Dox Your Cats -


stupid bitch got physically trapped between the drawers and the back in a dresser and had to have me get her out. Also she like snorted mildew in the bathroom I dunno if this time of year makes her suicidal or if she's just re.tarded. Could be both.

Distant Stare

"we are going out with our octo..."

When he was a kitten I would not let anyone else touch him, feed him, or play with him. He only bonded with me. As a result he would follow me around from room to room every day of his life. When I went off to school he would wait by the door. When I got back from school he would greet me. He was the only cat with claws and liked to beat the shit out of the other cats and dog for fun. Sometimes he would keep the dog from eating its food just because. He slept with me every night, and would come when called.

Rip Van Dinkle
Long post incoming because I'm a faggot: I live in an area where there are a huge number of stray and some feral cats. Most of spayed and neutered (thanks Animal Welfare hippies) but during the spring and summer sometimes kittens show up that have to be caught, snipped and either released or adopted out if not fucking crazy. Yesterday upon coming home and getting assaulted by the normal gaggle of screaming cats demanding noms, this dirty, tiny little thing was in the midst of the group. I feel like she was a drop-off (a lot of people drop off young cats here so much that it has the nickname of 'Cat Field'. She's too friendly to be a born wild cat. She was also really dirty and hungry. Normally I'm fine with feeding the cats and living them alone because I can't adopt every cat, but knowing it would get well below freezing that night I couldn't leave her. I took her in and gave her a bath and cleaned a good amount of gunk off her. I took her to the vet today. Vet said she's probably about 3 months but is a bit stunted. Anyway, she had ear mites, round and hookworms, was underfed and dehydrated, you know the whole nine yards. She's begun her vaccinations now is going to be fine.

tl;dr I got a cat. A pic of her now, complete with an oil mark on her nose from her hiding under a car which I couldn't get off.