Manosphere "Dr." Derek Rake, "Deadly Seduction" & "The Shogun Method" - "Dating Guru" Scammer with a Persecution Complex, Wants to Enslave Women

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Feb 11, 2016
"Enslavement is the prerequisite for everlasting love"

"To control and dominate a woman, “seduction” is not enough, my friend. You’ve got to ENSLAVE her." - Derek Rake

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Meet Derek Rake

Derek's accounts and sites (written over 3,000 articles on here, mainly from 2007 to 2010)

Endorsements of Derek (Which I suspect of being a sockpuppet of Derek)

Other mentions
(See section below about his DMCA striking)

Derek Rake is a Singaporean Pick-Up Artist who claims not to be a PUA at all, in-fact going on record as saying he does not like the PUA movement. He claims that the PUAs are lying but his methods are the ones that actually work.

As one of many PUA scumbags he frequently gets accused of being many things by the feminists. But not only that he believes that the PUAs are colluding and scheming against him.
“Psychopath.” “Misogynist.” “Narcissist.”

Hardly a day goes by without me getting called one of these names.

Shogun Method has made me, Derek Rake, a villain.

I’ve been vilified by the press (a major newspaper columnist called me a “sadomasochistic, chauvinist hog”), hated on by hardcore feminists (I get emails threatening to “cut my balls” all the time) and despised by a colluding gang of “Pickup Artists” and “Seduction Gurus” (for calling them out on their bullshit advice.)

And yet, frankly, I don’t care.

The word has to get out.

Shogun Method™ has helped more than 17,000+ men around the world achieve tremendous success in love and relationships. I also lead a team of 10 executive dating coaches who provide bespoke training and consulting.

Listen here. It’s entirely un-political correct to say this, but it’s true:

Women are born manipulators.

Lying and deception is probably hard-wired into their DNA by nature.

When a woman gets into a relationship with a guy, her natural instinct is to find ways to pussy-whip him into lifelong subservience.

No fucking joke.

And to make things worse, most guys don’t even know that they’re being manipulated like wooden puppets at a carnival show.
>un-politically correct
The term is politically incorrect, Derek.

Enslavement Stage

There’s only one Shogun Sequence in the Enslavement stage, and it is the Black Rose Sequence (which we will describe in the next section.)
What Is The Black Rose Sequence?

The endpoint of the Shogun Method is Enslavement.

(Befittingly, it’s also the fourth and the final IRAE stage.)

The Enslavement stage is divided into two steps:

First, you’ll segregate her by isolating her from the outside world.

(This is done by using a combo of techniques which are similar to what cult leaders use to build a following which is completely fanatical to their cause.)

Then, when she is sufficiently isolated, you’ll then perform an Enslavement routine on her called the Black Rose Sequence.

Here’s what it does:

It “erases” a woman’s existing identity, and a new identity (named “Persephone”) is installed in its place.

“Persephone” is designed to be completely enslaved to you emotionally, and psychologically programmed to need you to survive.

(In other words, in her mind, quitting you is a sheer impossibility.)

The Enslavement module inside Shogun Method contains the complete Black Rose Sequence in all its glory – all the scripts and action steps you need to take are here.

Before you use the Black Rose on a woman, you must remember two things:

She must have gone through all the preceding IRAE stages with you (Intrigue, Rapport and Attract) – otherwise you’ll come across as a downright psychopath to her, and
You can’t “undo” the Enslavement effect. Once she is Enslaved to you, it’s possibly forever.

Look: I won’t deny that the Black Rose is somewhat sinister (because frankly, it is).

There’s nothing which is going to stop someone from going on a rampage and using the Black Rose on everyone he meets… leaving behind a disastrous trail of Enslaved females with damaged psyche.

Make no mistake… the danger is very real.

Shogun Method is not a game.

Only join us if you reckon you can deal with its consequences.
All above quotes courtesy of:

On another interesting tangent about his personality as a nutty male chauvinist is the fact that he really enjoys to DMCA people who criticize him, including for images he doesn't hold the copyright to. Lumen holds a database of all the times he (and others) filed these type of complaints. (this one is on an image he doesnt own) (People on reddit were torrenting his work) (more torrenting complaints)

His corporate address as posted to his site
Derek Rake, LLC, 402 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

Which lead me to an interesting discovery. That there is not currently a Derek Rake living in the state of California and his LLC isn't even registered. But a fictional LLC isn't the only deception I've uncovered.

Derek Rake, Lead Instructor
Ron Steven, Senior Coach, ReSeduction
Benjamin Damien, Senior Coach, Boyfriend Destroyer
Colin T. Simone, Instructor, Conversational Seduction
Shawn Rubin, Associate Instructor, Field Training & Bootcamps
Aaron Allman, Lead Engineer, Alpha Male Activator & CEO, ActivatorTech LLC
Carla Foster, Chief Operating Officer
Matt Wilmot, PhD (Cantab), Consultant
Kathy Yin, Customer Happiness Manager

The above is the staff list on his site. The only problem is that outside of his website there are pretty much no signs that any of these people even exist.

And the cherry on top of this is the front page on his main DerekRake website:

These sites are all either owned by himself or don't even exist at all.

TL;DR A man from Singapore creates a web of lies and persecutory delusions in order to fleece money off of men who want dating advice, and sells emotional abuse as the one true way to earn a sweetheart.


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Apr 29, 2017
If you take your weird head dogma entirely too seriously, and also see shadow enemies everywhere, you're gonna have a bad time.
Sperging said:
Fractionation seduction
Black Rose method subliminal seduction
Dark Rake Method: How To Hypnotize A Woman
CIA MKULTRA Mind Control Seduction
PUA lexicon is more exceptional than it used to be, I think.
Did he start filing the DMCAs just to suppress discussion of his antics or do people legitimately lift his IP for (potentially) commercial use?

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Apr 19, 2016
The Shogun method? That's some weeaboo shit right there. I wonder what kind of anime this guy is into?

I love the vocabulary he's using in the following screenshot. Core program, blueprint, patterns module.. He's actually treating women like computers that need to be hacked lmao.

Yeah but he's not wrong you know
Honestly, I could see his methods working in some cases. The problem is that everyone paying for his advice is autistic and thinks that getting laid is like playing vidya. Press a series of buttons correctly and boom, the princess will be yours. They're just looking for cheat codes because they suck at the game. They see women as disposable NPC mooks who exist for the sole purpose of pleasuring them and this is why they will never get laid.
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Feb 11, 2016
Did he start filing the DMCAs just to suppress discussion of his antics or do people legitimately lift his IP for (potentially) commercial use?

He's filled at least once to specifically stifle mockery, but 3 times that I've found he'd filed people were legitimately torrenting his work, however I believe they were just redditor PUAs who were too poor to afford paying for his scam rather than anybody actually trying to filch money from the money he was already personally filching.

Sep 18, 2017
Totally Not An Incel said:
Women are born manipulators.

Lying and deception is probably hard-wired into their DNA by nature.

When a woman gets into a relationship with a guy, her natural instinct is to find ways to pussy-whip him into lifelong subservience.
''So here are my patented Top 10 ways to manipulate women into having a relationship with you and become your brainwashed slave.''


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Nov 14, 2017
These "pick up" artists are always either foreign or just high functioning autistic enough to rope money out of other autists. Why does every guy who sells his "secrets on getting girls" sound like he's going to peel off their skin and make a lamp out of it after he's done.


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May 31, 2017
PUAs use try to sell their flashy "techniques" to get women and to make other people envious, but this is all to compensate for the fact that they are soulless, dead husks inside - without personalities of their own.

They're kind of like of motivational speakers, but instead of self improvement they like to sell emotional blackmail. As previously said, it's far better to use a service like Tinder or Fetlife than it is to buy into the whole PUA, as with those (as much as Fetlife can be a bit strange to say the least) people have actually found fulfilling relationships.

Nevermind that PUAs assume that there is a "script" or "system" to bed women, although the reality is far from that - people are far more complex, with their own personalities, preferences etc.
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Apr 9, 2018
Most of what he says works,not all of it!!but he is also really cringey in his examples and his "methods" require a lot of time to work and also the main principle here is that girls minds have a flaw,they can't be emotional and analytical at the same time which requires for you to keep her emotional all the time and not letting her think about work and other shit...also another flaw on the shogun method is that in the initial stage you always have to focus on her instead of her focusing on you and these are my complains about the shogun method,also dont be stupid and buy these shit,if the guy managed to create a fake website and earn a lot of money then anyone with a little experience in "the game" can do this too!

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