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That’s Mrs. DeSantis to you, fuckos.
Der Doctor is predictably not happy about BoJo scrapping the GRA reform plans.
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Was this the consultation where they threw out every response that refused to use their language woo, which meant they were throwing out most of the normies, or was this the one where they tried to game the system by suppressing knowledge of its existence from normies and evangelizing about it to all their TRA groups?

Regardless lol good on you Boris for not falling for it.

ETA: it truly is inspiring to watch their “let’s create the illusion of popular support for a degeneracy that the vast majority of humanity wants kept far away from their children and really their lives period via a combination of Twitter bots, payoffs to public officials, media capture insisting the “controversial and unpopular opinion” is the opposite of what real popular opinion is, flat out enormous lies like invented trans suicide and anti-trans violence statistics, institutional and regulatory capture, and deliberate conflation of troonery with homosexuality in order to obfuscate the troon menace” strategy fall apart. Trying to make both public officials afraid (oh noes my constituents support this I guess I must?) and the public afraid (wait everyone except me supports this shit how much grief will it cause me to oppose it? Guess I should support it?) can only work for so long. And it only works online, because IRL the second parents get a clue as to what’s going on, all the Twitter harassment in the world can’t stop them from moving to protect their kids.

“How DARE you ignore our astroturfing campaign, we were supposed to have this in the BAG!” But unfortunately for them, reality comes in the form of actual voters and their votes. People fucking hate troons. The hate grows every day. Y’all could've just sat their and ate your food but no you had to aggro incessantly.
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Once again, this disingenuous fatherfucker conflates transsexual entitlement with LGB rights and women's rights:

If taking back "trans rights" would win votes, I can't see why not.

> Attacking trans rights is good for political gain.
> People are overwhelmingly in favor of GRA reforms.

I mean, would someone in the Labour Party train their attack dogs better?

Crossover with Chista Peterson, lackey of Rhys McKinnon and a Philosophy PhD candidate.
I'm not aware of this "tradition"; sounds like a waste of resources.
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