amazing story - I guess whoever wrote it must really have some "inside information," eh? There seems to be some awkward contradictions, however.

1. Capone has been owned by the same investor group since 1999.
2. If Capone was "not being cared for properly," why wasn't Animal Control called? Odd, also, that the vets who regularly visit here for accupuncture, chiro, and massage treatments didn't notice it either. . . or anyone else who has actually visited Capone at his home.

And here's where I'm really and truly confused: Capone has been owned by the same investor group since 1999 - a fact that Ms. Super hasn't contested, even in her response to the lawsuit filed against her over the winter by Capone's owners (she stole his FEI passport and demanded $30,000 to return it - all reported to Equine Canada). Oh, and she also swears she never owned him in a sworn affidavit on file with the court as part of her own divorce proceedings. These are both sworn statements, publicly available. Black and white.

And yet Ms. Super does, suddenly, "own" Capone? Can someone answer me this: who did she buy him from? When? What was the purchase price? Was he a Christmas gift, perhaps? In the world I call "reality," people don't just magically "own" something - they buy it or, as is the case with Capone's owners, spend years of blood, sweat, and coin building a talented colt into an International star.

If she "owns" Capone, why did she hire someone to break into a secured, gated, signed "No Trespassing" private farm and steal him? Why didn't she just call the police to escort her onto the property to pick him up? Why did she forge a health cert and Coggins test for him to smuggle him across the border? No, he didn't have either - and he's been here, in our barn, for the last 8 months. Is this how "owners" behave? I know I never have, and I suspect nobody else on this forum - even the most angry and self-righteous - has ever done such things.

Why is the RCMP monitoring him, right now, to ensure she makes no further attempts to move him to another hiding place? Why does the Sheriff's office have a full-time investigator on the case? Why didn't she fess up and admit she had taken him earlier, rather than ducking the cops all week until threatened with arrest if she failed to present herself for a formal interview? Why isn't she talking to the press? What does she have to hide?

Yet another round of personal smears on me seems both predictable and irrelevant. I didn't steal this horse. We now know who did. Where's the outrage over the theft? Is there a sliding scale?

I'm just glad he has been located, is being monitored, and will soon be returned to his legal owners. The real story of who "Corinne Super" is has yet to be told, and frankly I've little desire to do so. The truth being what it is, I suspect it's all going to spill out quite soon all on its own. I'm all for full, public disclosure of every fact, suggestion and hint of rumor. After all, if it's good for me - it must be good for others as well. I sign my posts with my real name, and always have. Here I am. Nothing to hide, no secrets and no lies. Let's apply the same standard to the petty horse thief that's applied to the drug mule - let's get down to brass tacks.

I couldn't care less if the same bitter little cadre invests their life in hating me. Just don't care, haven't for years. It's quite entertaining to watch, actually - reminds me why I like horses so much. But when people go overboard and start stealing valuable assets - and living creatures - that's too far. It's pathological, frankly. I'm the evil one? There's certainly an irony there.

So, let's talk about Ms. Super and her claim to "own" Capone. Ask your questions, I shall answer. I'll even point directly to documents from the legal case against Ms. Super, as appropriate. I certainly expect Ms. Super will jump at the chance to present her case, here, for all the world to see (she has certainly failed to do so in the legal proceedings against her thus far). Nothing hidden, nothing untold.

Who wants to begin? Or is the risk of reality intruding on a good witchunt a bit too much to face head-on?


D. Spink
This includes a few lies, misdirections, but also the revelation that the posters are talking to the legendary Fausty.
myhorseforum first realization.png

This leads to a funny series of posts where the users show everyone that the guy is indeed Fausty. Spink gets BTFO and people start getting worried that Spink might actually be sexually assaulting the horses he owns, which he denies completely.
myhorseforum hurting animals.png

Time would prove them right however, as Spink managed to top himself with a crime much more frightening than smuggling drugs.

The Bestiality Farm
2010 marks the most infamous year to date for Spink, as quite the sickening business got uncovered for the world to see. Indeed, the police got to arrest him for running a literal bestiality farm, where people could simply go to have a few "private moments" with his animals. A tourist coming straight from England was filmed by Spink having some fun time with the dogs, and was arrested as well. This is truly a shocking read and truly reads like a work of fiction at times, as the story somehow contains mice smothered with vaseline. The internet is full of articles like this, so you will not have any trouble finding any more of these if you want to.
A Whatcom County man’s friendship and aggressive support for a man convicted in the infamous Enumclaw horse-sex case led to his arrest this week for allegedly operating a bestiality farm just south of the Canadian border, federal prosecutors said Friday.

Douglas Spink, 39, a one-time millionaire, convicted drug smuggler and horse trainer, was quietly living on rural property south of Sumas when he connected with James Tait, who was in a Tennessee jail on a bestiality charge.

Tait had earlier been convicted of trespassing in 2005 in the Enumclaw case, in which a Gig Harbor man died after having sex with a horse.

The two men’s communications set in motion an investigation that resulted in Spink’s arrest Wednesday at the Sumas farm for suspicion of violating his federal probation for drug smuggling. Federal prosecutors and Whatcom County sheriff’s officials say Spink also allowed people to come to the farm and have sex with animals.

He was “promoting tourism of this nature for bestiality,” Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo said Friday.

When county deputies and federal investigators searched the property they found videotapes that included images of a man, who was visiting the property, having sex with several large-breed dogs.

The man, a 51-year-old British national, was arrested for investigation of four counts of bestiality, Elfo said. He is being held in the Whatcom County Jail in lieu of $150,000, Elfo said.

On Wednesday, authorities took several animals, including horses and large-breed dogs, found on Spink’s property into protective custody, Elfo said. Several mice were euthanized, he added. “At this point, we don’t know how many people visited this location or how many engaged in illegal conduct,” the sheriff said. “We’ll see as the federal investigation unfolds.”

The property, Exitpoint Stallions, is reportedly owned by Spink’s mother.

Spink appeared Friday in U.S. District Court in Seattle, where he was ordered held until an April 30 detention hearing.

“These are just allegations,” Spink’s attorney, Howard Phillips, said after the hearing. “My client said he has not been engaging in bestiality at all.”

How and why Spink and Tait came to know one another is unclear, but in court Friday federal prosecutors explained how authorities were led to Spink.

During the phone calls between Tait and Spink, the two men talked about their similar views on animals and bestiality, authorities said.

Spink was so concerned about Tait’s arrest in Tennessee for bestiality that Spink called his friend’s lawyers and even pretended to be an attorney himself, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Susan Roe. The phone calls from Spink came to the attention of police in Maury County, Tenn., who eventually learned that Spink was not a lawyer but was on federal probation on the drug-smuggling conviction, authorities said.

Maury County Detective Terry Chandler contacted U.S. Probation in Seattle, authorities said. Tennessee authorities turned over recorded jail phone calls between Spink and Tait to authorities building a case here.

Tait, 58, pleaded guilty in January in Tennessee to engaging in sexual activity with animals and was released on probation. As part of his own probation, Spink was forbidden from talking with other felons, Roe said.

Phillips, Spink’s attorney, concedes that the two men conversed, but said that it was before Tait was convicted of the felony.

If convicted of the probation violation, Spink faces up to five years in prison, Roe said.

Spink is a former Portland businessman who prospered as a mergers-and-acquisitions entrepreneur during the height of the technology boom, but went bankrupt in 2002, according to The Oregonian. He has long trained horses, competed in jumping, and raised dogs, his lawyer said on Friday.

In 2005, Spink was arrested in Monroe after authorities found 371 pounds of cocaine in his car. Authorities said Spink was a drug runner for smuggler Robert Kesling, who once lived in Woodinville.

Spink was sentenced to about three years in federal prison after he cooperated with the government’s investigation into two Seattle-area attorneys who were implicated in the drug-smuggling operation.

James L. White, a criminal-defense attorney and part-time Edmonds Municipal Court judge, and A. Mark Vanderveen, of Shoreline, were sentenced to federal prison time for accepting money from Kesling. Kesling was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Spink was released from prison in May 2007.

In the Enumclaw case, a 45-year-old Gig Harbor man died after having sex with a horse on Tait’s rental farm. Authorities charged Tait with trespassing at a neighbor’s farm on the night of the man’s death. Tait’s neighbors told The Seattle Times in 2005 that they didn’t know that people had been sneaking into their barn to have sex with their horses.

Tait was given a one-year suspended sentence.

In 2006, in response to the Enumclaw case, the Washington Legislature made bestiality a Class C felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Source - Archive
In the light of all this, the farm was dismantled and the animals were given away to a more humane association, far away from the hands of their abusive now-arrested owner. He has then been barred from owning dogs ever since, although that hasn't stopped him from getting new dogs and violating parole, alongside being suspected of stealing dogs away. Rather tragic.

To this day, he will still claim loud and proud that all of this is nothing but fantasy, that none of this really happened and that he is innocent. He prefers to call it a conspiracy against his name and that the feds actively lied against him in order to get him behind bars, despite all the evidence that was found at the time.
digitalmaquis everything is lies.png digitalmaquis everything is lies 2.png
He also likes to waver around a book called "Uniquely Dangerous", a book written by Carreen Maloney, an investigative journalist that came to Spink to listen to him ranting about ~the real actual truth~. This book is perhaps his only source of "evidence" to prove his innocence and that everyone is plotting against him. Good luck with that. The book has a website as well.

The number of criminal charges against him getting rather high, these could have been the years where we would have never heard of the name "Spink" ever again... but obviously, the story unfolded rather differently.

Spink, leading voice of pro-Zoophilia activism
Like many brave, revolutionary activists before him, the shackles of incarceration only emboldened Spink's cause. When he was released in 2013, he emerged with a renewed sense of justice for his people, and a new kind of language to go along with it. Thus began Spink's internet crusade for cross-species acceptance.

In order to achieve this, Spink champions his cause as if it were that of a long-oppressed minority group, claiming oppression by "zoophobes." He frequently tags his posts with "#LGBTZ," in hopes that the gays will take pity on him and allow zoophiles to take refuge in their community.

Initially, the bulk of this activity took place on two websites. Culture Ghost was a forum for those who engaged in bestiality counter-culture activities. Wrinko was Spink's personal blog, where he posted long-winded explanations of his endeavors in internet activism. Both of these websites also served as a platform for several failed projects, all of which attempted to restore some semblance of dignity to Spink's reputation and lifestyle.

The following are some of the most noteworthy projects that emerged during this particular era in Spink's internet activities.

The DeepJustice Network can best be described as Spink's attempt at creating a personal, bitcoin-funded army.

DeepJustice draws inspiration from movements such as "Women’s rights, black power, anti-homophobia, [and] First Nations" in its efforts to fight back against the "lying, bigotry, fraud, mendacity, and destructive vitriol" faced by the horsefucker cross-species community.


If you haven't noticed by now, Spink has a tendency to make grandiose, empty threats. Thus, it should come as no surprise that DeepJustice does not appear to accomplish much of anything, aside from being mad on the internet. description:
CultureGhost subforum:
Twitter: /
Former website: (inactive - no existing archives)

The Deep Symbiosis Institute is Spink's failed attempt at bringing zoophilia into the world of research and academia.

Spink uses a unique blend of pseudoscience and postmodernism to explain that the traditional definition of zoophobia - one with an irrational fear of animals - is also a suitable description for those who don't want to take it in the ass from a horse.


Spink also believes himself to be far more loving and compassionate towards animals than those who spay or neuter their pets.

4.png description:
CultureGhost subforum:
Twitter: /
Former website: (inactive - no existing archives)

While our protagonist at least had the insight to disguise his other projects with professional-sounding language, the same cannot be said of CantBePorn. For this particular project, Spink tries to normalize his sexual degeneracy by plastering photos and videos of animals fucking each other all over the internet.


Spink thinks he is very clever, and he presumably thinks that he can somehow restore his public image by posting insanely embarrassing captions alongside photos of animals with erections.

(In case it wasn't already obvious: these particular links should be viewed with caution.)

CultureGhost subforum:
Twitter: /

The most important one by far and the one he continues using today however is Cross-Species Alliance, as he regularly tweets under this alias to give his piece regarding a few recent events (notably the whole ZooSadism happenings) and generally act like an obtuse exceptional individual.
The Cross-Species Alliance is Ground Zero for the bulk of Spink's internet activism. CSA brands itself as a serious, professional organization dedicated to the rights of zoophiles worldwide. Thus, Spink employs serious, professional tactics in pursuit of justice.


One such tactic is screeching about the bigotry, discrimination, and hatred faced by his community, which he often likens to the discrimination faced by the gay community.


He frequently calls out double standards that are held by the vicious, heartless, zoophobic masses. For example: Zoosadists aren't that different from veterinarians, fucking humans is technically the same as fucking animals, and animals can consent to sex just as well as humans.


He also makes repeated, unsuccessful attempts to rope the furry community into his antics, and chastises those who reject their dogfucking comrades. Spink claims that a sizable portion of the furry community has zoophiliac tendences, and that furries who reject this claim are simply in denial.


It is also worth noting that Doug has paid particular attention to KF in recent weeks, following the zoosadism thread. He appears to be very upset about the negative spotlight being cast on his community, but if we're being realistic, it seems that he's actually just angry because nobody has uploaded new fap material videos of Kero fucking a puppy to death.

(Seriously. He really, really, really, really, REALLY wants to see these videos of Kero. Like, really, really bad. For the sake of evidence, guys.)

Alongside CantBePorn, Cross Species Alliance is one of the only delusions of grandeur projects that has managed to survive Spink's long list of coke-fueled activist movements. description:
CultureGhost subforum:
Twitter: /
Former website: (inactive - no existing archives)

It's important to note that this OP only covers a fraction of Spink's internet footprint. He also operates a privacy-conscious VPN service called CryptoStorm. A few rumors have been spread about the service being a FBI honeypot, highlighting the absurdly low time he has actually spent in prison as evidence of that claim. All of this remains unproven however.

When he isn't shilling his VPN on /baph/, screeching about zoophobia, or generally evading the law, Spink can be found on a number of other accounts. Unlike our zoosadist friends, who at least have enough shame to try and mask their identities, Spink figures that his reputation couldn't possibly be any worse, and thus operates several accounts under his full name.

Dox and links

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Full name: Douglas Bryan Spink
DOB: 03/17/1971 (47 at the time of this post)
Address: 116 Old Little Creek Rd Harmony, PA 16037
Lives with his mother Claire Spink.
Phone number: (760) 920-6720
Personal email address:

I would like to personally thank @Ride and @Gengar for their invaluable contribution. Their patience and help with compiling the information on this guy was priceless, and this thread wouldn't have this much documentation without them. Semper Fi to those two.
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OG 666

At least hes not an actual furry... right?
I don't believe that he, himself, is a furry. He does try very hard to lump furries in with his zoophilia nonsense, claiming that a large portion of furries are also technically zoophiles.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.52.04 PM.png

He strongly believes that zoophiles are different from zoosadists, and gets angry when the furry community doesn't accept his "sexual orientation."

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.48.07 PM.png

He also believes that a lot of furries only pretend to hate him, and that they're actually just closeted, self-hating zoophiles in denial. He's frequently compared them to self-hating gay men who pretend to be homophobes in public.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.48.42 PM.png
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Hang Em’ High
If any of these sick fucks would put in an ounce of effort to get animal abusers arrested, I would be more likely to take them seriously. Unfortunately, their stellar members have done nothing but come to this site to make a big show about themselves and then get banned.

If you really give a rats ass about animal abuse, do your part in stopping it, stop subtweeting like a teenage girl.

Super Collie

spuper colly :D
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Had no idea this guy was still active, or that the "bestiality farm" happened as recently as 2010. I remember hearing about it but that seemed like something that happened way longer ago. I could just be conflating it with Mr. Hands though.

I guess he's been "active" by proxy on all those other Twitter accounts, which I didn't know were his. But it makes sense now in a "yeah no shit" sort of way. :lol:


Hang Em’ High
I could just be conflating it with Mr. Hands though.
This is the guy who dropped his dying, horse-perforated-asshole friend (“Mr. Hands”) at a hospital and ran away.
Fortunately it was kind of a win-win, with one zoo down and one new animal abuse law added.

Edited to add: Whenever you read “Enumclaw horse case”, it’s referring to the infamous “Mr. Hands”.

Super Collie

spuper colly :D
True & Honest Fan
This is the guy who dropped his dying, horse-perforated-asshole friend (“Mr. Hands”) at a hospital and ran away.
Fortunately it was kind of a win-win, with one zoo down and one new animal abuse law added.
Wait for real? Holy shit that's awful and I can't believe that I was still close enough to be correct even while getting the facts wrong.

Did this guy not learn anything from that experience? On his watch a guy gets fucked so hard that he literally dies, and his idea is to start up a horse fuck farm of his own a few years later? :story:


Hang Em’ High
Did this guy not learn anything from that experience? On his watch a guy gets fucked so hard that he literally dies, and his idea is to start up a horse fuck farm of his own a few years later? :story:

We’re talking about a man who cut the tails off mice, sexually abused dogs to the point that they couldn’t be adopted out, and then went on to get into even more controversy where he is suspected of stealing an innocent mans dog. The morals and ability to consider the effects of his actions aren’t there.


Hovers over the e-highway of autism

This is the guy who dropped his dying, horse-perforated-asshole friend (“Mr. Hands”) at a hospital and ran away.
Fortunately it was kind of a win-win, with one zoo down and one new animal abuse law added.

Edited to add: Whenever you read “Enumclaw horse case”, it’s referring to the infamous “Mr. Hands”.

Wow! Mr. Hands was one of those videos that managed to traumatize me a bit simply because I couldn't fucking understand why someone would want a giant horse cock shoved up their ass. Then I found out the man died so I watched a man kill himself too, meh he deserved it I guess, too bad it was doing what he loved.

Looks like we need to add Horsefucker to the spectrum. I also don't think his autism is mild.