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he put a baby in my butt
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Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em.

Sanzaki Kojika
Manga Academy

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If this is the girl Lynn kissed and the date of her birthday is correct, she would have been 15 at the time.

amazon author bio:

pathetic kickstarter:

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Bookworks profile

Real name: Fawn Szymoniak
Was just going to post I found her deviantart account.

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@damian this is split over a few messages, i can clean up a bit if you'd prefer. i think credit should go to @Nontransferable for the initial digging.
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Looks like he skated on it, whatever it was.

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From my reading of the court records that were available, it looks like the case was just strung out for long enough that the state decided that it probably wasn't worth bothering over for a first time offender. I believe that the specific statute lists it as a misdemeanor and I'd imagine that the amount he spent on his lawyer is probably more than any fine he'd pay.

Any idea if it would be possible to get more detailed information from the case (transcripts, etc.) as opposed to just the summary that's available online? It might be worth it just to get more details on why he was arrested for filing a false police report.


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@damian DOX FOR THE----

Thanks for this one, I gotta source who’s sitting down with the head of the Convention center that she claims this happened at for an entirely unrelated matter relatively soon. They said now that they have a name they will run it by them at the meeting and put the final nail in her story’s coffin. Maybe we’ll even get a Tekko style “this never fucking happened” statement.


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#5 & #6 - Tyson Rinehart & Sarah "Sully" Sullivan
Tyson Rinehart / AttackonTyson, & Sarah "Sully" Sullivan -Rinehart/Sullivan / SullyMalia / FrozenOstrich
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Here comes today the latest in a line of people who can't keep their dicks out of the Honey Pot that is #kickvic, which is Tyson Rinehart and his wife Sarah Sullivan-Rinehart.

Now who are these literally who's? Well Ahmed decided to name-drop Sarah Sullivan in his affidavit as a witness.
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Note: This would've been Anime Central 2012 as that was the only time Vic attended during her tenure as Convention Manager

Now this may seem like a footnote until we realize who her husband is; None other than Tyson "Kill Nazis" Rinehart who is the one who shoehorned the infamous Gamergate line into the Funimation dub of Prison School so we're going to shoehorn their dox into Weebwars.

Tyson Daniel Rinehart 11/20/1981

Sarah "Sully" Malia Sullivan/Sullivan-Rinehart 08/11/1982
Funimation Conventions Manager 2011-2013
4846 Swiss Avenue Apartment #1
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And before you ask, yes, these two creatures have breeded despite her having tiddy cancer, forever dooming this poor soul to troonery, autism, and cancer.
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Now lets look at the Wife's facebook likes
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Ok lets look at Tyson's con photo gallery.
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Social Media
Wife's Social Media

Besties with Monica and Pridemore for 5+ years.
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#7 - Dakota James Alan Hutchins
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Dakota it's time to take your own advice.

Dakota James Alan Hutchins / CoolerDakota / AnimuSushi
Literal unemployed burger flipper who wasnt good enough for McDonald's
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Why is this beta cuck so butthurt over Vic?

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Just look at that cocklust in her eyes while being held by Vic versus the apathetic face she gives when he kisses her.

Dakota James Alan Hutchins
800 S Chester Ave Delran NJ 08075
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Suck my Texan cock, fishboy, and choke on it like your fish are choking on their own shit currently due to your incompetence.

#8 - Benjamin Lanair Cook
I don't even know who this is, I was bored and asked to dox him by @AlexJonesGotMePregnant who gave me his YouTube and Twitter, an hour later all I can say is motherfucker needs to learn to pay his fucking bills and move out of mommy's house.

Benjamin "Ben" Lanair Cook / Ben Cook / Shayu Kitsune / shayukitsune
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Twitter: shayukitsune (archive:
Youtube: Shayu Kitsune (archive:
Threadnaught quoting this dumb fucker

Press F for his Parent's Divorce, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy
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@Far Queue

#1 - Faisal Jamaluddin Ahmed
Faisal Jamaluddin Ahmed

Who the fuck is this guy? Why he's Faisal Ahmed, the CEO of Kawaii Kon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Comic Con Honolulu. He's also an affiant in the recent TCPA motion filed by defendants Monica Rial and Ronald Toye.

DOB: July 31, 1985
5014 Haralson Way
Lilburn, GA 30047
Phone: (678) 978-9934

A certain Stan Dahlin sure seems to believe that Mr. Ahmed has a strong dislike for Vic. Now while you could say that Dahlin could have been talking about anyone, Stan Dahlin was one of the original founders of Kawaii Kon before Faisal Ahmed took over running it in roughly five years ago. He also dropped a lot of names, four to be exact, in his affidavit.

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(link) (archive)

Hopefully everything that Mr. Ahmed swore to in his affidavit was true, because Faisal seems to have a history of filing false reports.

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(link) (archive)

Fortunately Mr. Ahmed was able to hire competent legal counsel to string the case out long enough for the state to decide to drop it. Since then Faisal seems to have left his life of crime behind and done quite well for himself, including this lovely home in Georgia.

View attachment 851372

But is it a lonely existence, or does he have someone with whom to share all this? Why yes, it appears he does indeed!

Courtney Ahmed (née Kubanek)

And here's the lovely missus. Both life partner and partner at the conventions that Faisal manages where she is a Director of Events and a Director of Social Media.

DOB: August 11, 1993
5014 Haralson Way
Lilburn, GA 30047
Phone: (615) 618-9321

Courtney doesn't seem to be terribly fond of Vic either. Although she doesn't name any names, it's doesn't take a particularly terribly clever sleuth to deduce the meaning behind this tweet.

(link) (archive)

And then there's her long rant on Facebook (archive) about how Vic must be evil because even though she's never had a bad experience with him, she has had bad experiences with other men at conventions. But wait, there's more. I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! Courtney Ahmed tweeting at Shane Holmberg and Greg Doucette!

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(link) (archive)

She asks some good questions, but unfortunately she asks them in the Threadnought where even if they weren't doomed to be buried beneath an avalanche of tweets by Greg Doucette, they would be answered by the brilliant legal minds of lawtwitter.

(link) (archive)

But what has come of Mr. Ahmed's affidavit and how will it affect the case? For now all we know is that someone is pissed at having their name dropped. Very pissed.

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(link) (arhive)

Just so as not to leave everyone in suspense, it is very likely Erica McCord. A curious mind might stop to wonder just what she would have to say about all this.

Edit: New information has come to light since these dox dropped that cast further doubt on Faisal Ahmed's deposition and suggest that he has not reformed his false reporting ways. Eric McCord has made statements on Twitter refuting the claims in Faisal Ahmed's affidavit. This information was brought to light by @OldAmishRenegade in his post later in this same thread. Those tweets have been reproduced in image form below for convenience and completeness. Links and archives can be found in the linked post.

#2 - Kelly Onelani Loftus
Kelly Onelani Loftus

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Here's another one of the recent affiants in the TCPA motion filed by Monica and Ron. You may not remember her, but she's one of the people who tweeted about Vic at the very beginning of all of this. Her first tweet concerning this was on January 17.

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(link) (archive)

2 Camship
Laguana Niguel, CA 92677
DOB: August 2, 1986

Although Kelly hasn't said much herself on social media over the past several months, she does tend to retweet some familiar faces:

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View attachment 853458View attachment 853460
View attachment 853878View attachment 853464

Even this lordly fellow who appears to have caught the attention of the posters here just earlier today.

View attachment 853461

And even a few nobodies and hacks.

View attachment 853465View attachment 853879

She also seems to be one of the people who've been contacting conventions to get Vic removed.

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(link) (archive)

View attachment 853471
(link) (archive)

And encouraged others to speak out as well. It's quite likely that she's one of the individuals in the ANN article.

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(link) (archive)

Unlike the Con managers with arrest records, wife beaters, or burger flipping losers that we've come to know and love recently, Kelly isn't very interesting. She makes and sells plushies (stuffed animals) and other anime related sewing crafts through her website and at anime conventions. About the worst that could be said of Kelly is that she's 32 and still living at home with her parents.

So how do you track someone down when they don't own any property that they pay taxes on, haven't registered a business, or any of the other usual things that leave a public records trail? You go after the one thing that they do own, their domain name:

View attachment 853486

But that was registered almost 7 years ago you might say. How can we be sure that she's actually living there or just didn't use her parents address when signing up for the website?

Google Maps: 2 Camship Laguana Niguel CA

Fortunately the house is at an intersection so we can get around to the back yard where she takes pictures of her creations and cosplay. Fortunately we have some from within the last several months.

View attachment 853497

(link) (archive)

View attachment 853506View attachment 853507View attachment 853509
(link) (archive)

There are some earlier ones as well with additional parts of the house or the shorter fence in the back yard, but I don't think they're necessary. Also, a big thanks to special detective @CBBD for all his hard work in assisting me with this case.

So other than a few other interesting tweets (archive) that are just more of the same, is she a big fat liar, did Vic actually do what she claims that he did? Truthfully I don't know. Her Twitter was extensively searched with nary a mention of Vic up until January of this year and there's no reference to the event she describes on any of her social media.

So I went back to her affidavit for more clues. She gives us the time and location where this allegedly occurred, but I can't find her or anyone else mentioning at the time. In the grainy-ass photo of her text messages she does address a friend of hers as Kiba.

So naturally the next step was to determine whether or not Kiba has had anything to say about this. After a very exhaustive investigation, Kiba has not once mentioned the incident or anything related to this anywhere. She is a big fan of FMA and has professed strong Christian values so it's certainly understandable why she might be a big fan of Vic. Similarly, there is no record that Kelly actually mentioned this alleged incident to Kiba either, and there is a compelling argument that she never did either.

But just in case Kelly doesn't believe that we found her friend, here's a picture of them with Kiba driving. Kelly (Toboe) appears to be passed out in the back. The person in the passenger seat is another friend of theirs from when they all attended an art school that's since been shut down.

View attachment 853522

So why do I cast doubt on Kelly's story? First, if you look at her text message to her friend, she doesn't ask if her friend still has the pictures of Vic hugging and kissing her. She asks her friend if she still has the box that Vic signed. That leads me to believe that she never sent Kiba those pictures, or may not have even mentioned it to her.

But maybe she can still recover those pictures from her old laptop!

View attachment 853534
(link) (archive)

And how long ago did you change phones?

View attachment 853540
(link) (archive)

Good luck finding that thing after three years.

However, unlike so many other people who spout the kind of hate and vitriol that makes it easy to dismiss their claims, it doesn't exactly appear as though Kelly has a motive to lie about it either. Perhaps one could argue that she's simple heard too many rumors over the years and is misremembering an even or perhaps imagined it for some reason. She does think that Vic has had a bad reputation for quite a while.

View attachment 853551
(link) (archive)

But part of me thinks that she really doesn't like Vic. If you go back to her original tweet, she censors his name out "V** M*******" as though it's some kind of curse word. Who actually does something like that? She also seems a little too delighted at the outcome as well.

View attachment 853555
(link) (archive)

Either way I've spent far too many hours of my life looking into someone who's mainly just a boring weeb. Maybe she has some truly scandalous shit to unearth like unpaid late fees at the local library, but I'll leave that to others.

Edit: Unless...

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Great mother of god!

It's actually nothing.


#2 - Lauren Elizabeth Martinez
Lucas Martinez | Real Name | Lauren Elizabeth Martinez

View attachment 852291

FtM Tranny accused Vic of sexual misconduct on roughly July 14th. Stole her new name from the fucking nintendo character that shes obsessed with. Just my assumption after seeing it a bit too often on deviant art and twitter.

This walking, talking, land mass recounts a story for the internet of something she doesn't actually remember. She claims that in 2009 when she was only 10, Vic mistook as (as people surely often do) for a 16 year old with big milky tiddies and made crass comments to her.

View attachment 852303

Its inside the twitter archive, but since the twitter is now protected theres no reason to link to the posting itself.


DOB: May 3rd 1999
5112 Tristin Way
Catlettsburg, KY 41129

Twitter: -

View attachment 852329

I would personally like to thank this idiot for putting up everything one needs to find out information about them into the public space and happening to live in Kentucky where voter records are publicly accessible with simply a name and DOB.

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View attachment 852332

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View attachment 852339

They fancy their self a Tumblrina (Link) | (Archive) which they have since changed the url to or deleted.

As well as a singer for the animes where she holds a phone to her face and moans like a whale
(YT Link) | (Rar Archive incase she deletes them)

View attachment 852313

Don't get distracted by the nonsense about Vic though its really her 2 older cousins who need a light shone on them. As they tag teamed her and she got in trouble for it by merely having a reaction to it. Shes a real ninja this one. A quick judo chop and her foes went flying. Surely nothing weird going on here.

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God speed Kiwis and don't forget to dab on the haters

View attachment 852327

Also please stay away from soy kids.

View attachment 852340

--Retracted the deviant art and gfm begging shit to double check it real quick. The date didn't add up and added an archive to their Youtube channel.

@Tipsy Tea Cup

#3 - Zachary Aaron Viana
Crossposting because I'm back, bitches.
Original Tweet from Amanda Winn Lee.

Hi, My name is Zachary Aaron Viana, I have an old person as a profile picture but I am really 32. My social media page suggests that I was dating Christina Weaver for quite some time but I am a fucking loser and am now single.

View attachment 852652View attachment 852662
View attachment 852664View attachment 852666

Zachary Aaron Viana
100 Stratford Lakes Dr Unit 370
Durham NC 27713-3483

I was clout chasing on hot topics like doxxing Nick Rekieta...
but wouldn't it be a shame if I was doxxed instead.

Some tweets don't age well.

Social Media:

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View attachment 852670

View attachment 852669
View attachment 852671

View attachment 852674
View attachment 852673

View attachment 852676
View attachment 852677

View attachment 852678
View attachment 852679
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@damian DOX FOR THE DOX GOD!!!!!

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Andrew Stevens Cooley AKA GeneralASC. Id make fun of him but honestly, the disappointment on his dads face every day probably does it better.
June 13 1998
911 Berkshire Dr Anniston, AL 36207
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View attachment 857498
View attachment 857500
Loves Lolis
View attachment 857493
copyright threats to herohei

Runs to nick when he gets made fun of
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View attachment 857505
View attachment 857502
now hes a deadly force expert. please son you could kill an antivax kid if you sneezed on him
Also, you messed up @Tipsy Tea Cup's dex (you gave them @Kiomei's pfp).


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@damian DOX FOR THE DOX GOD!!!

Tonight I have another cunt who decided to step up to play.
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Is it just me or is there a bad case of crabs going around the #kickvic community?

Gabrielle Dawson / Gabby / Elle Dawson / L. / HulkIndex / HulkIndex_Cosplay

View attachment 857846
View attachment 857862
View attachment 857861
View attachment 857922
View attachment 858042
View attachment 857864

Meet HulkIndex, preferred name Gabby and preferred pronouns stupid/whore/cunt an exceptional costhot from Australia, which is so triggered by Vic's mere name she has to censor it like Jews censor g-d.

View attachment 857875

Gabrielle "Elle" Dawson
236 Hugh St, Gulliver QLD 4812, Australia
View attachment 857947

Dawson Panel & Paint
(Owned by her Dad)
20 Madden St, Aitkenvale QLD 4814, Australia

Now what's funny is in Australia its nearly fucking hard to dox someone as there are absolutely no searchable government records in that shithole, and you have to rely solely on the Doxxee to dox theirselves, which at first glace you'd think she'd smart enough to avoid since she only lists a single Letter as her name.

Well turns out she's very fucking stupid.
View attachment 857960View attachment 857962
View attachment 857972View attachment 857963
View attachment 857949
View attachment 857948
View attachment 857973

Remember kids, stay in school
View attachment 857977

The only reason I came across this bitch was because I decided to go through someone's GF's likes to see if she was going to try and flip #kickvic and accuse Vic of rape and found the above gem. Upon further research it turns out this bitch is fucking crazy; like professionally diagnosed as exceptional.
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View attachment 857984
View attachment 857986
View attachment 857989
View attachment 858001

Special shoutout to Special shoutout to Troon Lolcow Ana Valens
View attachment 857998

Now then let's go to someone else.
View attachment 858024
Also being such a lovely person behold her boyfriend.
View attachment 858015
View attachment 858016
View attachment 858017
Sebastian Torney
Fleming Street Snack Bar
31 Fleming St, Aitkenvale QLD 4814, Australia

Social Media:
(Old Facebook)

Special thanks to @Far Queue and @Keystone for parsing and achieving this selection of tweets.

@damian My first dox, btw.
I dedicate this dox to @quickthrowaway and @Son of Sparda 84.
Special thanks go to @ShortRound for helping iron out some details.

Michael D. LaBrie / Mike LaBrie / VegettoEX
Owner of the “all-encompassing” Dragon Ball fansite, Kanzenshuu

View attachment 858836

Animazement 2013:
View attachment 858818

Picture with other people:
View attachment 858822

View attachment 858829

DOB: July 1, 1982.

26 Ironwood Court
Monmouth Junction, New Jersey 08852

View attachment 858805

Kanzenshuu Profile:
View attachment 858797

Voter Registration:
View attachment 858799


Mike LaBrie, known also by his username VegettoEX, has been a Dragon Ball fan since he saw the second episode of the Ocean dub of Funimation's Dragon Ball Z English release. As he watched the series along, he wanted to know more about the series and turned to the budding internet for answers. He's been collecting information (and merchandise) ever since. This includes fansub VHS tape trading.
In 1998, he created the VegettoEX’s Ultimate DBZ website (which later became VegettoEX’s Home Page). The website gained a positive reputation by other Dragon Ball fans (if not anime fans in general):
In 1999, he turned the website into DaizenshuuEX (named after the guides released in Japan) and the site's reputation as the premier Dragon Ball information site. The golden era of DaizenshuuEX occurred after the refurbishment of the website in 2003 and lasted until LaBrie merged the site with fellow Dragon Ball fansite, Kanzentai, into Kanzenshuu on April 1, 2012.
In the late 1990s, Mike had an abrasive and outspoken personality when it came to the "Sub vs. Dub" debate (which he has admitted to on Kanzenshuu's podcast). Having switched entirely to the original Japanese version via fansubs, he viewed the dub as an inferior product and did not have a positive opinion of those who were fans of it. In this sense, he has this "elitist douchebag" aura when it comes to the debate. In fact, he recently watched the English dub of DBZ Movie 8 when it was in theaters for a limited time last fall, fifteen years after it was first released.
This trickled into how he ran the website, too. For example, DaizenshuuEX (and early Kanzenshuu) had a word filter in its forums that turned any dub term into the original Japanese term. The word filter no longer exists, but this shows the autistic degree Mike will take things.

TL;DR Mike LaBrie is a Dragon Ball subfag.

His favorite Dragon Ball character is Appule:
View attachment 858930
As such, Mike voiced him in TeamFourStar's DBZ Abridged as a cameo (go to 1:17):

Quick thanks to @quickthrowaway for the following:
Archive of Daizex which is what Mike's site used to be:
Lots of it still works just most will redirect you to Kanzenshuu:

Mike's old profile:

Personal site of his:

Archives of the aol newsgroup would also be good to search through:!searchin/|sort:date ,

"News" story from ANN informing about news they got from Mike about his site and others being taken down:

People sperging at the Dallas Observer over their comments on DBZ and Funimaton. According the comments Mike did a whole rebuttal on it on his site:

Interview with him about his anime origin, no really:

Institutionalized KickVic:

When the Vic Mignogna thread was created at the end of January of 2019, there were users that doubted the narrative pushed by KickVic.
LaBrie would not have dissenters in his forum and used Kanzenshhu user TKA's post to justify banning people "who were acting in bad faith" and those who were not "showing empathy to survivors":

View attachment 858839
View attachment 858842

View attachment 858843

Furthermore, his moderators enforce this ideology. Including known KickVic Dragon Ball YouTuber, AnimeAjay.

Social Media and Contact:

Kanzenshuu Social Media:

lo-fidelity (Mike’s music podcast with friend, Jeff Heller):

Meredith “Meri” W. LaBrie (nee Cantoni):

View attachment 858781

DOB: January 16, 1981

She used to run a Trunks-devoted Dragon Ball fan site back in the day:

Her current site which also includes a resume:

Kanzenshuu Profile:
View attachment 858775

Voter Registration:
View attachment 858777

Social Media:

A Note to Mike LaBrie aka VegettoEX:
You don't get to play tyrant to protect a bunch of liars and transform a haven for Dragon Ball fans into an institutionalized hugbox like Pretty Ugly Little Liars.
You have abused what authority and influence you have to silence and censor others.
You have made enemies as a result.
Think about that.
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@damian DOX FOR THE DOX GOD!!!!

Ok you little cunt, since you want to point out I didn't dox you properly the first time because I was being lazy, let me go ahead and bring your dox up to proper standards to address your complaints you vile disgusting chinless whore.

Jade "Jadey" King / Jade Anshaw / J.A. / Angel / Lustful Little Angel / L_L_Angel

View attachment 862837
View attachment 862832
View attachment 862809
View attachment 862170
View attachment 862057

Jade Anshaw King
Birthday 01/29/1992
Married 06/09/2019
25 Tarawal St, Bomaderry NSW 2541, Australia
View attachment 862817View attachment 862816
View attachment 862813
View attachment 862814

Employment: Poor camwhore costhot who makes no money while working 2 days a week as a cash register monkey.
View attachment 862216
View attachment 862217View attachment 862219
View attachment 862213
View attachment 862215


Meet her Husband David "Dave" Francis King

Who's oddly never mentioned in her camwhoring, truly love at first sight
View attachment 862144
View attachment 862146
View attachment 862103
View attachment 862172

These are their actual wedding photos.
View attachment 862092
View attachment 862091
View attachment 862094
View attachment 862095
View attachment 862093

Social Media
Islamic Content



Meanwhile Next is Sammie Cary, a mother of two who despite having a long term boyfriend who is presumptively the father of her children, was the first girl that Jade gayfucked, and they did it for a week straight in a hotel at AVCON in Adelaide; be sure to PM Jade about it, she'd love to sell you the videos of them two rubbing blubber so she can afford more McDonalds.
View attachment 862098
View attachment 862100
View attachment 862101
View attachment 862102

Here's Sammie's cuck, Christopher Tryhorn
View attachment 862115
View attachment 862114
View attachment 862171View attachment 862169
Maybe he enjoys other men jacking off to a whale fucking her who knows.

Or perhaps he enjoys watching other men fuck his girlfriend
View attachment 862183
View attachment 862184
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@damian DOX FOR THE DOX GOD!!!!!
Mary Catherine Reese

View attachment 863842
(also pictured, some old mare)
View attachment 863845

Another of the affiants from Rial and Toye's recent TCPA motion. Mary has works at conventions as a handler and Special Guest coordinator. She really went the extra mile in her affidavit to slag Vic, and it really appears that she outright hates him.


16033 Sharewood Dr.
Tampa, Florida 33618
DOB: 6/14/1958
View attachment 863847View attachment 863848View attachment 863849
And what an amazing piece of property it is. This picture is amazing for so many reasons.

But before we talk about the elephant in the room, we should talk about the elephant in the room. It's not very often you see someone in red trunks in the KickVic corner.

Breaking the law, breaking the law:
View attachment 863926View attachment 863927

It seems like even though Mary was wise enough to protect her Twitter account some time ago, she's still fallen in with a bad crowd:

View attachment 863928
(link) (archive)

View attachment 863930
(link) (archive)

The archive actually catches Mary's account before she went protected.

View attachment 863931

Of course Mary's connection to all of this is Kara Edwards. She's the person Kara reported Vic to immediately after . . . the next day . . . two days after he supposedly trapped her in his room and kept whispering, "Let me bet sweet to you," to her. Here's Kara and Mary at Shadocon 2010.

View attachment 863932
(link) (archive)

They were recently together again at Metrocon 2019 along with a few other familiar faces. That's Monic in front, you can see Kara peeking up her head in the back. Why even Josh Grelle is there. If you don't remember him (I mean who would) he was one of the idiots that bailed on Kameha Con to join Monica at her own little signing event. I doubt anyone missed him. Maybe you should actually try to avoid making it look like a conspiracy guys.

View attachment 863850
(link) (archive) (image archive)

But let's cut right to meat. In her affidavit, Mary has a lot to say about Vic, but she recalls two very specific events with a considerable amount of detail for something that happened almost two decades ago.

View attachment 863934View attachment 863935
(Affidavit of Mary Reese - pg. 326 — 327 Rial and Toye's TCPA Motion)

I wonder if there's anything to corroborate those statements. Why it appears that there is! I wonder if they used these to help refresh their memory a little bit when trying to put together a convincing story.

View attachment 863937
(link) (archive)

View attachment 863938
(link) (archive)

What I'm really curious about is how these appear to be spun as something else well after the fact. In particular, the smiley face in the photo with Vic at the piano seems like an odd touch. Now it wouldn't be so strange if she had posted these on Friday right after they were taken, but these were posted in November, several months after the convention and after Kara would have told Mary about the terrible assault perpetrated on her by Vic Mignogna. Sounds more like she might have mentioned a slightly intimate encounter that's since been blown completely out of proportion.

Bonus Cow Crossover: ShadoCon 2010 Edition

View attachment 863941
(link) (archive)

View attachment 863940
(link) (archive)

Bonus Hot Take: Mary is better looking at 61 than Monica is at 43
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Credit to @Far Queue for the write up
Brian S Thompson / Capricornpimp / Brokesilence07 / UnderdogBT
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Age: 34
DOB: January 14th 1985

1906 Greene St
Columbia, SC 29201-4019
(803) 546-4735
(803) 736-3695

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Previous Address:
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New Address:
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Brian Thompson is a Jimmy John's employee who seems to have had a history of being a nice momma's boy who never gained any attention on Instagram with anti-feminist posts projecting why he never gets laid to Pro KickVic tweets which has garnered him more noticable popularity on Twitter. To pile on the cringe, he makes poetry entries on his Facebook. He was the Daily Sperg on KiwiFarms for a few months until he had his primary Twitter account banned and jumped onto his alt, recently confirming that he was a Bill Cosby sympathizer. He is Monica Rial's moderator/lap-dog on her Facebook fan page and seems to have a hard on for attacking #ISWV on twitter regardless of being suspended.

Social Media.


Facebook Moderator for Monica Rial at:



Myspace alt:

Extended write up thanks to @5t3n0g0ph3r

YouTube channel:

Sock account:

Here are some more archives from his Facebook account.
Notes (aka his cringey poetry):



Anime Amino:

Crunchyroll account:

Brian visits KF :
Thirsty Brian:

Mentions of Monica: OR rial from:UnderdogBT since:2009-01-01 until:2019-01-15&src=typd

Honorable mention to General Gunther for confirming what his DOB was in conjunction to the tips he gave on his IG.
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