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Fredrik Knudsen, creator of Down the Rabbit Hole, just posted a mini-documentary on furries and the furry fandom.

It's not just "lol furries." It's actually a very well-researched and presented history of the furry fandom. Although there are still some hilarious parts, like when Fredrik reads an outraged letter written by a proto-furry regarding how one of the earliest furry conventions was invaded by people who only wanted to have orgies.


esteemed Austrian botanist Hermut Krebs
I guarantee you that you don’t know the information presented in the video, unless you’ve done extensive research on the history of the furry fandom.
As a dedicated researcher with 30 years in the field I have come to a startling set of conclusions:
1. People with too much Internet access like to dress up as foxes and hump each other.
2. These people are called "furries." They're weird.
Thus concludes my extensive research which should help provide some context


Soldier of Love and Bitching on the Internet
True & Honest Fan
There was a video that went through a more abridged version of this that existed before. If I ever come across it again I'll post it here.
Oh, that's really interesting! I'd like to see it! I think it's fascinating to learn how different subcultures (especially something as weird and niche as the furry community) came into existence.

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