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Seeing as im going to get locked in my own damn house soon i decided to just bite the bullet and acquire a new friendo to look after while im stuck here

This is Purrterabo, (my fiance refuses to call him that and settled for peter turbo)

Like his name sake he has been sitting in his cat fortress brooding while tiny cat goes near his empty bowls.

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Aw, isn't that sweet~
My entire phone is just nothing but pics of my cat now.

Shelter said it was a shorthaired female cat
It's a male long haired cat now 🤔

He's got eye boogies all the time and he wheezes occasionally, but the vet says his lungs sound fine.
I thi k he has kitty allergies :(

Also I will never know a peaceful shit again

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This is Smokey, he was found wandering around Elmendorf AFB (which is in Alaska) in the middle of winter about 12 years ago, Last year he developed a thyroid issue but other than losing a little weight was fine. Until yesterday evening when he seems to have had a stroke, probably a saddle thrombosis which means he's not going to be with us after I get him to the vet in the morning. I gave him some pain medication so he's quiet. I woke up every morning to this guy sleeping next to me almost every day. I'm really going to miss him.

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