dr appointment update 04/30/20 - April 30, 2020


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A video AND a live in one day? That's WAY too much Amber for any sane person to take. I am extremely tickled the fatass is panicking while watching her food budget dwindle.
She has nothing of value or interest to say..."look at my doodle", jesus christ, go hang it on the refrigerator like the exceptional toddler you are and shut the fuck up.
Go die from lack of vitamin D (while the sun's right outside) Al, NOBODY CARES.

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Amber wouldn't stand a chance against the rona, she has legit reasons to be afraid. Her mortality rate is prob over 50%, compared to normal 1% for her age. She has untreated pre-existing conditions (the beetus and high BP atleast), is obese af and she can barely breathe on a normal day. Intubating her would be a nightmare as fat presses on the windpipe and she couldn't be turned onto her stomach (which is a common treatment for COVID-19 patients). If she went on the vent she wouldn't wake up, ever, just drain resources until her mortal vessel expires. Vented mortality rate is already around 30%, she just wouldn't survive. And nobody wants to take care of her, normal daily washing for her would take atleast 3 nurses, 4 if she's knocked out for the vent, and nobody wants to lift a fatty while wearing the whole PPE outfit, which is a claustrophobic sweaty nightmare just while standing.

The front lines are already a PTSD inducing nightmare, adding an Amber to the mess would cause a few suicides.
If she gets the Corona, just throw her into the ocean. Her sisters and brothers of the whale species will make her receive a great recovery with their whale ways.


The kids are alright.
Why oh why can't she just buy vitamin D and take a few extra pills to match her dosage? God forbid she be logical.
doing that would require way too much thinkeen for our gorl. honestly her videos are dry as dust but she'll search the bottom of the barrel for anything to post at this point, that's obvious. best case scenario I see happening is that her viewers stop watching and unsubscribe and her revenue drops more significantly. not likely to happen enough to make a difference though
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0:00 ‘Hello’ NO HAI GUISE?!!? Already I’m thrown for a loop.

0:06 Tongue-smacking and stupid lilt going on with her speaking already as she talks about how the lighting is a bit better. Yes, it highlights those dark as fuck beetus knuckles and the dark circles under your eyes. And the shirt? OMFG the shirt is hilarious. It’ looks like a fucking blob of playdoh was plopped onto a lump of blue fabric. There is no neck. There. Is. No. Neck.

0:13 Goes on to explain how she moved her vanity/desk in front of the window. Where there’s actual natural light.

0:35 Talks about how she wants another place to put all of her makeup (HOLY FUCK WILL YOU STOP HOARDING SHIT) once this whole ‘stay at your house’ thing ends. It’s called a quarantine, honey, and don’t pretend like it’s actually impacted your life in much of any way. You stayed at home nearly all of last year when you were solidly housebound. Dummy, you think we’d forget?

0:47 Doesn’t want to order things because she’s afraid to touch things. Because she’s afraid of getting sick. Because she’s a stupid cuntburger who can’t figure out that washing her hands will keep her from getting sick. But then again, I suppose when you’re so adverse to common human hygiene that you DON’T WASH YOUR HAIR FOR 2 MONTHS (still retching thinking of that) that washing your hands is an entirely foreign concept.

1:10 Oh, poor baby can’t do what she was planning (smearing makeup all over her blob-face) because she doesn’t have it? She left her main makeup at someone else’s house? What, D&D’s? Or your bedroom, and it’s too hard to get it while your fat ass is parked in another room?

1:45 Won’t ‘go in contact with anyone who doesn’t live in this house’. Dummy. There are guidelines. You could follow them.

2:12 Whines about how her life has changed. Becky has more reason to be a simpering fool, because she has to limit her time with her mother and she’s only really getting away from AL to get her mom to her appointments.

2:28 AL blabbers about how she won’t do her makeup without having her face product or some shit. I dunno. She claims she’d break out hard-core if she did it. You know… there’s this magical thing called soap. You use it when you wash. It removes things like makeup. This can prevent you from breaking out. Novel concept, I know!!! It’s right up there with showering and washing your hands! Holy fucksticks!

2:37 Oh. Wait. She’s talking about foundation. Huh. So… she’d break out from smearing other shit on her face without foundation there? What? Is that a thing? Press ‘x’ to doubt.

2:39 Professes her sleeping schedule is better, that she feels more energized, and she now threatens us with a future makeup video. Ugh.

3:02 Sudden jump-cut to a horrid angle. Like I’m watching Battlefield Earth, only it’s not as entertaining. She blathers about how she’s going to her doctor appointment. Going to talk to her about her eye because it’s twitching for a month+ now. Her body feels like it’s buzzing, apparently.

4:00 Comments that her hair is crazy. I want to beat her into a coma with a fucking thesaurus. WRITERLYNN, EXPAND YOUR VOCABULARY.

4:01 Sorry for that last tangent. She then says she’s going to talk to her doc about the Vitamin D thing. Reveals that she’s read the comments about buying vitamin D over the counter, and says ‘it’s not enough!’ Because, we must remember, AL has the brilliance of a garden slug and can’t figure out simple mathematics in order to calculate how many pills to take for her ‘prescribed’ amount. Except she’s a walking calculator or some shit and can instantly tell how many calories are in a dish by looking at it. I vaguely remember those claims.

4:15 Says ‘that was really good advice, but the kind that I need is much higher dosage.’ You know what else you can do, AL, is you can step out into the sun. That brilliant sun that was outside of the window you pulled your vanity/desk in front of. That’d be excellent.

5:00 Says that her stress levels have lessened - But I thought you were religiously reading about COVID-19 and panicking and having random crying fits about people dying?

5:10 Oh ugh. First meal, and it’s leftovers. It’s that macaroni sausage broccoli shit. A HUGE bowl of it, especially when seen next to her laptop. Holy shitballs. That is far larger than the standard cereal bowl - that is a medium-sized serving bowl. Wowzers. So, remember how I said that shit was 900+ calories the other day? I’d estimate this to be about the same. Her splitting that shit into two containers the day before was a damned lah - this looks like the contents of both of those glass storage containers. We’ll see if she proves me wrong and eats the rest of it on another day.

5:29 Threatens us with more eat with me videos.

5:40 Going to make a list of things she wants to do in a day. Like in one of your billions of empty journals?

5:51 Feels like the days are just running together and she doesn’t know what day it is half of the time… BUT WAIT!! Didn’t you just cuntily correct people over on your Instagram for stating that you did Ask Me Things every damned day of the week? “No I oNlY dId ThEm FoR 6 DaYs ThIs WeEk!” PICK ONE. You either are keeping careful track or you aren’t. Makes a huge show of checking her laptop to see what day it is. It’s a fucking MacBook. It displays in the upper righthand corner of the screen at all times.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 18.17.54.png

Kind of like that.

6:00 Just had her doctor’s appointment. Says her doctor said the supplements’er too low, so she wants her to come in and get bloodwork. Now we all must recall that AL is a very unreliable narrator, and likely AL just tuned out being told that she could use them and up the dosage, but she’d like to get her on a higher dosage prescription once bloodwork is accomplished.

6:20 Our giant toddler is skaird of getting bloodwork done (because it’ll show she’s a dying lump of lard instead of healthy-just-big) because where she has to go has a lot of cases of the virus, apparently. AL doesn’t know how to be careful. She doesn’t have a facemask. Dummy. You can make one out of a sock.

Look here!!

There’s an instructional video.

7:00 Doc is sending her to an eye doctor, because she couldn’t make anything out of AL’s hyper-inflated tale of pulsating eyeballs threatening to pop out of her skull.

7:08 Oh fuckbuckets, back on the Vitamin D thing. She says the Doc stated she has the lowest vitamin D she’s ever seen. Says that being anemic on top of that shows where her fatigue comes from, not her 350+ pounds of blubber. Admits that she stays in the house too much. You have a fucking dog, you dumb waste of cum. Walk it.

8:01 Going to set an alarm to time how long she should be cleaning an area of the house. By cleaning, I’m taking it to mean that she’ll rearrange a shelf of food or some shit.

8:03 Proven wrong. She’s cleaning the den. Whatever. So she’s going to move some candles around.

8:32 Calls herself Ramblelynn after rambling about how she takes joy in cleaning because it’s something she can do (laaaaaahs), then jump cuts to her on pillow mountain in an entirely different shirt. With entirely different earrings. Did we accidentally splice two videos together, AL? Because you just opened with your normal ‘Hi guise!’ bullshit. You’re getting no return greeting this time.

8:33 Oh, it’s the next day. She just got done cleaning for 20 minutes. Says she filled a video that was very hard to film or some shit. Is emotionally exhausted. I give no fucks. She says she’s been crying and doesn’t feel right. I know. You read a bunch of dumb-shit poetry about that.

9:20 Doing therapy shit, which is cleaning, doodling (TIME WALKING LOL) which is about as impressive as what a 1st grader can do, and talking at us.

9:55 She’s totally jealous of anyone who can draw. Because learning to draw takes time and practice, and that’s effort, and effort and Amber don’t go together.

10:04 Going to watch Life by Jen? Oh shit, cow crossover!

10:12 Jump cut, 2 hours in the future. Drinking her damned Fuji water. The blinds are closed. Fucking hell, AL, why are you sitting with your blinds closed in your room instead of either opening those things and basking in the OBVIOUSLY BRILLIANT SUNLIGHT right outside of your room, or even better going outside into the OBVIOUSLY BRILLIANT SUNLIGHT? You know, for your fucking vitamin D deficiency? GAH.

10:46 Going to give Vampire Diaries a chance. I don’t care, AL. Laaaaaygs. Outside. Walking your dog.

11:10 Shows off her Switch. Talks about how people have asked about going to her AC island. She hasn’t played for a week. She likely knows that if someone can, they’d burn her island to the ground and steal all her turnips or something.

11:50 Not sure what she’s going to blog for the rest of the day, because she’s a lazy idiot. Later is going to make nachos for dinner. Not going to vlog it, which means that my senses will be spared. Wants to cut back on how much food she shows.

12:36 Says she want to vlog more “for you guys, because there was like a month where I uploaded once and I definitely don’t want to do that again.” Yeah, you watched your Youtube coin plummet and are now in 100 days of Uploading panic trying to drive your revenue back up.

12:42 Says she hopes we enjoyed ourselves. I didn’t. Fuck off.

TL;DR/W: Eh, it's boring. Nothing special. Vitamin D deficiency, babbling about nothing in particular.


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Omg. She is going to see an eye doctor about a superficial nerve twitch. It won't be anytime soon, Al. That is not urgent. I have a hard time believing that her doctor said that, too. An ophthalmologist will just shrug and tell you to see someone else. Besides, they aren't seeing anyone except for eye emergencies like detached retina or sudden blindness. Can I tell you guys that an eye twitch is nothing, that some people live with them for their entire lives? Nope, not gonna get moti for this silly twat.

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I'm not sure I believe her on that; not completely. A halfway competent GP is first going to rule a bunch of garden variety conditions before sending one on to an opthamologist. What I suspect she didn't tell us is that her blood work will also include some other panels - including magnesium. If she's lacking in vitamin D she's most likely also short on magnesium & muscle twitches of the type she's describing are common with a magnesium deficiency.

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Why oh why can't she just buy vitamin D and take a few extra pills to match her dosage? God forbid she be logical.
That’s what I was wondering. Also, where I live (Ontario), when I’m out of refills, I contact my pharmacy and they contact my doctor’s office for a new refill prescription. They can’t do that for something like vitamin D?

When did this dumb bitch get her Becca foundation and BTS mascara? Was it the same video where she showed her makeup setup and explained the various kinds of dust?
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she also says soon becky will have to take norma to an appointment. becky, the person living in the same household as someone with multiple confirmed COVID-19 cases at the job they go to every day, will be taking a recovering (?) cancer patient to an appointment. okay!
why doesn't the hubby take her to the doctor appointment? :stress:
oh, right, he's a useless shit stained dick selfish enough to disown his bio daughter for being lesbian because becky's mom told him to, can't believe i almost forgot

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Some months ago - forgot how many, a GoFundMe appeared for Jerry. He had a heart issue & needed surgery. If the specific procedure was mentioned; sorry I've forgotten. There WAS mention of not going to have money because he couldn't work for a time but whatever the issue was, might his driver's licence have been medically revoked? Or he's not in good enough shape to drive anymore...?

Incidentally, coming on the heels of the Norma GoFundMe scandal, he was given exactly 0$.

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contact my pharmacy and they contact my doctor’s office for a new refill prescription. They can’t do that for something like vitamin D?
Dude (or dudette, as the case may be)... NOBODY needs a script to buy Vit D. Walk into Woomart, go to the Vit and Supplements section, and there it is. Gel caps, buy whatever dosage you need and take it daily like a fucking Flinstones vitamin, for God's sake. Ain't rocket science by any means.

As others have stated, D deficiency is a real thing they regularly screen for now in blood tests. I was diagnosed deficient two years ago. One fucking tiny gelcap in the morning and all is well.

This fucking cow equates it with OMG I is gonna die of AIDS without it.

Drama llama gotta drama momma. Fuck her. Die. D3 deficiency will be the LEAST of her problems!

Sorry, not directed at you personally, but this bitch? Gimme a fucking break!


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Yeah, pretty sure that's going to be the expression of anyone who watches this.

I can't believe she's making such a big deal over Vitamin D. It is not hard to supplement. At all. If her prescribed dose was 50k, buy the 5000 pills and take 10 of them. This is elementary school math.
With fatties it’s either Vitamin D deficiency or the PCOS now Fibromyalgia is no longer trendy.


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So a poster said there were only 3 ads. That means from the surplus of ads there is hardly anything available as it only tethers relevant advertisements to your content. She might actually be FUCKED. Her ad revenue must be dog shit currently, crap she may be getting less than a grand. We earlier thought 1.6k. As other creators said theirs dipped insanely. Her recent viewership in the last 4 vids have been a dumpster fire also.

final thought, What happened to all that money you save whale?