dr appointment update 04/30/20 - April 30, 2020


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0:00 - Immediate peace sign

She is afraid that the amazon box has the rona and is afraid to touch it.

Life is not the same, except for Amber. She is doing the same thing pre-Wuflu.

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Yeah, pretty sure that's going to be the expression of anyone who watches this.

I can't believe she's making such a big deal over Vitamin D. It is not hard to supplement. At all. If her prescribed dose was 50k, buy the 5000 pills and take 10 of them. This is elementary school math.
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uh oh, she actually has to go in public to a medical building with lots of confirmed corona cases if she wants to get bloodwork done for her sthuper serious vitamin D deficiency. i guess we'll see if she's actually interested in fixing the problem or if this was all just something she was using to clickbait and she's going to drop it like every other medical issue she clickbaits (:_(

she cries about not being able to do her makeup because she left the bulk of her makeup at "someone's" house maybe a month ago?? she can't remember and says she's not good at timelines. she says the mysterious someone will have to drop it off at her house. it was either the norma trip she mentioned in a past video or she was socializing with D&D when she wasn't supposed to and is trying to cover up the timeline.

she also says soon becky will have to take norma to an appointment. becky, the person living in the same household as someone with multiple confirmed COVID-19 cases at the job they go to every day, will be taking a recovering (?) cancer patient to an appointment. okay!


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She left her "main makeup" "at someone's house."

When was the last time she was anywhere but her own house?

Going to bed at noon and waking up at 6pm? Order some melatonin tablets online. That's what I've used for times when I've had to work nights and then get my sleep schedule back to sleeping at night.

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Scared of getting the 'rona - "I could breathe the wrong air."

"Emotionally exhausted" and coping with Crayola marker doodling and crafts. "So jealous" of people who "can draw." It takes practice, Amber. Sit at your vanity by the window and just sketch the stuff outside - the trees, the buildings, the landscape. Sketch stuff in your house like bowls and random objects. Sketch Becky in one of her stupors.

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This is the woman who assured us she was "obsessively" watching CoVD news not long ago? She must have missed the many helpful clips about how to disinfect boxes & other things? You can find that info anywhere. No masks, no gloves? That tells me Becky when shopping, doesn't have those either.

Why is it the person at whose home she left the makeup responsible for getting it back to her? Send Becky - it was YOUR screw up.

Vitamin D deficiency & anemia she admits are due to poor food choices. But do keep 'intuitively' eating Cheetoes for breakfast.


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while she cries fatly

Ambers doctor is being dumb. There are lab results that require an immediate medical response, they are called critical values (like say if you have an electrolyte imbalance that is severe enough to cause seizures or heart problems, you go to the hospital and have an infusion). There is not a critical value for vitamin D because there is not any immediate danger from being deficient, and the treatment is always the same (increase vitamin intake, the only variability is the dosage). iirc vitamin D levels have been revised in light of extensive research, and the majority of americans are vitamin d deficient.


She's terrified of the Corona, something with a low fatality rate, but not terrified of getting diabetes, which has a high fatality rate and can result in you losing your limbs, needing to inject insulin daily, etc?
Amber wouldn't stand a chance against the rona, she has legit reasons to be afraid. Her mortality rate is prob over 50%, compared to normal 1% for her age. She has untreated pre-existing conditions (the beetus and high BP atleast), is obese af and she can barely breathe on a normal day. Intubating her would be a nightmare as fat presses on the windpipe and she couldn't be turned onto her stomach (which is a common treatment for COVID-19 patients). If she went on the vent she wouldn't wake up, ever, just drain resources until her mortal vessel expires. Vented mortality rate is already around 30%, she just wouldn't survive. And nobody wants to take care of her, normal daily washing for her would take atleast 3 nurses, 4 if she's knocked out for the vent, and nobody wants to lift a fatty while wearing the whole PPE outfit, which is a claustrophobic sweaty nightmare just while standing.

The front lines are already a PTSD inducing nightmare, adding an Amber to the mess would cause a few suicides.